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The Folly Of Victimhood

June 10th, 2012

What makes you alive is the active cosmic breath that animates all. It is this power that is responsible for awakening your spiritual senses and ability to realize and experience the fullness of life.

The great tragedy is that not knowing the full potential of this cosmic power we tend to wallow in our failings and insecurities much longer than it is necessary.

The environment in which you live should have no role to play in determining for you what your tomorrow will be. You are equal to the task no matter what it is. This is because what is in you is stronger that what is outside of you.

It is common practice to wail in pity in the wake of the challenges in life.This is again a misconception of what life is and what is expected of it.

I say this only to say that no matter how bad the past has been the future can be shaped to your liking. All that is necessary is to focus not on the rather harsh environs of the life you live but to focus on the throbbing vital force of life which ever forward moving, can be consciously harnessed to serve the purpose of your heart.

Appreciate you for who you are not for what you have created or failed to create. You see, the creator doesn’t take pride in his creations in as much as in the creative power in them.

Much of the vast continent of Africa, for example, harbors wealth yet untold but the children of this continent continue to suffer immeasurably from want and disease. Why is this so? It is simply because they have not realized that they have the power to create the change that is needed for them to accept the full spectrum of their inheritance as children of the one power of all life.

It is easy in the face of challenges to give in to the feeling of victim hood. This here must be avoided at all cost. You are never a victim. You may not know this but it is true all the same. No one Living or death can influence the pathways you have chosen to express the life in you unless you give them the permission.

And you do so spiritually speaking by identifying yourself as a victim. By identifying yourself as a victim you are acknowledging and affirming the power of the thing or circumstances you are a victim of over your life. You have given the keys to the thing or circumstances in other words to continue to mess with you.

So, who are you Kidding? You cannot continually affirm an issue and expect that issue to go away. You cannot continue to be saying and affirming that you have been dealt a bad card in life and in the same breath expect the card to change.

To do so will be spiritually dishonest. Knowing who you are, you can play the hand you have been dealt with the vision and firm conviction that all will be for your ultimate good and advancement and it will be so.

The great secret that has been hidden from the masses in all this time is that you ought to be fully independent and self reliant for your livelihood no matter what is going on in your life. In other words do not rely on the promises of anyone to make a headway for yourself in this world. It is a lie; not your parents, Governments, friends or family. To do so is to set up yourself for failure in life.

This  is why it is said so often that God is a jealous God. In other words you have been configured to seek and receive direct sustenance from the primary source of life and no other source.

You must therefore become totally responsible for your whereabouts no matter what is touted in the public square. Doing so, you will guarantee for yourself a life of peace, prosperity and total success. I am not knocking down grace in life. That too has its place but let it come to you as a surprise and not as an expectation.

A lot of us today have to rethink the premise on which we live life. Things have changed so much. The securities upon which society was built seem to be crumbling and crumbling fast.

A new paradigm has to be introduced into the public place for us to fully assume the mantle of power that is implicitly and interestingly unleashed in such times as these.

You are only alive because you are a cosmic entity endowed with the power to influence the environment in which you have life. Do not take this lightly. It is easy to bounce around all day long not knowing what this life means to you. This is why you may be experiencing a harsh and challenging life.

To smoothen things out for you seek to regain the mantle of power. Give the vessel you are sailing in some direction. Take charge of the journey and set sail.

Living in the past you reignite the death coals of years gone by. Why will you do that when the present, uncut, waits for you in all its splendour and promise.

Stay here, my friends, and now, with the tools of the trade that has been given you by life, chisel out the masterpiece of the life you desire to create.

Stay at it, one stroke at a time. As you sculpt, life will sculpt with you. All it seeks is to bring out of you that which the grand architect itself has in the blueprint of this adventure called life.

How else will you come to know what it is in store for you without unwrapping the gift that is you. You are a resource of infinite value to life. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Take pride in you not what your circumstances are saying about you. Take pride in the fact that in you is a vortex of creative energy capable of removing the mountains in your life if you so desire.

In recognizing this power, you recognize the hand of your father who art in heaven and through whom all things are possible.

This is why you are a gift to life. Take this to heart and do the work that is required of you. We are all laborers in the vineyard of providence. There is no use in lamenting in this time of great challenge. No one has been denied.

