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Swim in your Current and Succeed in All you Do

May 30th, 2012

Our greatest failing in life is to not recognize that we are animated with the very force of creation that is responsible for the stars and the constellations of the solar system. You are a unit of power animated by the very essence of life itself.

This is your current. It is the juice with which you are able to carry on in this world. I say this to say that you are not helpless. You are fully furnished with the power to make your sojourn here meaningful to you and life as whole.

You see, the rose plant doesn’t care whether it is planted in a bush of thorns or in desert. It grows with the singular purpose of producing the flowers as only it knows how. It doesn’t complain but comes out in full bloom with its radiant colours.

You too, is as a rose plant, bloom where you are planted. Now, present in you is a real energy stream fully engaged in the animation of your life at all levels of your life whether you are aware of it or not.

This is why you are alive. You can think, feel, touch, sense, intuit, talk and so on. You were made active by this power at birth, it is your current.

Within you are certain natural tendencies or inclinations which are almost second nature to you. These your natural leanings are the surest signs of the power of your life bending towards the sun of your universe. Take the hint and follow these.

All has come here with a unique load that has to be unloaded in order them to be fulfilled.What is yours? What is your current?

I have a passion for writing about total success as I do on this blog not because I really like to. It is as if I have no choice, for the urge is not negotiable. Why? Because this is my current. This is what I have come here to give. This is my passion, my current.

A lot of folks do not have the courage to follow their current because they are chained by fear to the false sense of material security. They live to satisfy the dictates of matter and not the compass of their heart.

This is why these are never happy and never will be. You are larger than your circumstances no matter what they are; for you are a conscious creation of the mighty power of the creative element of all life.

Your challenge in this life is to find what moves you and latch on to this . Know yourself, seek to discover who you are. Question the status quo in your affairs. Seek to find where you are in harmony, what rings true and let that become your dwelling place.

All we seek is to unify ourselves with the current that runs within us. You see, all has been designed to serve a particular purpose here below. If you were animated by a spirit or current of compassion and you have chosen to live a life of aggression and hate you will be at odds with the currents running within.

It is this incompatibility between the currents of your inner self and what you have chosen to carry on with in your material affairs that is the foundation for your sufferings in this world.

This is how dis ease is introduced in your worlds. This imbalance in the vibrational energetic patterns in your life will manifest itself in your physical body following the lines of physiological weaknesses that is in all of us.

Desist once and for all of the fact that you have come to receive. This world is not one were you can take without giving back. And there is no reason not to give back when you are in your very essence a gift to the human race.

Each of us here on earth this earth has within themselves a unique configuration of the cosmic force flowing from him to the world in which he lives. You are not without support. Honor the energy stream that runs from within you.

Life is a field of eternal love. Seek that which is you and turn the cup around. Go for the living waters in your life and serve them without reserve.

Do your part in your own corner of this globe and together we will all get to the promised land of of cherished desires.

Yours in total success,


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Open Sesame:Your Path to Total Success

May 26th, 2012

All of life is meant to respond and serve your wishes.This may not seem to be the truth given the troubles you are now facing in life. But it is the truth nonetheless. Life serves and expects of us to serve it in return. All must be balanced.

This philosophy of total success is not new. It is the an ancient verity that has served man from time immemorial and will continue to serve you even today.The goal here is to reframe your expectations so that you can indeed inherit the destiny that is ingrained in your being.

What are your expectations in this life? Do you feel that life is harsh and we have to struggle day by day just to get by? Or is life here to serve you and make manifest the commands you have placed on it? Be honest for once when trying to answer these questions.

The reason being that you are the result of the answer that you choose. Some people relish the idea that life is a struggle. For some reason they have accepted the idea that everything must be a hassle. They take comfort in this ideal and rationalise their shortcomings in life on the basis of this paradigm.

This again is wrong thinking. It is the result of centuries of the mental conditioning of the race.Yes, to live life one will have to face challenges, many challenges indeed;but that does not mean that life is a struggle and that we should struggle with it.

