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Life As Art: Four Tips to your Best Life

June 19th, 2009

Life is art...what are you working on?Count your wealth in terms of the value you bring to the lives of those you encounter daily.

Do not measure your self worth in material terms. Seek first to affirm the good in you. Life will reflect that value back to you.

It is this dynamic that is the bedrock of all success in your life. Nothing less.

Count yourself wealthy for having life. You are now in the midst of the goldmine of life. Seek your true worth, affirm that worth and the world will beat a path of success to your door.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you create and live your best life:

1. Affirm your intrinsic value.

Seek to find value in yourself. A self generated sense of worth is the bedrock of all prosperity. Do not imitate but innovate. Find new ways of addressing the many challenges that we all face in life. Do not buy into the conventional way of doing things. Live on the edge of societal norms and you shall succeed.

2. Seek to contribute to the well being of others.

Strive to bring value in the lives of all you interact with. This is the only avenue to creating lasting wealth and success in your life. All of life is fueled by desire. By bringing value you satisfy the desires of man. It doesn’t matter what this is. So long as the laws of the land are not broken you will become a winner. Contribute to the well being of all and you will be revered by all.

3. Create memories of goodwill.

People are supremely ruled by emotions. Your reputation is not based on the merits of who you truly are. It is based on how you are perceived by those concerned.To succeed seek to create pleasant imprints in the lives of those you interact with. Do not attempt to satisfy all. Seek instead to make sure that you are remembered with fondness by those you interact with.

4. Do good for goodness sake.

People are not dumb. The good that you do cannot be matched by the ruthlessness of the world you live in. People take notice. The ripples of gratitude that these exude will not go unnoticed by you. Do good for goodness sake.

You see, life is an opportunity for you to discover your oneness with it. Nothing matters but life. Choose life. Choose hope over despair. You cannot fail in this venture. You are backed by the powerful force of creation.

Live your life with this in mind and you will find true and lasting happiness. Life is a facade of time. You will not have this opportunity forever.

Do not seek to satisfy all. It is impossible. Live life as art. Be true to yourself. What is your craft. What is the masterpiece that you are working on?

Be like the sun. It shines its golden rays on all. It judges none but unconditionally gives out the splendor of its heavenly light and warmth to all. To all who care to receive it.

Yours in total success,


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