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Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude and Succeed

November 26th, 2009

Kissed by the power of providenceYou as well as everyone in this life is born into a gift that keeps on giving. It does not matter that your parents are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter that you are from a rich or poor country or that you are white or black or yellow for that matter.

What matters is that you are blessed with life. All have life in equal proportion. Now, what you do with this life is another story. Its what you do with this your life that will determine what you experience.

In my country of birth—the Republic of Cameroon; there is a tribe of people who inhabit the highlands of the western regions of this country. Traveling through its rugged countryside this summer I realized that every tiny bit of land was cultivated with food crops and cash crops.

Now, the terrain in this region is harsh, hilly and rugged. Land is scarce, but the people are hard workers. They have not given in to the harsh pronouncements of their natural environment. They constantly exercise their life power to overcome the the harshness of the environment they have been born into.

The peoples of this region are one of the wealthiest in that country. They hold the reins of economic power.

Take someone from this region and put him anywhere in this world without any resources except the fresh breath of life and  he will succeed. He will turn his attention and sight within to find a way in the midst of nowhere.

How can do they do this? It is because of a culture of gratitude. They are skilled in accepting the gift of life within them. And so can you.

Now, here are 3 pointers to get you to become more grateful in life and succeed:

1. Make long term plans and act in the short run.

Set immediate goals that fit with the plan you have in the long run. Act with immediacy and with urgency in achieving the small short term goals you have created.

2. Cultivate the desire to succeed.

If you have no desire you cannot succeed. Your desire is the motivator of your life. No desires, no actions. No actions, no movements and where there is no movement there is no growth. Now, when there is no growth there is decay for nature does not stand still.

3. Plow through your challenges.

Obstacles and challenges are like a house of cards. They are nothing but a pile of suppositions. The power behind your desire is greater than the power behind all that stand against your dreams.The trick is to stay motivated long enough to overcome the falsehood of your challenges.

Cultivate that which you have been given. Explore the surroundings in which you have life. Do not live an aimless life. Nature is at your service. Your past doesn’t matter, not even your present. What matters is your desire. A desire born out of the firm conviction that life provides.

You see, you are a life. The same life that provides. Say a word or two of thanks daily. Where you are does not matter. You can succeed in all your undertakings.

Now, go about your days in peace. Trust no other but the power of providence. You are a product of this power of providence. You will never be left wanted unless you have refused to receive.

Be open to receive. Give thanks to open up to the unlimited bounties of creation. It is all up to you.

Yours in total success,


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