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The keys to a Life of Total Success

October 25th, 2009

You are where you have been.What goes before you? Your imagination and thoughts go before you. They are the keys that open the door of the circumstances in your life.

All is always possible. Believe in the power of possibility. Send out the emissaries of your destiny in confidence. Let them go in earnest in the fields of life. They will bring back to you the things you sent them out for.

They will pull you along to the destinations you sent them.

I know how hard and confused you may be when faced with challenges. It is our common nature to experience the shock of uncomfortable situations. But this is simply a primary and primitive reaction on our part.

The shock of failure or disappointment is a reaction of disbelief on your part; what you sometimes call misfortune.

Your circumstances are not a matter of chance. They are the fruits of your labor. You are in the fields of creation at all times in your life.

Many do not know this. Your daily striving in the vineyards of life is to be encouraged by all means. This is the work that is required of you.

More important than your daily striving is your attitude of mind. The compass of your life is controlled by your attitude of mind. It directs your effort to your true north. To the port that you have chosen.

Recalibrate your life options. Make sure and certain of the goals you have chosen.

Work diligently in feeling out the goal you have set for yourself. Think thoughts of its fulfillment. Talk about it and most importantly act upon it.

Then with the calm demeanor of an indomitable winner expect the best of out comes.

This recipe never fails. It speaks of an exciting, adventurous and graceful life.

It will serve as the basis of an everlasting peace and joy in your life. Not a peace and joy influenced by what you have achieved or acquired.

It will be the profound peace and joy of one who has understood the eternal grace of life and its wonders.

It is to this that life calls. That you shall come to discover the wonders of your true self. And thereafter live the perfected life of total success.

What goes before you?. Act now, step into the new circumstance of your creation. Assume and claim it now. Be relentless. You were not meant to fail.

Above all remember that you are where you have been.

Yours in total success,


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