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The Wisdom in Consequences

November 29th, 2009

The road my be long and winding...enjoy the sceneryThere is a cause and effect relation in life that speaks to the eternal wisdom of creation.

You see, the word consequence implies a sequence in reverse.The most important thing to note here is that you are the initiator if not the creator of the sequences of your life.

The sequences that you create will create consequences. You have little or no control over your consequences; but you have total control over the sequences you set in motion. This is your true power.

Societies or individuals who understand the logic of the consequences they experience make great strides in life. This is because life instructs. It instructs us into a culture of right livelihood through the wisdom of consequences.

Your life is a bed of sequences and consequences. Take a look at the sequences and consequences and you will see a pattern emerge. Within this pattern are gems of eternal unfailing wisdom. It has been provided you by life to make your journey here meaningful.

Now, here are 3 ways you can begin to tap into the wisdom of consequences in your life:

1. Slow down.

Decelerate and calm down a little. You want to brake the domino effect in your daily activities. Stop cascading through life without a pause. Create a gap within which nothing but the pure essence of life flows. You can do this through prayer, meditation or just anything that is going to take your mind of the turpsy turvy or merry go round of daily life. Anything except drugs and other mind altering substances.

2. Avoid regrets.

Regrets will get you bogged down in the past. It is suicidal to say the least. Learn the lesson in the mistakes you make.Everything will be paid for if you have not paid for them yet. In the meantime wipe the slate clean and keep on living as if there was no yesterday. Keep on living as if there will be no tomorrow for time is eternal.

3. Maintain a positive mindset.

Anger and other negative emotions are symptoms of emotional distress. An emotional distress is a characteristic of victim hood. You are never a victim unless you agree to be one. A sure way to avoid being a victim is to become and remain positively proactive in all things that afffect you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Life is just and its justice is swift yet ingrained with unconditional grace.We all err and we shall err again and again. Do not hold yourself in judgment. Release yourself from the bondage of your self sentence.

Listen attentively to what your life’s experience and consequences are saying to you. Follow its counsel. You cannot be wrong. You are unique and the lessons you need to learn are uniquely patterned for you alone.

This is how special you are to life and how you are incessantly cared for and looked after.

In the midst of water the fool is thirsty…take time out and be redeemed.

Yours in total success,


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