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Harness your Intuitive Power and Succeed in Life - 5 Simple Steps

You are never alonelAll breakthrough ideas and inventions in life  come when you least expect them. At least consciously. This is because there is another power working for you. It works through you to help you in your daily challenges.

Life is a simple play out of an eternal equation: Problem–Problem solved–Happiness. All of your problems can be reduced to this simple formula.

Life knows this. In its innate wisdom it seeks to guide you in finding the solutions to the problems you face.

Do not despair when faced with unforeseen circumstances. Seek instead the alliance of the greater power of the life force in you. And you will find success in all you do.

Here are 5 simple steps to awaken you to the intuitive guidance of life:

1. Get more rest and sleep often.

A restless mind and body will cut you off from the intuitive flow of life. Get more sleep. Make it a habit to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep a day. Pay attention to your dreams especially when facing potentially life changing events in your life. You will be amazed at the insights that will come to you.

2. Exercise your body and mind.

Stretch the capacities of the your body. You don’t have to become a gym rat. Find ways to  continually work the body out of its routines. Same goes with your mind. Explore new ideas. Think new thoughts. Do anything that is intellectually challenging. The purpose in all this is to make you more receptive to the intuitive inflows of life.

3. State your problems clearly.

Life is a reflecting medium. To be served efficiently by life you need to state your claim as clearly as possible. If your ideas are foggy you will get foggy inflows. If you know exactly what you want, you will know exactly what the solution is when it shows up.

4. Trust the answers you receive.

Nothing succeeds like success. Trust builds on trust. Let your experiences guide you, but trust the answers you have received. This is necessary to keep the flow running at all times. But more so it allows you to have the courage to execute these silent whispers of life. And it is in its execution that the soundness of the intuitive wisdom of life is revealed in a very personal way to you.

5. Let it be a personal affair.

Your complicity with life is a personal affair. Seek to develop this intimacy to maturity in your daily life. Do not rush out to pronounce your new found source of wisdom and strength. Let your life and the works of your life do the talking. Be quiet and still. Keep your lips sealed as you develop a secret intimacy with this power.

Life seeks to continuously speak to you, to guide you in your vale of challenges. It knows your needs and waits patiently for you to ask and receive. You are never alone, never was meant to be alone.

Do not despair in these times of change and challenge. Your time has come. All that you desire you can have. Aided by the comforting presence of the intuitive hand of life all will be well in due time.

Wake up, get out and play. Your amazing life is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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