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The Supreme Desire of Life

August 11th, 2009

Yield to the powerThe things you wish for are already in existence. Let it be known once and for all that you have been already supplied with all that you may ever need.

The challenge is of course for you to personally experience this.The supreme desire in your life is come to the full realization of the graces of life no matter what your circumstnces are.

Life is love;complete unconditional love for you at all times. This will not seem evident with all the troubles that you may be facing, but it is true all the same.

If you are poor you can receive abundance. If you are sick you can be healed of your disease. If you are troubled and weary, life can kiss your heart with the soothing balms of peace and fortitude.

Don’t give up, all is a matter of how you percieve things; Sometimes you will face tough situations such as an incurable disease or the loss of a lost one. Things such as these can be clearly disheartening. Yet even in such circumstances you can find comfort. Life and its benevolent powers are still at the doorsteps of your life. It will heal you if healing is needed and provide for you when all is seemingly lost.

You were created to fulfill a unique destiny; it is to experience the magical reunion between you and the power of all life. Until then live your life in full force. You are never without the protection of the one power of all life. It sustains you just as efficiently as it keeps the sun suspended in the galaxies.

The supreme desire of life is to rebuild this relationship again. Your petty needs and daily desires are nothing but the very assuring steps to personally come to the full realization of this power.

And when this surely happens a new day will be birthed in your life. It will be a day of peace, love, happiness and total success. Until then live life, it was created to serve you.

Yours in total success,


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