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Detach from your Circumstances and Succeed in Life - 3 Tips

Wake up to lifeYou have the ultimate power to succeed in your life. Detach yourself from your circumstances circumstances.

You detach from your circumstances by identifying yourself with your creative streak; not  your creations.

If you are suffering from lack of any kind it is because you are attached to your circumstances. You are holding on to the things that have already been created in your life.

Let go of all, even your life and you shall be instantly born again. You will have all.

Here are 3 simple ways to begin to practice the art of detachment in your life and succeed:

1. Seek the comfort of the one power of all life.

Do not lay your hope on material things. This is a paradox but is true all the same. Deny the power of the material world over you. To do this you have to create a space of inner invincibility. You can do this through faith. Contemplate, meditate or pray daily to affirm the supreme power of all life in your affairs.

2. Give of all that you have received.

Do not hold on to all that comes your way. Give of all that comes to keep the conduit clean. Any attachment or holding on to the creations of your life is a confession of powerlessness; an affirmation of lack. It is akin to suicide; for in doing so you shut off the supply lines of the universe.

3. Be bold and divinely arrogant.

You are not of this world although you reside here. Confess the name of your creator by adopting a domineering attitude over all physical things. Deny them their claim of superiority and you will succeed in all you do.

You see, you were not birthed to crawl under the  blanket of material security but to seek the comfort of the invincible fortress of spirit. Do not become frightened by the false power of your circumstances. They mean nothing. All that here exist was created through the agency of men and women like you.

Affirm the truth of the promise in you and live up to the designs of the one who gave you life. Exercise your authority and dominion over all things. You are fully resourced to execute the dreams and designs of your heart. Do not mind that you are now in difficulty.

It is a farce. It can only be true if you accept your conditions. And then again it will simply be so because you have decreed it.

Let go, detach from the past and embrace the promise and possibilities of your future. All is now here.

Wake up and live…Please.

Yours in total success,


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