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A Need for Spiritual Militancy

January 16th, 2013

It is obvious to the keen observers amongst us that this world is not the most perfect place to be in. If you are interested in finding any level of peace ad comfort as a human being you must become spiritual active and engaged so to speak. It is this militant spirituality that will give you the viewpoints necessary to authenticate your life and enjoy the peace that you crave for despite your daily troubles.

It is easy to be confused in a world which comes off as too diverse. Each one of us carries within him or her a worldview that is quite unique and individual. It is this uniqueness that creates the common experience of diversity that we experience daily as humans.
To find peace and make some sense out of this all, it is therefore critical to ground yourself from a standpoint that is authentically self-generated and sustained.

This here is the task. Most of us are simple consumers of spiritual food. We have not been trained to fend for ourselves spiritually speaking. It is imperative to become spiritually active or militant. Thus engaged you will find for yourself that which your soul aches to know and not what others are telling you about life. You will know what it is to be known.

Do not be fooled by the seemingly easy routines of Sunday Worship Services and prayer. Life is whole and it is a full time experience. I have personally come to terms with the fact that it is us that have sold out on the promise of the creator; for all is given to him who asks.

To redeem oneself from this predicament, a war ought to be waged in the inner sanctum of man; a war to drive out the gross influences of matter and to highlight the eternal luminance of the spirit essence of who we truly are.

And then peace and happiness will come again; to right our own failings and set us back on the path of a life of total success. It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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