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6 Ways to Succeed in Difficult Times

February 21st, 2009

colorsHere are  some tips to help you navigate through these challenging times. Remember you can still become successful and fulfilled no matter what is happening or has happened in your life:

  1. Every one has a unique value. You have a uniqueness in you that does not go away because the economy is bad or because you are facing challenging times. Understand that your secret pass to a successful and fulfilling life rests with this value. No one can take it away from you. No one can seize it. It is yours and yes you do not have to worry about competition from your peers. There are no duplicates. You are a unique piece of work.
  2. Now what is this unique value? Go find it. Remember the ancient saying of all lands? Go within. What does this mean? Do not spent your days introspecting, simply begin to focus more within your imaginative make belief world. Become playful in this world. What do you find yourself doing in this world? Be mindful that you are just dreaming, you do not have to belief yet. What do you find?
  3. If you find yourself consistently driven to a certain fantasy embrace it. Life seeks to express itself through you at all times. Many successful people have used this technique. The issue to overcome here is your self esteem. Self judgment is a curse through which we deny ourselves the abundance of life. Now to combat this be playful with your goal. Just act as if you are in a dream. The idea is to overcome your subconscious barriers and accept who you want to become.
  4. Be patient. With time and play, the power of the ideal you carried in your mind will overcome the resistance of your past. When this happens you will know for your life will become absorbed in fulfilling and realizing this dream. This is indeed a magical thing. When this happens know that you are in the process of unfolding your successful life. Immerse yourself in the energy of your goal. Learn all you can about it as you yearn to give physical existence to what was before now a simple play of your imagination.
  5. Be a servant. As you work in refining and materializing this dream understand that you are serving life not yourself. Life will serve you only after you have served it. If it is a product or a service you have created bring that to the fore of your life. Walk your belief. Whatever you have succeeded in materializing is for the consumption of the market place of life. Display your wares with the pride of workmanship and the dignity of service.
  6. Be open. The world rewards excellence. Life is an exchange mechanism. You, through your creative genius come to the market place with the creations of your unique perspective of life. Life rewards you by providing you with the opportunity for exchanging the value you have created.. The world rewards excellence.

If you notice I have not talked about money. I have talked about discovering the value within and bringing this to the market place. Your Total Success is not about money, it is about your fulfillment in discovering and realizing your unique value. We all have our unique values. Money and material wealth will always follow value, but this time it will add to the fulfillment in your life. This is the way to total success in all you do.

Your is total success,


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