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How your Habits Control your Destiny: 5 Ways

August 3rd, 2009

Fight the cravings of your habits...The major obstacle to overcome by all who strive to succeed is the tyranny of one’s habits. They sneak up on you and become your life routines.

These routines control the pattern of your actions. And your actions are the raw materials of the castle of the life you build.

Take charge of your habits. You are a creature of habit. You are wired this way. The secret therefore is to create habits that serve you.

This is where the challenge is. Now, to overcome this challenge, here are some interesting facts about your habits and how you can break them:

1. Habits are the product of your belief.

Your habits are the outcomes of what you belief. Belief is a powerful force in life. It will shape what you do and what you do repeatedly will create a habit.

2. You can belief anything you want.

You are free to belief in anything you want. This is real power. If your habits are not working for you start by changing your beliefs and all will change with it.

3. Your habits are the embodiment of your dreams.

Your habits are the clothes you wear on your dreams. If you cherish your dream you will dress it up nicely. You will develop excellent habits to nourish the dream. You dress your dream by your attitude and actions in regards to the dream.

4. Your goals determine your routines in life.

Your routines in life are determined by your goals. Your goals are the most important and  most powerful aspect of your life not your habits.

5. You change your habits by changing your goals.

To change your habits be they good or bad change your goals.This is how powerful you are. Change your goal and commit to this new goal and your routines will change.

Now most people think you have to change your habits to create successful change in your life. This is a wrong and long way. It doesn’t work that way.

You are  a creature that thrives on incentives. Gain and self benefit is the emotion that will set you on course. In order to stimulate this natural trait in you develop incentives yourself. Create incentives with a worthwhile goal that you desire. And your universe will recalibrate itself to serve the purpose that you have designed for your life.

This is the way to break through your stifling habits and create the life of your desires.

Yours in total success,


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