From my view point it only means that we should activate the power or the creative force within us to match and overcome the challenges that we face. A lot of people find false comfort in the easy routines of mediocrity.They say: life is just too hard, let us make do with what we can afford. This is the peace of the cowards in life.

The currents that surge within you are not for show. These are real energy streams full of the power and fire necessary to power through whatever dreams you have.

You must be able to declare once and for all:”Open Sesame!”. And life will open up its vault to your ultimate delight. To come to this experience you must have the heart, courage and conviction that this life is good. No ifs, buts or anything else about it. This belief must be ingrained in your being like the air you breath no matter what circumstances give in your life.

Stand your ground and let the circumstances you have conjured figure out a way of becoming real in your world. Declare “Open Sesame!” and stand your ground. And you will be pleasantly surprised.

The power to change all is in you. The problem is that you been frazzled and left wanting by the seeming debacle of your daily challenges. Reestablish the calm of the brave in your life and you will find sweet success in your undertakings.

Hold firm upon the ideals of your heart. Close the energy leaks in your life. Do not doubt yourself or the vision you have put your heart to. Walk calmly into the days you have been blessed with knowing that life has heard and answered your request.

This is not some empty faith talk; it is the way to bring the unyielding circumstances of your life to bow to the mighty power of life that is your essence.

For example if you want a new home  for yourself and family, you can begin right now to see yourself in that home of your choice. Do this consistently even though you have not the means to be in the possesion of this house. In fact you do not know how and when you are going to get the means to get this house.These when and how questions are not important at this point.

What is important is your desire, your willing and your wanting the thing. Life is your accomplice and sooner than later you will realize subtle changes in your attitude and mind which will eventually inspire you to act and behave in a such a way that you soon find yourself in the possession of a new home.

Humans fear because they belief that they are alone. They do not know that behind the impulsion to live this life that they have there is an infallible indomitable power capable of changing the destiny of all that have come to this realization.

You do not have to wait until tomorrow. You can declare right now: “Open Sesame!” to whatever issues that are bothersome to you. Take possession of the dynamic spark of your life. Do not allow others to configure for you what society calls the norm.

There is no norm in life except that of the creative power. And it does not ask that we worship it but simply to look within us and discover the inner well spring of all that it has abundantly provided to us.

Life loves and loves unconditionally. It’s only desire is to sustain you through its own intelligent designs so that in due time you will come to the perfect realization of your own glorious being as a child of the one power of all life.

Yours in total success,


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Time and your Total Success in Life

May 21st, 2012

You have been trained by popular culture to dissociate yourself from the natural cycles of life. And this is the reason for the feelings of despair and unhappiness that hangs over the head of the race as would a dark cloud.

It is possible to be genuinely happy irrespective of circumstance. And it is only when you can be happy irrespective of your station that you can claim to be a total success in this life.

Many seek the gains of the material world thinking that this alone is the gateway to paradise only to find at the end of their journey that it was all a waste of time. It is doubly hard for those who have sacrificed heart and soul for the promise of gold and silver for the pain and disillusionment is even greater.

It is this that led the the Nazarene to ask: what use is it to gain the world and loose your soul. And that man shall not live by bread alone.

Let me go back to the illusion of time for a moment here. All of life has been programmed to work through life cycles established by cosmic intelligence.

There is the sunrise and sunset, there is the full moon and the new moon and there is the revolution of the earth around the sun. These are natural cycles that has been programmed by creation. All living bodies in this world are configured to respect and abide by this natural rhythm of life if they are to find peace and harmony in their lives.

In other words, creation manifested itself here as days, moons and seasons for a reason. Now, most of us do not dance to this rhythm of life. We do not sleep when it is sundown and do not wake up when it is sunrise. We have created the week out of the time slot between sunrise and sunset which has now been programmed into your mind as a work week with a weekend to boot.

