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Deconstruct your Past and Recreate your Future

July 20th, 2009

 This moment is your best friendYour past is the record of where you have been in life. Your life experiences will reflect your history only if you remain inactive in your present circumstances.

You see the place where your mind is at most will eventually be where you most want to be. And with time you will end up being there. This has nothing to do with  the moral and ethical laws of society.

If you dwell in the past whether in regret or with nostalgia you will end up recreating the same scenes of the past. You will relive these experiences.

To create new circumstances of your life deconstruct the past. Put forward a new spin on what has happened as you forge on with the dreams of your heart.

Here are five ways to deconstruct your past and recreate the future of your dreams:

1. Tear down the castles of regret in your past.

You cannot live without your past, but you can live without the negative experiences of your past. Delete from your memory the negative imprints of things that have already happened. Regrets about your past are the silent thieves of your power to create another future. Learn the lesson of the unfortunate events of your life and use them as fodder for the job at hand.

2. Free yourself from the effects of your story.

You can do this by telling yourself another story. Put a spin on the events that you have experienced to suit the your goals. You are the most important person in the story of your life. Be on the front page of this story. Take on the center stage. It is what you say that the world echoes back to you with a sigh. Tell it like you mean to have it and it shall be so.

3. Be content and grateful for where you are now.

This is an instant antidote to regret. Be grateful for how far you have come. Do not pay attention to the bruises you have incurred. The important thing is that you are still alive. Be open to the promise of what can be, not what has happened.

4. Draw strength from the supreme justice of life.

Life will come through for you no matter what your past has been. The trick is to face the light of day being true to yourself. It did not put a longing in your heart that could not be fulfilled. Trust in this power and all shall be well. Draw your strength from this assumption.

5. Be absorbed in the now.

The stream of life is flowing now towards the the dreams and goals of your life. It is this invigorating gush of the life power that gives life to your goals and dreams. This will build enthusiasm in your pursuit. To maximize the energy from the stream of life focus your attention on the now with laser like precision.

Tomorrow is here. The future is now. Master your now and you will master your tomorrow. This is why you are so powerful; because you can take control of this moment. Stop the constant inflows of what has happened. Embrace what the future can be.

Your future is not a distant reality of your present. The future is a myth of an over stimulated imagination. Be here and now. Set your compass to the true north of where you want to sail this ship.

Invest in the moments of your life. Buy the shares of the circumstances you want to experience. A and tomorrow shall repay you with handsome yields. It never fails. All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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