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The Art of Knowing.

November 19th, 2012

This our time can be rightly called the age of knowing. It is easy to fall for the gospel of charlatans who wants you to live in ignorance.There is an art in all things including the desire to know. To truly know what life is about is the greatest desire of the awakened one amongst us.

You have a right to know.You have the right to know the whole truth but only if you desire such. Life knows this and so it is willing to work with you to reveal itself and its mystery to you. If you seek you shall find. If you knock the door shall be opened.

You seek by carrying yourself in a certain way. In acting in this certain way you invite the pearls of wisdom and the light of enlightenment to rain down on you.This life is a very special thing.

We are basically alone beings, in our souls that is. We came here for a very personal adventure.You can make it an adventure in knowing. It is all your choice.There is an art of knowing, an art to life which when discovered will reignite the flame of love divine that is deeply embedded in your hearts.

No rush, life waits and all is set and configured to lead you to your own rebirth. It will lead you into the totally successful creature of the most high that you already are.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Love.

November 15th, 2012

When all is said and done in this our life the only thing that remains of any significance is Love. This intangible force of our being is the the sustaining power of all we experience here and in the great beyond.

In love you will find the sufficiency that may have eluded you in your living expereinces. It in itself does not have form but takes upon the shape and contours of the awareness in which you are presently. It is the transformative power that can transform lead into gold as is thought in ancient times.

It is this alchemic property of love that is our saving grace. Find the time to love but above all find the time to experience love. This is the key, for once experienced it cannot be contained or held back. It must be sent forth like a ray of light to brighten the dark alleys of those who still dwell in the darkness of ignorance.

This is why you are so important in the cosmic scheme of things. Life needs you as much as you need it. All is well with those that love and loves in Love’s name.

Yours in total success,


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Living in the No Fear Zone.

November 14th, 2012

Man burdened by fear is half dead though alive. Do not allow fear to control the direction of the life force coursing through you. To do so is cowardice. You are a life, created from the same substance that sustains, has sustained  and will continue to sustain this universe long after you are gone.

Living in the darkness of fear, it is easy to be frightened by the shadows of your own insufficiencies. Do not fear, no matter what seems to be thrown your way. Do not. Now, shine the light of the life in you and watch the darkness and uncertainties on your path wash away. They will, they have no power of their own.

Now, you must understand that things take form according to the emotional charge you lend to them. No charge means no power. They become dead. So, your challenges be what they are, are taking form because you have attached an emotional charge to them.

To solve these challenges, detach from them; Unplugged your power source from them. Now, to ease this transition, find something equally engaging and plug into. You can plug into the imagined situations that you will like to find yourself in. And here, my friends will be the beginning of the end of what your challenges have been so far.

Life is such; do not fear. It is meant to be this way for a reason. I will let you find that reason for yourself. All I can say is that you will be mightily happy with what you will discover.

Yours in Total Success,


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The Purpose of This Life

November 3rd, 2012

While Some have relentlessly questioned the meaning of our time here on earth others assume have comfortably assumed there is nothing beyond the grave and that the time we spend here. And so these live their lives in reckless abandon; caring little for the needs of love and compassion for others and even so for themselves.

These do not care if others are hurt because of their actions or inactions for that matter. They live as if no other matters and aggressively pursue their desires no matter who is hurt in the process.

And then death happens and all is gone in a nanosecond. But the energetic imprints of our time here on earth is not lost at all. These will unfailing accompany the departed into the great the beyond.

Here, the trifling needs of your bodily existence have little power over you and the real essence of who you are will come through. We become our own judges.

Did you seek the profit of the world and neglected your love essence which is the God-link in you? Did you? This is the question that must be answered. And you will not allow to lie or spin your way out of this. Not here, not now.

So now that you still have the gift of time and life you do have the chance to make amends. Forgive all, above all forgive yourself. Turn a new page. Take this time to love more, to nurture your inner essence and strengthen the God-link in you.Reinforce the good that is you today and everyday hereafter.

At the end of the day you will know that you have done well with your life. And you will be ready in earnest to go in faith and confidence through the great chasm that separates the dead from the living.

By living this way you loose nothing. You may even have your cake and eat it too. That is why it was said in the ancient days:” Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you”

Make this the ultimate purpose of your life and you will have a totally successful life. You will find salvation beyond reason.

Yours in total success,


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What Are You Telling Yourself-The Power of Auto Suggestion

November 2nd, 2012

It is widely known to those who have studied the arcane sciences that we do indeed have an ongoing conversation with ourselves at all times. What is interesting to note here is that by holding these constant conversations we directly or indirectly are shaping the outcomes of the story of our lives.

This ability to suggest to ourselves what we one to become or experience is another tool in our tool box provided by the grand architect of all life to enable us navigate the tricky contours of our days.

And this is a good thing; the problem is of course that we are not fully aware of the benefits of such a practice in our lives.We do talk to ourselves most of the times but it is done in an unconscious manner and more so in a way that weakens us instead of strengthening us.

What needs to happen if we are to lead a totally successful life is to begin to suggest to urselves those experiences which we intend to experience and with time we will begin to realize that those things which we had suggested into our experience will become true.

This is an amazing trick to learn for it allows you to not panic when confronted with challenges. Not that you can suggest your way out of missteps the past, it is just that doing so will help you into building the foundations of a new and brighter tomorrow.

This truth is based on the fact that you are what you experience and you can experience what you indeed desire in your life even in a makeshift imaginary way.

Here in is the secret of your total success in life. As always you do not have to believe it. Try it. There is always enough challenges in our daily lives to work on. Open up to this new trick of the sages and you will be happy for it.

Yours in total success,


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Stop Waiting and Start Living Again

November 1st, 2012

We all have a a tendency to wait in life. We have been trained to be reactive so to speak and this is where our problems begin. It leads to a less than full life. Our relationships with our friends and or family may get sour,we may loose our source of income or our finances may take a hit. In fact many things can happen in this life to make things look a little frightening to say the least.

But no matter what happens it will be wise to not wait for things to change. It will be indeed wise to take on your challenges head on with a cheerful attitude knowing that all that is promised you in this world is life and nothing else. What you cannot afford to do is to stop living and wait. What will you be waiting for if not ore disappointment and despair.

Start living here and now where you are with what you have and how you are;don’t wait. Waiting is the door through which our circumstances gain control over our lives.

Change happens and you too can happen. Change can come any how it desires to come but within you is the power to live in anyway you want your as well.

Do not get stuck in what has happened and fall into the trap of waiting for life to restore what has already been lost. Move on and keep on moving for as long as the juice of life flows within you.

Dust your of your feet in the unwanted circumstances that you are now living in and set sail for a new Jerusalem and remember to have fun while in the process. All life is life. All is sourced from the same power.

Yours in total success,


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