Within this natural rhythm of life rests the recuperative and restorative agents necessary to renew and regenerate life at every turn.There is a give and take pattern embedded in the system that allows life to sustain itself no matter what has happened.

Now, you are also under the influence of these cycles of life no matter what you think. Your life energies are being perpetually reconfigured and rebalanced as is necessary by the cosmic forces of life to sustain and nurture you in your journey no matter what has happened.

The problem is; not being aware of the invisible hand of life we feel and think we are alone. It is this feeling of aloness that creates despair in our lives. And in the depths of our despair it is easy for us to give up the fight and natural desire to align with the life force coursing through us. It is easy in such times to embrace the-anything-goes mentality.

Remember that you are not an accident. Life does not create accidents. Everything including you is in the grasp of a greater factor or force in this life. And this force is the force of love; a love of life for life’s sake and nothing else.

I say all this to say that you should hold fast and maintain your spiritual poise in the midst of the challenges of your life. Life is life. It does not depend on your station here below.

Times are hard and challenging, no one denies that. Do not despair for change is in the making. Life knows how to recharge and self rejuvenate despite all.

Seek instead to maintain the harmony of mind that is necessary to weather the storm sof your days. You will notice in due time that the challenges will begin to by themselves unravel.

It is not that you do nothing. It is simply that you act with the understanding that whatever challenges comes your way can be overcome not by frantically chasing the things away but by calmly reasserting your power over them.

Pull the curtain over the scenes of the life you do not want in your life. You may have failed but your are not a failure. Learn to differentiate your actions from you as the actor. Develop the poise and stamina necessary to weather the storm and you shall be alright after all.

Discern the illusion of time and its influence in your days. Know that there is a season for everything as was said in the old; And if your faith be strong as was foretold by the ancient prophets you can tell any mountain in your life to move and it shall be so.

And in the instance where it refuses to move you can indeed move away from it.

Anything that comes into your life will go out of your life if you do not want it there. You are not condemned to entertain situations and circumstances that are not in the realm of what you have dreamt of.

Do not be impatient, work within the cycles of your natural life. Take defeat or failure with the assurance that they too shall pass. Not because your are idly standing by; no, it is simply because you know that you have the power to create the change you desire and are willing to do so .

Here in lies your power. It is the reason you can sleep while the wind blows; for busy in the workshop of the upper rooms of your life all shall be well in due time.

Let time become your friend. There is enough to worry about as it is, there is no use complicating what is already complicated.

Yours in total success,


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Discover the Affirmative Power of Life

May 19th, 2012

It is my firm conviction that this life is complete and you are complete with it. All has been given to all in equal portion. It is up to you to draw down into your life the experiences that you desire.

This is not some ideal speculation that I present here. It is the ultimate truth of the true cosmic sciences. And as such I will not invite you to mentally dissect what I say but to try it. This way you will gain the experiential knowledge that is necessary to build your faith.

The world that you now experience is nothing but the pure reflection of the inner activities of us all. It is a cosmic congregate of all that we have managed to pull out from the invisible realms so far. There is more from where these come from.

You may not know that your life has not even started given the challenges you face. You are at all times given a fresh opportunity to begin again if you so choose; for you are the incarnation of the creative principle inherent in all life.

Some think it is easier to blame circumstances and other persons for their troubles. Others have been schooled to think that their lot will be changed for the better by the instrumentalization of an external power.

You were not created to be an idle partaker in the drama of life and living. You are configured to become aware, active and responsible for the life that courses through you. Doing otherwise opens the doors of the insufficiency that you experience.

Begin today to embrace the affirmative power of life that is you. You see, you cannot have or experience what you have not affirmed in your being. You will not experience the thing no matter how you have desired it. The sealing of the thing, the supreme act that will make the thing a reality in your life is by the affirming power of your true being.

This is because there are precise laws governing this creation called life. These laws are not the physical laws governing the physical world. I am referring here to the high spiritual laws of life.

