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Reawaken the Memory of Who You Are and Succeed

August 10th, 2009

Rise and shineYou are a mighty creation and creator in one. This you have forgotten and this is the problem you have to overcome to succeed in life. All the challenges you face are created out of the ignorance of who you are or who you can be.

Do not bear witness to the folly of victimhood. You will and can become great again if you realize once and for all who you truly are.

There are many who suffer from disease and lack out of ignorance; not out of denial from life. Life does not deny. It gives, it is it’s nature to give and give abundantly.

Turn away from your ways of old and begin to receive from the store house of life. Remind yourself of who you are and reap the harvests of your sowings.

Here are a few tricks to help you reawaken to your true self and power. With time and practice success will come to you in  no small measure.

1. Forgive all
Do not blame any one or any force seen or unseen for your mishaps in life. Hard times are made of the same stuff good times are made of. It is only the contents of the time that chqnges. Do not drink from the cup of bitterness and spite no matter how justified you think you are. You do yourself little good by assuming that you are a victim of circumstances.

2. Seek the sanction of the universal power of Life.

Seek the alliance of the great power of life not man. Send out your request to life with certainty. Be specific in your goals and vibrate within the energetic vortex of your desires. Recalibrate your feelings and your whole being to be in sync with what you desire.The power is in you. It is neutral and waits only to serve the impressions you have made of it.

3. Free yourself from thre unprogressive thoughts of your past.

Embrace the promise of the future.You will feel the deep waves of despair if you are stuck in the what has happened in your life. Life thrives on hope and hope is the bedrock of faith. Your life is a reflection of your faith; trust in the next moments of life. You are always given another chance in all you do to make things better. Embrace this and you will come to the pure realization of the power of grace in your life.

You were not created to suffer. Life does not create to punish; there is something in you that is aching to come out into the world; a thing that is uniquely patterned for you. Now find this out. Challenge yourself to live a life of truth. Be on your way to rediscover who you are and what you are here for.

All life has meaning including yours. It might not yet be obvious to you becuase of the craziness you see and experience daily in life. Even in your chaos there is an order visible to those who care to look.

Find yourself again, retrace the path to your fathers kingdom. That too is waiting at the gates to take you into your rightful inheritance of abundant joy and success.

Yours in total success,


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