All was given to you at birth and it is still so today. It is all up to you.

Work is needed but in the private workshop of who you think you are. Doing what is required in there you will discover the full range of all that you were meant to be in the first place.

A Promise…it is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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The Falsehood of Time

June 8th, 2012

What locks you in the falsehood of life is the illusion of time. You see, you do not know that time does not exist. It is actually a falsehood that life has placed on our way to help us situate ourselves here until such a time when we can discern the pure truth for ourselves.

It is common knowledge that we live in a past, present and future continuum. That is to say that our time is divided into three compartments.This again is not true, time is not linear, in fact there is no past or the future. These are creations of our mind.

All is now. The reason you create the past is because of your actions. In other words by positing and acting you create an impression in the mind of that spent energy. It is this realization of the spent energies of your actions which is called the past.

And of course the now, at this moment, you are spending energy and so this moment is called the present because you are actively spending the cosmic energy of life. This is why the future is revered because we see in it a reserve of unspent energy.

Life is nothing but a sea of energy in which we have our being. By spending this energy of life we create what is called the past and looking forward to the unspent reserve of energy in and around us we talk of the future.

I say this to say that there is no reason to focus on your spent energies. This is likened to living in the past, meaning that you are living on the wasted field of spent cosmic energies. The ideal is to live in the now, where the swirling energies of life are present for you to form out as you have envisioned.

You see, the future does not exist unless when impressed upon by the active projections of your mind and vision. In other words nothing is yet formed in the unformed realm of life. Those that are trained amongst you understand this. They move into the future with the audacity and confidence of one who knows that the world is his for the taking.

One of the reason people fear in life is simply because they do not know that they have the power to shape and mold the large untapped reserves of energy streams that surrounds them at all times.

You see, they look at life as a static, linear phenomenon. They take the indexes of the present as their starting point in life and projects these to the untouched realms of life calling it the future.

The future does not exist. All you can do is shape what is to come by acting now in the way you want to be tomorrow. This is a great liberating truth. You can determine what tomorrow is going to be by acting it out now. Isn’t this liberating?

I think it is. The problem is that we are passive spiritually speaking. It is as if we are asleep.

Take for example, one who has been sick all his life. He knows nothing but sickness in his life. Such a one will have a hard time thinking that he can create a future of sound health in his life. Why so? Because he does not have the will and imaginative power to envision a healthy life going forward.

This is because he is energetically stuck within the designs of sickness that has engulfed him all through. For such a one, a quick and thorough realignment of his spiritual energies is required for him to quit thinking and creating more sick days of his life. It is easy; the problem is that he may have become accustomed to sickness as a way of being.

You were created to be a mini God. In other words, you were created and given life on this earth so that you can come to the quick realization of who you are and of your true powers as a child of God. You will be of no use to any one feeling victimized by life because no one has made you a victim but yourself. Life does not create victims.

At this very moment you can begin to free yourself from the prison of the past and embrace the now which is where you are always going to be. In other words the now, this cosmic magical moment here and now is where you are always going to be.

This again is because you are the constant in the equation of life.You are the sun of the universe you inhabit. All other things including your physical body are nothing but temporal creations meant to serve you in your journey here below.

So, do not lend any more of your precious “force vitale” to the the dead scenery of the field of your spent energies. To do so will give them the revitalizing power to become present in your life. Stay focused my friends, in the eternal presence of the now.

Here, sow the seeds of the harvests that you expect in your days as the forward moving forces of life continue to reveal itself to you.

You were not created to be a victim of time. You were created to come to the full realization of yourself as one with the omnipotent power of creation. Stay true to the inner whisperings of your spirit. Do not be shy, be bold. Move majestically into the castles and mansions of your heart. Live the life you will, all is possible.

You are not an error of creation. The power that started it all is here with you as you navigate the contours of your cosmic journey. It shall see you through.

It is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Confront Your Fears

June 7th, 2012

Times are hard we have been told and it is obvious that we have bought into what we have been told. This is why there is so much fear and uncertainty in our lives today.This is not a good state to be in because fear begets fear. And fear is not a good thing.

