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Allowing Success in Your Life

July 29th, 2012

As a follow up to the post on desiring which I wrote a few days ago, it is important that I continue with this post on allowing success in your life. It is a sure stepping stone to your total success in life.

It is evidenced in life that we are our own greatest enemy not consciously of course but we are. It is easy to desire but to really get this thing going we must begin the process of allowing that which we have desired to come to us. No one can easily accept that they are standing in the way of their own success in this life. No one and this OK.

Now, let me say that to allow, is simply to get out of the way mystically speaking so that the thing desired will flow through easily. The way we block our gifts from coming to us is through the self judgement and self sentencing that none other than ourselves have placed on us. It is as if we have placed a curse on ourselves.

For example, you can suggest to a little child that he will become a millionaire by the age of 20 and he will leap in joy to embrace this prognostic of his life without question. He does not doubt the infusion of energy that is placed on his life course. He takes it and runs with it. He allows it to be so to speak.

If same thing is done to an adult whose mind has been formed with a pessimistic penchant by his life experiences, he will reject such an infusion as a joke. In fact he will take offence easily or simply brush this aside as childish prank. He will not allow it to be.

This is a simplistic example but you get the point. The mind which is yet unconditioned by the less than perfect experiences in life will certainly have an easier time allowing. It welcomes the force of the idea of succeeding without any qualms.Whereas the grown up who is all grown into the errors of his own self judgements easily refutes the reality of what could have been.

It is this denying that the teachers of old spoke to when it was said ” unless one be born again he will not enter the kingdom of God” or when it was said “unless ye be as little children ye will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

So how do we become as allowing in our lives? Here are a few tips:

1. Have faith.

It is simply by having faith that you allow success to come in. Having the unshakeable faith that that life is good and it is meant to serve you. Be steadfast and you will outlast the energy of lack that has been holding you back in life.

2. Do not judge yourself.

Do not be consumed by the tempatation to judge yourself and what is supposed to come to you. Do your part in desiring and allow life to do its part. Do not put out the fire under your creations by dousing it with the waters of your own misconception of what is.

3. Keep doing.

Sloth is a vice to be avoided at all times. Keep yourself constantly at work with the task at hand. Keep on improving and doing. In doing so the mind is kept at bay in the employ of your designs. Not doing so it will revert to where it where before your descision to change for the better and this is where the danger lies. Rememeber the old saying, “an idle mind is the devils workshop.”

These here will give you a fresh start. Without the limitations of what your past has been you will come out winning no matter how formidable the task at hand is.

This life is a vey funny thing. There are two forces that are at play here at all times.And they are the forces of inertia and the forces of progress. One is regressive and the other is ever forward moving.

Take your pick and your life will be determined accordingly. Align yourself with the forces of progress and you will allow the forward moving expanding forces of life to fill your cup to the brim.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Life as a Mirror-Another Secret to Your Total Success

July 28th, 2012

Life is a mirrored experience. In other words, what we call our living experiences is the reflection of images created and projected by us. This  is hard to accept given the troubles and challenges we sometimes face but it is true all the same.

This is why it is often said that “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” In this statement is the entire mystery of life divulged for those who have the acumen to understand what is contained there in.

There is an old saying that says” what monkey, see Monkey does” and this is not only true for the monkey but for us too. What we see in the mirror of  life is what we will do. It is what will happen to us. This is a law. We cannot do or become anything greater or lesser than what we have seen or captured in the imaginative body or realm of our lives.

This is what explains the wide differences that exist amongst men and societies in this world. It is simply because we see differently and so act diferently. And in so doing we have different experiences which no one can take away from us no matter how hard they try.

Some Governments in the recent pasts tried to influence the destiny of thier peoples by providing for them. The intention was good but the mechanics was seriously flawed.

No one can take the place of personal initiative in our collective effort to be better. In such environments where this primary cosmic responsibility is not encouraged or has been hijacked, life will become stale and less than fulfilling for the group.

And so it has been for centuries gone by. The race thrives upon the collective will of each and every one to to do and be better. To do so they must see themselves as betterred in the realm of thier imagination and it will be so in the experiences of the lives they live.

It is easy to give up when faced with the headwinds of life. Some have simply given up the fight to lift up themselves. For fear of failing they have reduced their expectaions and recoiled into a less than full life.

In doing so they seek the confort of the false prophets who continually tell them to pray for a miracle to operate in their experiences.

We are a sacred conception of life. We are animated with a magical faculty that is designed to sustain us through thick and thin. This discourse will be void of meaning where it not that I have personally experienced the mystical association between what I have seen with my so called imaginative eye and what I have seen in my physical life.

