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Being-A Secret Recipe to Your Total Success

August 22nd, 2012

As a follow up to Desiring and Allowing, let us now look at the third and final part of this trilogy of success-Being.

To be who you have envisioned yourself to be is a challenging endeavor for those that are yet untrained in the art of life. In other words, we abort the creative action by not incorporating this that is desired or allowed to take root in our circumstances.

Life is a perfect mechanism. It will do its part but you must do your part. There is no way around it. Being, simply implies that you create a conscious outflow of the creative currents surging from within your inner designs.

The things wished, desired and allowed for cannot come to be in your circumstances until you become them. And you do so simply by acting the things out in a manner that affirms their presence in your life. This is the logic behind the famous saying: Fake it till you make it. 

Act now, as if the thing wished for is now present. This is a not so common tool of the trade to be mastered by those who want to experience any success in their lives.

The reason for this is simply that things are nothing but the externalization of energetic patterns. In other words if you can muster the energetic patterns of the things or circumstances desired you can have the thing or the circumstance experienced in your life.

The energy in other words, is the sustaining power of the thing or circumstances experienced. The thing or circumstance of itself is of no use and little consequence.

Say for example, you are in ill health and you want to come back to a state of ease. This process of healing can be started and done simply by summoning the energy of wellness into your present presence. And as you continuously dwell within the energetic framework of wellness, health will return.

All prayers and supplications of man is an attempt to control their energetic orientations. It is this cosmic patterning that is responsible for the imperfections in our world today for not all have mastered the art of summoning the vibrations necessary to power the motions to influence their fortunes as desired.

Seal your daily prayers and meditations with the divine seal of being. Examples of this abound in all the prayer endings of the great religions and spiritual traditions of the world.

The sealing here is meant to transfer the cosmic energy contained in the invocations of your petition or prayer into the virgin newness of this moment. It is this cosmic imprint which is the seed of all that will happen in your life. All that is experienced therein must be seeded in the bedrock of time and space to take root.

Do not take these things lightly. We have gone through much suffering as a race and it is time that the truth be told.

Depending on the issue you are dealing with such techniques may not work as fast as you desired but it will work if you stay at it. It is a law, a very natural law indeed.

The things and circumstances we experience in this world have no power but the power you give them. Be it that you have envisioned to be. The power of the word that is in you in due time will make sure that all that has received the secret command from the inner chambers of your heart will come to pass. It is so that the world is created and conceived.

Do not let this discourse go to waste. I am sure we have enough challenges in our lives to practice on. Find out for yourself if what is written here makes any sense or not. In the end you will know and it is this knowledge that will set you free from the prison of matter.

It is our collective destiny to remove the veil of ignorance shading us away from the light of truth. Man suffers out of ignorance and until the day that he shall come face to face with the verities of existence he will continue to suffer.

Here now my friends, is  a chance to step out in faith to the wonderland of the supreme power and dominance over all things material and immaterial.

Discover you and your power just by being and the shackles of yesteryears will be broken forever.

Yours in total success,


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Release Your Inner Vision and Succeed in Life

August 16th, 2012

There is a picture in us that is seeking to out in life. Do not offer any resistance. In fact you are created to bring this unique vision that you carry within you into life. It is indeed a current waiting patiently for you to give it life here in the physical world.

Doing otherwise will wreak havoc in your life. Not becuase anyone wishes evil on you. No , it is simply becuase you have refused to accept the gift that you are to yourself.

Nothing here in our world really matters. All is the out wash of the power that runs within our holy place. You are the most important vector of creation in all existence. You make life happens. You create history.

Beyond you there is nothing else as powerful to make manifest the designs of your heart. You matter to you. All is complete. Life is done with us so to speak. 

Do not doubt this. To be totally successful in your life you must seek and release the inner vision that is seeking to out from your holy place. The variety and diversity that you experience in life here on earth is because of the unique nature of creation in all its entirety.

There can and never will be any kind of uniformity amongst us becuase our apprehension of the power and what it means for us is so different.

Here, do not mind the power plays of those who think they have power over you. They do not know what they are playing with. Do not offer any resistance to such. Greet their affronts with the love and sanctity coming from your heart, for you, not them, is in complete of control of how your next moments will be defined.

To release your inner vision, be deliberate. Do not live by default. In other words, seek to bring your power into the moment. Bring all your power to bare on the moments of your life. Moment by moment deliberately think what you want to experience, feel the experience and act it out.