Of Course it is normal in life to be concerned about your livelihood. It is most natural to want to know where your next meal is going to come from and so on. What is not normal is to succumb to the dictatorship of fear in your life.

Why so? You may ask. This is simply because in allowing fear to gain a foothold in your life you are in a way giving up your power in life. Fear is nothing but an emotional response to a perceived threat to your survival in life. This is a general definition and you can sort out for yourself what fears rule your life.

What I want to emphasize in this piece here today, is simply the fact that you are not powerless. You only become powerless when you allow fear to take over the mantle of power that is in you.

Some will say: Ah! what mantle of power is he talking about? And this here is the problem. You do not know that you are an active force in the equation of creation. Do not discount yourself as if you have been orphaned by life. It is not so.

Your problems and challenges, no matter what they are are like phantoms in the night. They are not real. If you wake up to the power that you are, you will see them for what they are.

The tendency for all who are in dire straits is to pray. To pray is to ask. To ask is to affirm lack. To pray properly, you must ask and receive in the same prayer session albeit spiritually or mentally.

What do I mean my this? You cannot just go into a prayer session and ask for the hand of providence to provide you, say with a nice car. To do so will be suicidal to say the least. You will never be in the possession of your desires so to speak. This is not because anyone denies you but simply because the premise upon which you have demanded is faulty.

In other words, you ought to ask and receive in an affirming way that which you have laid claim to. Doing so you will break the cycle of fear in your life because you know that if you ask and ask correctly it will be given.

What I write hear is not some speculative knowledge gathered from here and there. It is the workings of the laws of life that I am now giving to you. You can replace the fear in your life with the comforting knowledge that you are indeed catered to and provided for no matter what the circumstances or the trends you are currently experiencing in your life.

So, here are four pointers to get you started on this road of self liberation from the tyranny of your circumstances:

1. Be poised.

In all situations good or bad, seek to maintain an emotional poise. Your poise is very important. It gives you the ability to maintain your spiritual distance from the circumstances you face and the real you. This spirital space is crucial if you are to develop the ability to change things for your own good.

2. Be Inner centered.

In us all is an inner space that needs to be cultured and lived in if you want to have any semblance of control over your life and its circumstances. To do so, begin the practice of seeing through your mind’s eyes in your times of prayers the things or circumstances you wish to experience in life. With time make this your dwelling place no matter what storms are brewing on the outside.

3. Act in confidence.

Go through your days acting out the the things you have internally designed for yourself. Be active in the realms of the vision you have created.Pay no mind to the fact that they are not here. With time they will come into the screen of your daily experiences.

4. Allow time in the process.

Allow time to work its magic. Anything that has been viewed and accepted by your mind’s eyes becomes a command to the universe. This you can be assured of; with time it will come to pass in your physical world for your physical eyes to behold.

In these days of uncertainty is is easy to become spiritually and mentally paralysed by fear. A world ruled by fear will dehumanize us all. And this is not our destiny. Each day should give us the opportunity to move forward as a race of human beings and not to fall back to our base instincts.

Seek refuge in the power within. Take one day at a time and march onwards, confident in the ability of providence to provide you with all that is necessary to live this life that has been given to you.

You are not an orphan; spiritually speaking, there is an army of good waiting to serve. It’s only condition is for you to place the command that is required to put them to work for you.

Affirm what you want when in need and do not take your marching orders from the false alarms of fear and the fear mongers in your life. There is more than meets the physical eyes.

Life was meant to nourish and prosper you. All is according to the portion you have desired and designed for yourself.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Giving

June 5th, 2012

What are you living for? The key to a happy and totally successful life is to live for something greater than yourself. I have found that many are keen to look at life as a “what is in it for me affair.” And this is why discontent is not too far off for these folks.

I am not saying that you should not take care of yourself or those that are dependent on you for livelihood. What I am saying here is that we should strive to move beyond ourselves and our immediate needs and embrace the idea that we have come here to serve or give.

Giving is a funny thing, at face value it will seem that you are the looser but amazingly you will never loose in giving. Not that you give to win in the end, it is just that the world is configured in such a way that the true giver always wins.

The givers will always receive far more than was given in the first place. This is a law that has to be fully experienced to be understood. It is what is called the gift of giving.