There exist a cosmic configuration that will assist you in making real that which you have offered to the power through the empowered affirmations in your life.

So, here, when you want to experience a different circumstance in your life you must first begin to grasp the thing in your imaginative body. This way you become the thing in the invisible realms first. It is very important that you do this. It is the premise of faith and what is commonly called belief. You see, if you cannot see yourself in the designs of your desires they will not take hold no matter what happens.

The laws demand that you provide a receptacle for the thing to be released from the cosmic realms. And you create this receptacle by working your imaginative body. This has nothing to do with what your current circumstances are.

This active force of creation has little or no regards for what has already been created. Its field of action is in the undefined fields of providence.

Do not want to dwell on this too much. You must know that you owe it to yourself to carve a place foryourself though this cosmic this medium.

Start small. You will lose nothing except the fears and insecurities of  an uncertain life.

Find something that you really desire to experience. Do not limit yourself. Just make it a playful exercise. Assuming that your desires is for the good of the whole, begin to imagine that you are in the presence of this experience. Do so persistently despite the fact that it may all seem like a game of your imagination. Keep at it and you will be surprised sooner or later by the realization of the experience in your life.

It is the way life works. There is no other way as efficient as this. And it is the realization of this truth that is the rebirth that all who have life here seek; to be reborn into the glorious majesty of your supreme inheritance in life.

All of Christ’s healing for those of you who are Christians were based on this truth. The power behind the so called miracles was in the cosmic realms of the miracle recipients. It was simple as that. The Christ was nothing but the divine catalyst.

All he did was to provide the cosmic impulse that was neccessary to allow his followers to access their own supreme power.

It is why he said repeatedly that all he has done, you too can do. This was not empty talk, dear readers. Life is an equal opportunity affair. Release yourself from the bondage of ignorance and embrace the truth of life.

You are a sufficient being created and infinitely resourced by the gracious hands of providence now and forever.

The sublime power to change all and take possession of the land of your dreams rests squarely within you.

Yours in total success,


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The Hidden Wisdom of Change in your Life

May 18th, 2012

Use the energy of your disappointments in life as the fuel to propel you towards the direction you want to travel to. Do not mind that you are now being held back by the experiences you have.

It is the goal that you desire in life that matters not where you are. Others want to fail. In fact they act like failures and complain that they have not found the success they are looking for. They claim to be victims and hold themselves in the very conditions they wish to avoid by proclaiming and affirming the power of the obstacles they face over their desire to progress in life.

Realize that life is balanced and just at all times. The world is configured in this way to give all a fair chance at finding for themselves what works here below. The creator has little or nothing to do which what goes on. He has done his job and waits patiently for the cycle of the life he has given you to complete itself.

All has been given to all and the brave and courageous amongst you will find this truth for themselves. Do not believe my words try this out for yourself.You have a native mystic power which when activated can overcome all that stops you from being what has been decreed in your heart of hearts.

Open up yourself to the raw energies of the pain you face if pain there is in your life. Be honest to yourself. Open yourself to the feelings that courses through you; look at the circumstances in which you live under. Now, if you feel that you deserve better begin the upward motions that is necessary to lift you up and out of the predicaments you do not want.

Reach for the conditions that you want to experience. It is as simple as that. This is why the cosmic law of life is based on the fact that you will reap as you have sown. Nothing more,nothing less.

The bar of life is held high by the creative power so that you do not sell yourself short. Like a good coach, life knows your potential. It knows what you can accomplish with what you have. It will never let up. So stop brooding over spilled milk and brace up for a new day.

Aim high in life, aim higher that the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is why we welcome all the challenges that come in our lives. They serve to wake you and me up from our slumber. They are the stepping stones to the heights of our true destiny.

So, here are 4 tips to get you started on this journey:

1. Release yourself unto your dream.

Burst yourself loose. Go all out and embrace the dream, the energy of the thing that you have set your sight on. Do not hold back. In doing so you hold back the birth of the thing that you carry in you.