Imagine the life you want to live. Imagine it, it does not have to be real yet. Think of the experience you want to have and do so consistently. You see, in doing so you activate the indomitable creative principle in life.

This says that, your thoughts will cause you to act and your actions will create motions and these motions are the vital energetic component needed to move matter in all its dimension.

It is these chain reaction that is the underlying force behind the circumstances which you are bound to experience during your days on earth.

In other words when you think, you begin the process of creation which is the impulse to act. Acting, is in itself a creative agent which causes motions of cosmic movements which in themselves creates changes in matter.

The script of your life is still unwritten in so long as you are less than totally succeesful and fulfilled in life. The pages of the book on which your story is to be written are still blank. Now, go to work. Release the inner vision that is within you.

You will never come to your full promise shying away from that which is already in you. Life knows better than that.

Embrace your days with this in mind and go to work. Rise up to the promise of the life that is in you. It is this authenticity which is our saving grace in this world of changing fortunes.

You owe it to your self. The sun, the stars and the moon all reign supreme in thier own unique way. They freely release the splendour of their beingness without question.

What holds you back, my friend? Is it not the imperfect acknowledgement of who and what you can be?

The fight in you is greater than what gives in the external circumstances of this world. Let go and triumph…the world is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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Succeed Despite the Times

August 15th, 2012

There is a wide consensus amongst the so called experts that the world is again heading towards another recession. I am not an expert in such things but I think it is nonetheless important for me to qualify such calls at a time when billions are struggling to stay afloat in what is an uncertain growth environment for sure.

All that happens in our lives is as we have accepted and received. Recession or no recession, there is always a few of the suffering masses who shall rise simply because they have righted their psychological framework of success. And these win and will win despite the so called gathering storm predicted by the so called experts.

The drab news as is today preached has the power to dampen the enthusiasm of those who until now have been trying to dig out from under the burden of despair and hopelessness in their lives.

To these, I say, this here is not the time to give up. It is widely known in the true sciences that darkness is the advent of light. In otherwords the gloom of today is the boom of tomorrow.

Hard work pays; not the pronouncements of the prophets of doom who taking their cues from imperfect numbers are quick to predict a future which they in themselves have no grasp off.

Wealth is nothing but the actualization of the law of nature in your life, which in itself is an exercise in abundance.

Look no further than your nose if you will. Mind your business. Keep your affairs tidy and buttoned up as would any one with some sense. But for goodness sake the world is doing fine.This mass hysteria that takes hold when such pronouncements of doom occur is a sublime message to weaken instead of strengthening your resolve to succeed.

Stay close to the vision and ideals of your heart and in the morning go to work in the knowledge that all that you sow, you will reap; and that this world will continue unperturbed.

You will not fall off the cliff because of what the experts say. Guard against forces of weakness in your life and all will be fine.

This here is a psychological game. Nothing is real; all is as you have accepted and believed in.

We conceive our world through the conception we have of ourselves. Who do you think you are. What do you think of yourself. Do you like the person you see in the mirror? This ought to be the question to ask yourself.

Success is not a respecter of the seasons or cycles of man. It operates independently from the elements of this our broken world. Take heart and do not panic. Right the sails of your vessel and keep going. The storm and tribulations of the way will only break you if you decide to give up.

And who or what are you giving up to? Who has the power? Are you the living embodiment of the life power or the circumstances in which you find yourself?

Put yourself to the test and find out for yourself and you will be amazed at what you find. You may at last find that you are none other than the maker of your own destiny.

Do not buy into the false pronouncements of the world. Align and associate yourself with success and the ideals of success and you will succeed.

The world waits and does so patiently. It is aching for you to make the move and reclaim the promise that it holds for you. Go for it.

Yours in total success,


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Exercise your Power of Focus to Succeed in Life

August 9th, 2012

All that we have is our focus. As centers of power all that which we hold in our mind will come to pass. No matter how the past has been, no matter what is now, tomorrow can bend to the whims of your personal desire if you only know how.

Set your goal fearlessly; own the power to create your life. Forgive yourself and the mistakes of others, be free. Assume that your wish has been already granted and live from that perspective. Do not question how your dream is going to be achieved. Resist not the seeds of doubts and negative self talk.

Move fearlessly in your imagination into the goal that you desire. Your focus and attention on your goal will catalyze you in to success and bring results to you faster that you can imagine.

Your focus is the bridge between where you are now and where you will want to be in the future. It is the currency you pay now for the goods of your desire to be available to you. There is no other way yet discovered by man.

Yours in total success,


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