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Dare and Succeed in Life: 4 Tips

October 1st, 2009

Dare!!!There is a power in this world that guides you. It’s only function is to help you to accomplish the things you have put your mind to.

What have you put your mind to? What have you determined for yourself today?

Let life be your partner in this venture. It will help you out. Surrender to its power and wisdom. Let it help you navigate the complexities and challenges you face daily.

It shall surely guide you to your destination. It will, it is in its’ nature to do so.

All is possible in your life. Do not think otherwise. You only have to try this out to convince yourself.

Develop the self conviction and assurance of the power of life in your affairs. This is the ultimate key to the profound reassuring peace in life that all seek.

Act and act now. You cannot just stay put and expect things to change. Action is needed on your part. Start the motions that  will lead you to where you want to be.

Now here are 4 steps to get you going right away:

1. Be grateful.

The two most powerful words that you can express in your life is: thank you. Be grateful for where you are now. Be grateful for the life that now runs in you. Gratitude is an affirming power. It allows you to impregnate the mind with the gifts of life. It will open up the door of abundant possibilities for you.

2. Be open.

Be open to all that gives around you. Listen more than you talk. Do not be quick to judge situations that you come across in life. Let things and ideas percolate in your mind. Give them time to calibrate. Be slow to judge and stay wide open to receive the bounties of this life you live.

3. Be proactive.

Act differently if you expect different results. Change is created by your actions. That is how powerful you are. Take the initiative to trace a different path for the experiences you wish to encounter. Act now, let the game begin.

4. Trust.

Build trust in the guiding hand of life. It is invisible yet as powerful as anything that you can imagine. Build trust in this power. Act in its name at all times. Do not seek the alliance of man but surrender to the the strong invisible arm of all life. This is necessary to conquer the fear and hopelessness that is the common lot of humans.

Dare and you will succeed.  You were not created to suffer from lack. Success is so near and so real. Do not allow yourself to swim in the sea of quiet despair.

You were meant to be alive and prosper. Wake up and live.

Yours in total success,


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