I am not in any way making fun of those that strive daily for the betterment of themselves and their families and societies in the conventional sense. My point is simply that we must strive from within; first to break the boundaries and constraints of our limited beliefs and self imposed boundaries of lack. And secondly to reclaim full control of the life we live.

Having done this we can begin the process of self releasing which  will build up our confidence and raise our expections of life to higher levels of fulfiment.  If not our efforts will be in vain or produce inefficient results at best.

Life has not denied anyone access into her stream of infinite supply. It is your imperfect understanding of her mechanics that is the reason for your imperfect life. This is why it is widely said and claimed that” the truth shall set you free”. In otherwords, come to the understanding of the supreme edict of this life and you will be unbound from the limitations and imperfections of yersteryears.

You must first emancipate yourself from within before your circumstances and experience can in themselves expereince a lift up. The one is a consequence of the other. There is no sidestepping this rule in life.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Life does not waste itself. To receive, a receiving medium must be provided. If the receiving platform is absent, life will not provide, for to do so will only result to waste so to speak. And in its all knowing wisdom, life knows who is ready to receive and who is not. It does not waste.

By seeing in your imaginative realm the pictures you want to experience in the physical experiences of your world you begin the process of receiving.

Prayer and all other forms of divine supplication has been our cherished way of manipulating or influencing the imaginative pictures we hold.

If these are not working, find other ways that work and start doing so now. There is no reason to wait. All of your life experiences depend on this single discipline of yours.

Let your experience reveal this truth to you.You owe it to yourself.

Yours in total success,


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Desiring, not Wanting-A Secret to your Total Success

July 27th, 2012

You can have all in life if you so choose but to do so you must find a way to do away with wanting and embrace the concept of desiring instead.

Most people are really afraid to desire although they are in want. You see, when you want, you create a mold of lack in your life; in other words, you are affirming an energetic vortex of not having had what you are looking for.

The true winners of life desire, they sort of are reaching out for the things and experiences they have found favor with. This is not some speculative thought here but a precept of the true sciences. Do not want, desire!

This is because we are configured to have all. That is why you desire. It is a mechanism that sets the cosmic machinations needed to get you going in the directions of the life you have envisioned  for your self. So, for example you are now not rich or in health but you desire wealth and health. In this case, if you desire health and wealth, what is going to happen is your desiring is going to get your emotional juices flowing towards the direction of the energy vortex that are in harmony with the object of your desires. And in this case it will be to be healthy and wealthy.

And as this new direction of the vital forces of your life become more acceptable to you consciously and unconsciously you will begin to but realize the inevitability of you coming into the possession of the wealth and health you have desired.

Now I am not saying that this will suddenly appear from the thin air although it very well may. The idea is that once you change the paradigm of the life forces within you  all things external and relative to you will also change.

I say this only to emphasize that lack in all its dimensions is not our heritage. It is the ignorance of the supreme truth of life that get us to these hard times that we experience from time to time.

Desire all you can; do not run away from this practice. It is the reason you are who you are and where you are. What you desire does not matter. Exercise this muscle of who you are and you will soon be in the company of the realizations of the secret yearnings of your life.

Many have embraced the false concept of a minimalist life. They have been told that it is a virtue to be poor and that God looks kindly upon those whose eyes are not on the riches of this world.

Now, whoever is preaching this gospel will have to answer sooner or later for this gross miseducation of the race. You must understand once and for all that you are in all actuality a complete specimen of abundance.

Life is self sustaining and continually replenishes its supply for the sole purpose of prospering creation. Don’t go to bed another day thinking or feeling that you live in a universe of scarcity. It is a lie.

Life has given and continues to give us all. It is us who not perfectly realized as creations of the one power cannot fathom the complete spectrum of the gift of life freely bestowed unto you.

So, Stop whining, do not despair. Desire and as you begin to desire, the universe, ever sensitive to the needs of its own will find a way to make sure that you and the objects of your desires will be one in no time.

I am not insisting in this write up that one should desire to do do evil and if such is your intention so be it.

Mine is for all that want to see the race move forward and those that strive daily to clear up the misunderstandings of those intergeneretional myths which have made us fallen short of the full glory of our eternal PROMISE.

Yours in total success,


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Reset Your Life

July 19th, 2012

Life is always available to you no matter what your yesterday has been. It is always there to support and prosper you according to your dreams and aspirations.

It resets itself consistently, giving us a fresh morning to begin despite our missteps of yesterday. In its own silent but reassuring ways it tells  us continuously that all is not lost as it unfolds a new page for us to write the stories of the life we live.

