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Renegotiate your Contract with Life: 5 Tips

Rnegotiate the terms of your life...Despite all your efforts to live your best life things can be really hard. You may have done all that you know how to do to no avail.

In such times it is easier to throw in the towel. It becomes easier for you to take the quitters way out.

Do not become a quitter in your life. You can change things or at the very least change the way you react to them.

At worst you can renegotiate your contract with life. Go back to the drawing board and start over from where you have been.

Here are 5 quick steps to help you negotiate your contract with life and succeed in all you do:

1. Seek the point of your life.

Why are you alive? What is the point of your existence. Why are you here? Dig deep within you especially in times of trials to find out the main reason for your being here. Life will build a case for the point that you have chosen.

2. Stand firmly on the point of your life.

In renegotiating your life do not seek for bargains. Stand firm on what you want to be remembered for. Do not settle for less than what commands your passion and devotion.

3. Do not skip out.

You cannot run from life. Own up to your part of the bargain. Do what is expected of you and avoid excuses as you would a plague. Articulate the vision of your heart and motivate yourself to see it accomplished. Nothing is free in this world. All is earned and deserved no matter what you think.

4. Seek to do what has not been done before.

Your value on the negotiating table of life is determined by the unique nature and originality of your vision. Strive for what has never been done. The best way to do this is to be be yourself in all ways. You will be deemed as the coolest creature by your peers in life.

5. See and feel your dream life with the heart.

The limitations you have experienced in your life are the result of the limitations of your sensory perceptions. Deny the evidence of your circumstances. Embrace the new unlimited world founded in the perceptions of the unlimited realm of your imaginative center.

Renegotiate the terms of your life. Call in a pause in all that runs in your life. Bring all to the table and like a master chess player situate the chips according to your inner designs.

Life is an experience in castle building. Find out what needs fine tuning. Fine tune it and get back in the game. There is no need to follow the quitters way out when you are this close to victory.

Do not compromise your life. Only dead fish flows down stream. And remember that it is better to be a side show freak than a nobody in life.

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