And it does not matter what is given. That is not the question; what is rewarded by the cosmic forces of life is not the objects that are given. No, it is the intention. It is the outgoing forces of love, consideration and charity behind the act that is instantly recognized and rewarded by life.

Give, especially in times when you seem to be under the duress of wants in your life. It does you good in ways you will never be able to wrap your mind around.

The reason that the gift of giving is the gift that keeps on giving is because when you give and give from the heart you inherently are at the same time changing the vibratory inputs of your life. You are in other words telling the forces responsible for life that you have more than enough to share.

Life loves that. Life seeks that we affirm the abundance of providence that is our birthright. It loves to see you act this way and that is why it will rush in its own ways to validate the premise upon which you gave.

Do not take this lightly. You see, it is easy to focus on what you need especially in these time of duress . Times are so uncertain. The tendency here is for folks to close up the giving spigots in their lives. They say : Oh, I got to take care of me first. In doing so they are obeying the law of limitation. They seem to have looked upon life as a finite experience and seek to grab as much as they can before all is finished.

This is how they think and thinking this way they are always in want. They will always be in want. They will be never satisfied unless they turn their outlook outward unto the world.

Look into your heart dear reader, and revisit the premise of the life you live. What moves you? What motivates you, my friend?. Open your heart and let the gift of giving come in. Make it your dwelling place. It will serve you well and you will never be in want. This is a promise.

Not because you do not have needs or desires. No, it is simply because by becoming a giver you align yourself with  the positive, ever forward moving and invigorating power of life.

With this disposition you will never want no matter how dire the circumstances you live in are. In ways that it only knows , it will take care of you. It does this not because you are special or anything like that but simply because in you it has found a way to reach out to all it’s children.
Being a channel of this love you cannot be left without it’s warm and caring embrace. You and it will  ultimately become one.

Give and give with a loving heart. Expect nothing in return. And no matter what the world says, rest assured that you are in the comfort of the sweet abode of providence.

Yours in total success,


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The Pain of Growth: An Insight to your Total Success

June 4th, 2012

All who has been given life is destined to grow. In other words we are all destined to grow into ever expanding versions of our selves or the perceptions of who we are. This may not seem so given the level of indecent actions that we sometimes exhibit in our daily lives.

It is this insight to your total success that has allowed the sages of all time to speak of the inevitability of change in our lives. They indeed have also advised us to welcome it anytime it rears its unwanted head.

But here we are talking about growth; the pain of growth. It is evident that growth is painful. To break out of your routines you must be ready to suffer from the pain of growth. Why do we pain when we grow?

It is simply because we do not like the change that is demanded of us by the forces of change which always precede any growth in our lives.
We have a tendency to display extreme loyalty to our conditions and experiences in this life. In fact it is our loyally to the energy of the experiences in the lives we live that sustain them and keep them alive in our lives.

What do I mean by this? You see, circumstances do not exist in a vacuum. They must be anchored in the vital centers of your life for them to take root in the events of your days. You are Loyal to them that is why they are here with you.

It may be that cup of coffee that you crave for every morning, It might be your loyalty to the thought of being poor and challenged in your life that you hold on to. It may be the sickness that you think you can’t get rid of that you hold on. It might be anything for that matter.

The idea is that, these things now exist in your life because your inner most self is loyal to it. This is unbelievable but it is the truth. We do this all the time and then turn around and scream for help from the ethers when you are indeed the one who has imprisoned yourself as a matter of fact.

The fact is we all do this because we are trying to avoid the pains of growth. It is the pain of disloyalty to the energetic vibrations that sustained the power all the things that gives in your life.

You can move into total success in your life with the speed of lightening if you really want to. All you will need is to be willing to embrace the pain of the growths in your life and you will grow into the ideals and vision encrypted in your heart.

How do you embrace the pain? Simple; embrace your vision and live in the bubble of that vision until the realities of what you have anchored your energy to became reality in your life.

And it will. It is easy say to yourself now and forever that you are willing to embrace the pain and the inconveniences of overcoming and accomplishing the goal you have set your heart to no matter what. If you say this with the presence of mind and spirit that is required you will find yourself well on the way to your total success in this life.

Take this insight of total success to heart. It shall do you good in due time. It is a promise.

Yours in total Success,


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