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Why it is Important to Grieve

October 31st, 2012

Sometimes this world may not seem right for you. Things may be going wrong at every turn and you may begin to wonder if it is worth it. You may begin to wonder if life is worth living. In such periods, when you are tried and challenged to the extreme, life may seem dull and drab.

A lot of times we are inclined to drown these sorrows in alcohol, drugs, sex and what have you. We seek to run away from our challenges. But you do not have to run away from them or seek to drown them in a sea of booze. Life is a fair game of losing and winnning.

In such periods it is normal to grieve. Let the pain and the tears that come with the challenges you face wash over you no matter how hard it seems. Grieving is a necessary natural step to healing. You cannot heal without the grief that comes with the challenge. Take things in stride and do not feel burdened by the desire to be strong.

Strength will come in your healing but for now it is Ok to feel the pains and bites as they come to you. This is becuase the thing which causes you so much pain is being rooted out of your emotional body by the healing balm of life. Do not run; stay put and work yourself out of the dark tunnel of the despair you face. In due time a new sun shall rise in your world and all shall be bright again.

It will come a s a new birth. It will be a resurrection of sorts from the troubled circumstances that made you weep. You are not perfect; not yet. But die in the circumstances that bring you grief and you shall rise anew in the new promises of a brighter day and life.

Grieve if you feel the urge to. Nothing lasts forever. All things change and us with it. It is this bitter sweet equation of life that keeps the universe afloat. With time you will know. All is not lost, for nothing is lost or can be lost in the grand scheme of the universe.

Yours in total Success,


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The Importance of an Open Mind

October 22nd, 2012

All will be well in your life if you have an open mind. Your mind is a resource that can do all to serve you if you only you let it. In other words you must be able to allow it to do that which you have agreed upon. Most of the problems we encounter in life are rooted in the openness of our minds. None can ever go past the boundary of possibility set by their mind. It is a law- a non-negotiable law.

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The Power of your Awareness

October 17th, 2012

All things are changeable and changing because they have no power of their own but move with the winds and cycles of your consciousness. Why then dwell on the forms of things when they have no stability in themselves? Anchor your ship in the stable waters of your consciousness, your awareness. Sail to the port and destination of your choosing.

Yours in total success,


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