2. Maintain your poise.

Practise the calm silence and assurance of one who is in the know of the workings of life. Such self confidence and assurance has a way of helping you defeat the feeble energies of the things you do not want in your life.

3. Act only when needed.

Conserve your energy as much as possible. It is ipmortant to build a mental store of pure undefiled power from which to pull in times of troubles and challenges. Talk less if you can. Honor the silence in you and do not get involved into the  petty talk and slander that is so common today.

4. Give thanks upon waking everyday.

You set a positive tone for your day by creating a vortex of gratitude which is offered to the life. Even the birds know this, that is why their first mutterings in the day is always a song of gratitude sung to the power from which all things come.

We all have a native and unique mystic imprint which is there for our succour and solace in the face of our challenges and difficulties in this life. It is there, just as you have eyes to see and ears for hearing. Our difficulties gain the upper hand when we do not actualize this power.

Rest unperturbed, dear reader, in the assurance that all that you seek is already in existence. Maintain an unruffled countenance no matter the menacing threats of your troubles. Don’t mind how big or monstrous or frightening they seem to be.

Work needs to be done only in the inner sanctuary of your life and here you have the power to mould and shape the experiences you desire for yourself. Do so and unleash them unto this realm of time and matter and you will experience first hand the miraculous power that is hidden within us all.

Yours in total success,


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Take Heart and Overcome the Fears in Your Life

May 16th, 2012

Open your heart for the power of life to come tumbling through. There is no reason to fear for you are in essence an immortal entity. Hold on tight, you are of like nature to the power that started this experience called life. It is easy to give in to the power of fear.  And this is how you loose your humanhood. You loose the flow of the power that is ever so present.

Hold your head up high no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Do not fear life, not even that thing called death. Respect all. In doing so you honor the power that is in them and in you too; not the power of titles and human prowess but the power behind the breath of the life that is in them.

The weak and unlearned will seek to frighten you by the indiscriminate display of what they deem as true power. They will flash their material possessions and such to intimidate and dominate you. And when dominated you become easy prey for their sadistic games.

This is an ancient trick that is used even by those of the other realms of life. The idea is to break your psychic shield and thus suck you into a vortex of energy and power which they control.

You must strive to be your own person and unconditionally negotiate your life on your own terms. You see, you are like a log of burning wood on a furnace fire. You do count and you are part of the great fire that warms up the house. Do not allow another to take away the light that burns through you.

I write this because this world is presently going through a rough patch on its journey and we have all been jolted away from our comfort zones. As we struggle to get comfortable again it is easy for the weak to fall prey to the unsettling schemes of those whose hearts are filled with the ploys of darkness. Be on the look out.

You belong to none other but the one who created you. That is why all great religions and schools of faith teach that we must honor the one and only one, whatever that is for you. And why the Christian’s bible advocate that their God is a jealous God.

Now, so what is the falsity that you must watch against:

It is simply not to worship matter of any sought but to honor the indomitable power of the spirit which is in you. Don’t buy into the false humility that is often paraded by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. True love and humility does not seek to sell itself. It is in itself sufficient for it is sustained not by the wimps of mere mortals but by the unstoppable divine breath of the creator itself.

Dust off the sediments of the past that has taken over your spiritual room and sweep with a broad broom. The past is not alive except you give it the power to have existence in your life. And the future does not exist except what you call into your experience through the infallible support of your spiritual power.

So, take heart dear one. Stand firm as the wind blows, be steadfast despite the troubles. This our earth was not a perfect creation for a reason. With time you will discover the sublime and subtle spread of love that is ever at your beck and call and you shall be whole again.

Love is divine because you are divine. It is why you will never find true peace and happiness in the things of this world. For the plan is for you come to your original state again; a state of supreme joy and peace in the knowledge that all is well with you.

All is well despite the fright of matter that is daily paraded in the public sphere. You, the chosen one must never give in to the rule of matter in whatever form it manifests. Know once and for all that you were born to become an overcomer of all things material and immaterial.

