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How to Survive in Crises Situations

July 16th, 2009

Follow the light and warmth withinI had written a post earlier about how to benefit from a crises situation. Now, to benefit from a crises situation you have to be able to survive in a crises situation. That is why I am posting this today.

All who are alive today will face a crises situation before they die. Now, I am not going to define what a crises situation is . You be the judge. It is a matter of your personal take on things.

The one commonality in crises situations is that you tend to loose your bearings; you feel at a lose on how to proceed.

Here are 4 simple ways to survive any crises that you are faced with in life. Follow these and you will come out winning at all times.

1. Maintain your calm.

Fear is a wonderful display of an undisciplined imagination. Do not panic in the face any challenges whether perceived or real. You will tend to bat aimlessly as you realize your lack of control. Reestablish that sense of control by immediately emanating an air of calm and poise. Insist on being deliberately calm. This has a wonderful way of putting you back on the drivers seat where you belong.

2. Be pragmatically optimistic.

Think out your plans with a positive spin. Just being calm will not do the trick. You have to brew the hope that there is a way out and think accordingly. No matter how bad you think your situation is there is always a ray of hope at the end of every tunnel. Now plan to pursue that ray of light.

3. Take little stepsĀ  towards your goals.

Take a bite out of the monster of your challenges one bite at a time. Focus on what to do next and do that. Seek out only what confronts you now and do it. You want to keep the power of your attention and focus on the task at hand. Not on what will happen tomorrow or the next week. Doing so will disperse your power. It is counter intuitive to not focus on the now. Time is of the essence.

4. Learn to adapt.

This is the ultimate key to survive in any situation. What ought to be doesn’t matter. Work now with what is. Be mentally flexible; open up new possibilities. Intransigent attitudes narrow your possibilities in life. Stay true to your values but keep your mind open to new impulses. You have come this far by absorbing new influences in life. Now is not the time to close that door.

Your primary reaction to any crises is fear. Fear that you are powerless to conduct your affairs. If you succumb to this emotion you will quickly find yourself bogged down into framework of mental paralysis and inertia.

And so you will consider yourself helpless and a victim. Please remember that you are never helpless or powerless. You can reclaim your power over all circumstances in your life. The power the crises has over you is the power you have given it. If you take back that power, the crises will shrivel to the nothingness it came from.

Above all be deliberately calm. All storms must pass even those that you now face. Water will flow from the rock again.

Yours in total success,


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