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Retain Control Over your Circumstances: 5 Tips

October 14th, 2009

Retain your poiseThe key to a happy and fulfilled life is to retain your balance in life . It is the key to experiencing the wonderful joys and blissful revelations of living.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to experience total success? Then begin to find ways to retain your balance. Retrain your mind to dwell upon the emotional states that you have chosen.

Your emotions control your state of being. If you let your emotions run wild, you will live an unhappy life. To retain control over your life simply control your emotions.

Let your feelings be triggered by you consciously and not by events happening to you or outside of you.

You can do this because you were wired from creation To live a conscious life. Know what you feel and if you do not like what you feel change it. You can create a different feeling just as you can think a different thought.

Here now are 5 simple ways to begin to control your emotions and retain control over your circumstances:

1. Self discipline.

All I say here will have no use unless it is put to practice. You are at any given time a product of a set pattern or ways of doing things. You will continue to do things this way unless you decide to change. Discipline yourself to back up the decisions of your life. Make a commitment to yourself to carry out the commands you have place on your life.

2. Seek Calmness above all.

Determine for yourself that you will not be troubled by the events of your day. To do this aspire to be happy no matter what is happening around you.You want to be the one deciding on the impact of all that happens to you. You retain the final word. Make that a word of unshakable peace and calm.

3. Stay detached from events in your life.

Stay true only to the power that runs within you. Not the things happening outside of you.Go silently after the affairs of your day without becoming attached or identifying yourself with these things. Things are things but you are not a thing. You are a conscious breathing entity of the life power of the universe.

4. Develop understanding.

Knowledge is power. Let the ultimate wisdom of life guide your steps. Life is a school of wisdom. It seeks to instruct you at all times. Be humble and open to its lessons. See all things that happen as teaching moments. Accept the lessons in grace and strive to become better. Avoid self judgment and the arrogant disposition f the haughty spirit.

5. Seek to be more compassionate.

Compassion is a byproduct of understanding and wisdom. Love yourself. Give yourself enough room to grow and develop. Love others or at least be compassionate towards them. Let others have the space to be who they are. Avoid the tendency to be overtly critical of others when it is uncalled for.

Practicing these tips will allow you to become immersed in the ultimate truth of all life. You are a majestic being robbed of your joy and peace by the trifling occupations of your daily affairs. You loose your shine when you loose your cool. And when you loose your cool and poise you loose your handle on the circumstances confronting you.

You need a cool hand at the steering wheel of your life. It is in the majestic calmness of your resolve and imaginative power that all is brewed.

Do not be troubled when the wind blows. Have the knowing faith that all will be alright after all. And with the calm conviction and knowledge of the workings of life, steer your vessel to calmer shores and fair winds.

It is all up to you. Do not fret. You were created to experience total success in all your doings. Let know one tell you otherwise.

Yours in total success,


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