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Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of your Past: 4 Steps

November 9th, 2009

Fish in different waters for different resultsThe reason you fail to advance towards the achievement of your goals is because you are repeating the patterns of your past. You are prone to think that you are making progress because you are active.

This is the trick of the mind. It makes you feel that you are actively engaged in the affairs of your days. Of course you are active in the sense that you are alive; but you are marking the passage of time on the spot you were on yesterday.

Life s a progressive force. It is not stagnant and so your life is a reflection of your understanding and use of its power.

If the results you are having are not moving you forward it means that you are still working with the forces and habits of your past. It means that you have not harnessed the potential and promise of the future.

Here are 4 quick steps to get you to avoid repeating the missteps of yesterday and embrace the dawn of a new day:

1. Live in the now.

Develop a rapid reaction system to deal with the memories of what yesterday has been. Be present in the now. Be thrilled by the understanding that now is the stuff from which your future is carved. Be here and now as you wish to be when tomorrow comes. Anchor yourself with the currents of the present and you will master the outcomes of your future.

2. Avoid being a stiff neck.

Develop a multi track mind. There are a million viewpoints from which to view this life. Be open. Do not be a stiff neck. Look around you. Be observant take in the diversity of life. Be open to the counsels of life. You will be guided when you least expect.

3. Live on the edge of life.

Stay away from the comforts of what has been. Embrace the wild wonders of the unknown. Live as close to uncertainty as you can. Become a risk taker. Life richly rewards the bold and adventurous. Your pioneering spirit is the key to your ultimate success.

4. Avoid regrets.

Avoid regrets, no matter what you have done in the past. Regrets will get stuck upon the tracks of your yesterday. Regret nothing, no matter what you have done. Think of your past foibles as the price you paid for the lessons you have now learnt.

Free yourself from the routines of your past. Wake up to the fortunes promised you by life. Let the imprisoned stay asleep. Stay away from the pack, strike anew upon the the uncharted waters of what can be.

Trust your instinct to survive. Let the past be the past. Sail confidently towards the desires of your heart. Avoid the comfort of your laurels. Forge on even when there is no where to go. Forge on into the nothingness that is to come.

Above all avoid the temptation to fall back on what or where you have been. Embrace the future with all your power and life. It will never fail you.

Adopt the repentant heart where mistakes have been made and move on. Nothing but the pure promises of the future awaits you. Do not come into the inheritance of your future marred with the burdens of the times past.

Yours in total success,


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