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Cultivate a Viewpoint of Success in Life

August 7th, 2009

Work itIf you are observant about your life you will find that you are what you think about most of the time. You are or will become what you think about most intensely.

It does not matter whether what you think about is right or wrong. It also does not matter whether what you think about is about yourself or someone else. And it does not matter whether you engage in this as an idle past time or not; what you continually think about must surely come to pass in your life.

Your capacity to form thoughts in your mind is a great tool to serve you and your purposes in life. The challenge is you do not know how to efficiently and consciously harness the power of this realm.

This is why you have problems in your life. No one has failed you but yourself. You can draw out the circumstances you want to live in from the energy of the forcefields of your thoughts.

Now, I do not want you to think that you can just sit and will things into existence just by thinking them. Athough this too is possible, we are not yet there.

But it is possible to set the ground work for a successful life by completely recharging your mental environment with strong, positive and progressive thoughts.

Again it does not matter that the things you are thinking about are not now in existence, that is how it is supposed to be. The inexistence of your desires is designed to spur you into the creative mode of being. You owe it to yourself.

Do not buy into the false philosophy of despair and hopelessness. You are never helpless or hopeless, of course except you decide to think that you are. Then you will become.

Embrace your desires, cherish your thoughts. Cultivate the dynamic realm of your thoughts with the sacred ideals of your heart. You will live to see and taste sweet success.

Now, here is a secret: your thoughts will determine how you feel. How you are feeling now will influence your attitude. Your attitude is the bedrock of your enthusiasm. And your enthusiasm is the power behind how motivated you are. Motivation is the key to  all success. It is all a matter of your perspective in life.

Cultivate a perspective or view point of total success in your life and you will sooner than later become the object of your view point.

Seek then to become responsible for the view points you hold in life. Venerate and rever your power to create, not what has been created. In time all will be OK. The strong hand of the law of life is always just. Trust in this.

Yours in total success,


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