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The Power of Forgiveness Revisited

October 24th, 2009

Forgive. Be free, wild and happyOne of the most destructive forces in your quest for success is anger. Angry folks live miserable lives. You cannot claim  a life of total success when you are filled with anger.

Many things can make you angry. Trust me I have been there. It is not an easy task to live an anger free life. The world is full of many triggers to make you angry.

In difficult and stressful  times it is easier to get angry than in comfortable times.

Granted that we all get angry more often than it is necessary, let us revisit the power of forgiveness in life.

To forgive is a most freeing act of love. Forgiveness is an act of unconditional love. You forgive not because you are right or wrong. You forgive because you love. You forgive because you love yourself as well as your neighbor.

You simply let go.

Science has proven time and again that the emotions and feelings associated with anger are toxic. They are toxic to your health, to your life and well being.

So what makes us then so prone to feelings and sentiments of anger in life?

In my case, I have found that I get angry when I do not get my way. Not that I am really angry, it is  more so a feeling of frustration.

I am usually frustrated that I am not understood or that my expectations in certain situations have not been met.

In such cases I have sought to communicate more efficiently to make sure that my expectations are clear.

Now interestingly, even when your expectations are clear, you may find that things don’t turn out just the way you wanted them.

Can this be a cause for concern? Yes, of course. Can this be a cause of anger? No, Certainly not.

So what gives then? Again come in to my world for examples. I have found that a false sense of self is the culprit. My ego needs stroking from time to time.

Our egos take a beating when faced with challenges and defeats. Our sense of self may be diminished. Our egos may be somehow deflated hence our angry reactions.

Anyway, the ideal is to forgive yourself. Let go. There are many other things in this life to hang on to besides the things you have not achieved.

Letting go of your prized possessions and viewpoints is the key to forgiveness.

Doing so will open the door to another mansion of peace and solace in your life. It will open the door to the protective mantle of life. And you shall be free and joyful again.

Forgiveness opens the door to gratitude and gratitude is the fountain of all abundance and total success.

Now, there is enough in your life now that aggravates you. So, why not try this out. Take time out and just practice forgiving yourself and others.

Now, remember that forgiveness is unconditional. You are not in a court of law. Let life handle that. It will, just forgive.

Life has already offered all to you. Learn to receive. You learn to receive by bringing the power of forgiveness into your life.

Actively seek to be happy no matter where you are. Herein lies the key to the secret power of forgiveness.

Yours in total success,



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