Your pain is your gift. Do not shy away from your tears. For they are the holy waters of the love of the creator that cleanses all. Hold on to the rod of your faith in these times and all shall be well again in no time.

Yours in total success,


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The Secret Revolution

May 2nd, 2012

If you have been following the recent events of the world, you would have noticed that these are  times of great trials and challenges. It is as if the world is undergoing a profound revolution in itself. And yet we carry on as if nothing has changed.

The foundations of the house that was built in the past is beyond it’s prime. These times call for a new infusion of power from all that have life here.

It is easy to claim victimhood; after all there are a thousand reasons to define yourself as such.You must in this time indentify yourself as a solutions provider and not an effect of a system gone stale.

Those who envisioned and created this system did not know any better. They of course did their best and rationalised their decisions based on the dictates of their conscience. So, no offense here. The fact is, the truth of life will always have the last say in what gives here and beyond.

Today, we are in the last throes of a decadent system which needs a clean sweep in all its ways. Life knows it is hard for our minds to accept that we have erred. It knows that our minds are prone to resist if it is pronounced overtly that we have erred.

This is why it allows time to bring us face to face with the effects we have created so that we, in our judgement, will find no other defence than to shift course or perish.

More than half of the Euro Zone countries are under a persistent double digit unemployment rate. The Chinese economy, once the hope of a new economy has slowed down considerably and continues to do so.The US is in the midst of a very sluggish recovery that flatters none.

Life on earth it would seem is threatened. Our survival is at stake. In other times, such circumstances would have been the hot coals with which the cities would have been burnt down.

We live in a different time and we have certainly matured in our approach to change, but the challenge is ever present.

You must do your part in this new world that is beginning to form infront of your eyes. Future generations will look with awe at the challenges that we as a generation are confronting today.

It is easy to look upon your troubles and say you do not have the time for what is going on in the world. But the world is you and all that you do becomes part of the DNA of this our great blue planet.

So, how do you proceed from here? Here are a few pointers to get you going if need be:

1. Do things differently.

You cannot walk the same path that is leading to no where. Find a different path and walk it. You cannot afford to tinker with these challenges using the tools and the craftsmanship of a time gone by.

2. Adopt a daring spirit.

Suffering and pain is not a virtue. You must not accept the norms if they are not working for you. Challenge them first in your minds and then in their various manifestations.

3. Be grateful.

Know that you are stewards of a new order in the making. Take pride in having been birthed into a time like this. This is because all that we face in life has a flip side that is a pure gift to us. Be glad now that you face the the challenges, for as sure as the sun will shine, you will see at the dawn of your night a new sun of life and progress at your doorsteps.

4. Assume responsibility for your livelihood.

The power of man to fend for himself and family is indeed a noble task. It gives meaning to an otherwise empty life. In doing so you are doing the work of life in perpetuating creation. Life will see you through. It cannot do otherwise for it needs you just as you need it.

The answers are already here with us. The horses have already left the barn. In your own little corner of this globe do all in your power to contribute your mite to the great forces churning in the cosmic realm of the unseen.

Remember that life needs you just as much as you need it. It can only work through us and nothing else. The challenges we face though seemingly insurmountable are nothing but a child’s play in the eyes of the creator of all things.

Go into your daily routines enamored with the faith and knowledge that you have been covered by the forces of good; front, back and center. Do all to challenge what gives and do so with the understanding that you are a creative agent of this life and that all circumstances must respond to the sacred wishes you have implanted in your mind.

Do not doubt the process. Let life vindicate you. It will. It’ s passion is to exhort the prayers of those that believe and have absolute faith in it. It revels in the bold actions of the ones who act out of the faith and understanding of it’s power.

Go ye forth and multiply….abundance is the creator’s promise for one and all.

You are part of the sacred circle of this life. It depends on you as much as you depend on it. All must be balanced.

Yours in total success,


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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