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Rekindle the Spark of Life in You and Succeed

August 28th, 2009


Never ever give up in the face of your struggles no matter what they are. What is, is; but what is to come can be controlled by you.

Your destiny depends entirely on you. Life waits on you; imprint it with the designs of your heart and live the life of your desires.
You see, life without your influence or touch is a shadow of death.

Life with your active participation is a song of glory to the power of all creation. Do not give up, never, never give up.

Within you is a tiny spark of the generative force of all that can happen in  life. This tiny force can never be extinguished, never; even in the midst of your greatest defeats and failures.

It waits only to be fanned by the power of your desires. It waits to power the secret songs of the life you intend to live.
This tiny flame is with you so long as you are alive. It will never live you.

Life is treacherous at best without your conscious participation. Know however that you can create all; you can become as  successful as you have desired.

You can become well if you now have a diseased body. You can find peace of mind if your heart is troubled; you can accomplish all your goals in life if you know how.

You see, it is not you per se that has the power; it is the power in you that does the work. At best you are nothing but a messenger, a conduit through which the power does it’ s work.

Now, do not be deceived into denying the potential that resides in you because of the tyranny of your past experiences. Fan the tiny spark of power within you into a blazing light of hope, courage, confidence and faith.

A faith that you are a life and not a pauper; that you are never without help. Yes and that you can overcome all and drink from the cup of infinite success in your life.

Your life as it is now is a bouquet of results you have achieved by your past actions and inactions. Toss this bouquet aside if you are not pleased with it.

Wake up. TAKE THE BULL OF LIFE BY THE HORN. Chant another song of war; this time make it a war against mediocrity, poverty and despair.

Yes you can be it, whatever it is to you. You can do it, for all has been given to you from the unlimited supply of the power of providence.

It only takes the harnessing of your creative genuis to pull through your difficulties and live the life of your designs.

As always let me live you with a few tips to harness the strength to overcome the challenges you are faced with:

1. Seek to add value in life

2. Build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

3. Be innovative and creative.

4. Be bold, bold and bold

If your life has so far been ravaged by failure, disease or want you stand a real risk of opening yourself up to the forces of lethargy and despair. You loose the fire to life. You ask yourself: what is there to live for anyway? You see yourself surrounded by death and the emptyness.

Now, let me say this: The power of industry is greater than the power of sloth and despair any day and time. The past can never overcome the promise and power of the future.

Rekindle the spark of life in you and succceed. You were not created to fail; yes, you can win again and win real big.

Yours in total success,


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