This eternal support and grace of life is what winners have always leaned upon to achieve their dreams no matter how far fetched it seemed to be. Aligning your self with this eternal promise of the creator you will come to the fortitude of the Greats. And it is this realization of the fortress within that is necessary to create the change that is needed in this your life.

It is from this here, that Great Men such as Nelson Mandela, were inspired to proclaim: ” it is impossible until it is done”.

This inner fortress is available to all without any distinction whatsoever.

A lot of people have made peace with the limitations they have experienced in life. Somehow they have succeeded in accepting their unwanted conditions as if dictated onto them by an outside source stronger than them.

Each one of us carries within a wide and unlimited range of probabilities and possibilities waiting to be firmed up to reality if only we have the guts to stand for them.

The problem is, somewhere in this life we have accepted the cosmic stunts of the circumstances we live in as reality. And as we have accepted so shall it be unto us.

And that is why I write so passionately about self empowerment. You, at this very moment is standing or sitting on a mount of wealth and possibilities destined to make the world you live in a better place.

 This is a divine commission, for the power that gave you being in this world did not just do that so that you can come and stuff your face and indulge in all kinds of debauchery.

It knows better than that and has purposed you through his handiwork to do for your self and all as will lift the race. This is a tall order and it is intended to be so. No one expects this calling to be received by the masses that walk the earth.

But if for any reason you feel that there is any current of dissatisfaction with the status quo coming from within, then you are welcome here to take a second look at what gives.

Life has a way of calling out its children, those who have been chosen and marked for the Great work. Do not neglect that itch whatever it is. You see, we are all created and calibrated with a purpose that is higher than we can mentally fathom.

Do you feel that you are now there, where you ought to be? If so fine; enjoy the ride and give thanks and praise.

This world needs the comforting touch of those inspired by the desire to do the Great work .

I have often wondered what would have inspired a young and brilliant lawyer in the person of the revered Nelson Mandela to leave the promise of a life of ease in the lap of luxury to risk limb,treasure and freedom for the lonely trails of the fight for the freedom of his peoples.

It would have been easy in such a case to dismiss the calling of his heart with the weak comfort that God the creator will make right the wrongs of man.

Look within your heart, there is the silent voice of the power that that gave you this life to live. Reset the dials if you are not at all satisfied with what gives. Do not justify these with the false reasoning of those that lack the guts to confront and affront the unwanted circumstances of their lives.

You can change all. Embrace nature’s reset as the day turns into night and set sail towards the destination of your dreams and aspirations. Life needs you just as much as you need it. It has done it’s part. Now, do your part. Do you.

Yours in total success,


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Never Stop Improving

July 16th, 2012

This here is the secret to your continuous total success in life. Never stop improving. Life is nothing but an adventure of sorts. All is complete and finished. We have even now been sufficiently provided.

This is the truth. The problem is that we do not know how to take from the infinite storehouse of life. And the answer to this is simply to continuously self improve. In other words, never stop to improve upon what is in your life.

This is the gateway to your total success in life. This, because life without your self improving efforts will surely become a sour display of failure and discouragement. So, never stop improving.

Most of us are caught unawares by the challenges of our times because we somehow had stopped the process of self improvement. Thinking that we had arrived, we had dropped the ball as if the game was over. And so shocked by the self degradation that follows, we hasten to attribute that to bad luck or some other superstitious construct.

Life is in your hands, including your life. It and all that comes thrives off the sustaining power given to it by you. You are a creative power; breathing life into the the clay of your imaginative posturings they take on life and have forms in the arena of your daily circumstances.

It is when the burning coals of your power and attention have been removed from under the circumstances of your life that these fall out of the field of your experiences, only to be resurrected back into life if you so desire.

This the ultimate magic of life. It is no secret at all for we are living incarnations of this principle in all actuality.

All goals are attainable. Life, including your life is an exercise of infinite abundance. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.The work that needs doing is but with you. Self improve in any way you can. The work is never done so to speak. Keep your eyes firmly on the ball.

Seek to improve upon what already is. All that has form is in an invisible but active process of disintergration whether you like it or not. This cannot be avoided. It is a cosmic precept that cannot be avoided.

What you can do on the other hand, is to be cosmically active within the creative chambers of your life in other to continuously regenerate and sustain that which you have deemed neccessary for your livelihood here on this our earth.

Keep improving and you will again find the true peace, joy and fulfillment of life that was promised you from the beginning of time.

All this talk about waiting for a paradise that will only come after death is hogwash.You have been even now provided with the master key to a life of total success and fulfilment. You owe it to yourself.

Start where you are, with what you have, to be there, where you want to be now. And life will see you through.

Yours in total success


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