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Embrace your Challenges and Create your Future - 3 Tips

June 10th, 2009

Times are tough. Anytime you go through challenges there is a real chance for you to become better than you were before. That is if you embrace and work through the challenge.

Great works can be produced by the burn of pain and trouble. A new you can be forged out of the chaos of your present difficulties.

This is because life has given you all. And you can only become all that you can accept.

The pain and challenges in your life are subtle invitations to explore the unknown. The pain grows stronger when you hold on to the past and present.

Embrace your uncertain future with courage and daring. You will certainly discover a new sun. You will find that there is life after all and that all is well in your life.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you embrace your challenges and define a new future for yourself:

1. Embrace the unknown.

You are cultured to find safety and comfort in the routines of society. Do not be tamed by normalcy. Nothing is normal in life; everything is freshly experienced. Face the uncertainties of your future with the certain knowledge that you will overcome whatever is thrown on your path.

2. Welcome your challenges.

A challenge is not a bad thing after all. It is a signal that you desire something other than what now is. This is a good thing. Adopt the attitude of a problem solver. Wake up daily with the attitude of a solutions provider for your life. Embrace your challenges. They will keep you honest, active and alive.

3. Seek to find meaning in your life.

Your challenges are signposts to your destiny. Nothing is out of place in your life. There is a blue print of the life you are destined to live. A life you have conceived and accepted. You may not now be aware of this because of one reason or the other. Rest assured that life in its infinite wisdom will remind you of who you are.

Life continuously speaks to you. It is calling you out of your shell of fear and cowardice. Do not despair and think some one has placed a curse on you. You can be different.

The challenge is you do not know what lies beyond the horizons of your future. This is why you are in distress when faced with difficulty. Rest assured ; the future is not there to be known for there is none. The future is created. You create your future by moving boldly into the unformed realm of tomorrow.

Do not fear or despair. Walk through the void that lies between your today and tomorrow. Though your steps are shaky and uncertain you are heading in the right direction.

Life is meant for the living not the dead. Embrace the full spectrum of your life and discover the treasure that you are.

Yours in total success,


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