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Winning from Within

March 31st, 2012

You win from within. Most people look out on to their circumstances to win. They say, if I was this and that or had this or that happened to me, I would have won.They place the power to achieve their dreams beyond their reach and wonder why things are not the way they want.

The battle of life is fought from within not here in the play fields of your circumstances. Your power, the power in you is the power of all that is in life. It is within you.

Challenge your circumstances if you do not want them. Do not accept the dictates of your circumstances if you are not OK with them. You do not have to accept them.

Life is a war. I do not know where the idea that this earth is a peaceful place came from. We are in the battlefield of the spiritual currents powering this universe. You cannot afford to be passive or pacifist with what gives in your life.

To win here you have to become a warrior. Wage the war to survive and you will know true peace. Not the fragile peace of those who have linked their destiny to the influence of their circumstances. You will experience the peace of the holy warriors who live and die by the precept that the power within them is greater than the power of the circumstances in which they experience life.

Your circumstances, those that you do not want will not change unless a deliberate effort on your part is consistently made to overcome them. This is what differentiates the winners from the losers in life.

Go within anyway you know how. It is from here that the forces that shape the outcomes of your life are birthed.

The good news is that you are in charge of this inner space of your life. At least you are designed to be in charge, if nothing else.

So here, start from within. Start now with what you have, where you are. Don’t say, I will start tommorrow when the sun comes up for example. Start now, in the play fields of your inner garden, begin to design what it is that you wish to experience here.

Start now, create the energy streams of what you desire. You do not have to have the thing to feel its energetic pulse. Call forth the feeling of the thing and start the art of creating the thing in your life.

This is in fact why we have come to this earth. It is all so that we can again learn to master the art of creating for ourselves what it is that we need from the cosmic film of life surrounding us at all times.

Wavering and floating aimlessly in the universal currents of life not knowing where to turn is the height of an unconscious life.

You are created from the very substance that powers all life. This is a self evident truth. Why we have refused to acknowledge this fact in the conduct of our lives is beyond my understanding.

Life will not be satisfied until all its creatures have taken their rightful place in the scheme of things. And this includes you my friend. You cannot escape from life.

We are all condemned to come face to face sooner or later with the majestic power that runs within us.

The wise will rush to meet this force while the untrained sits ideally by, in the hope that something is going to change in his circumstances to make his miseries go away.

This is a folly to be avoided at all cost. You win from within.

Yours in total success,


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Truth or Consequences

March 30th, 2012

I found out very recently that Truth or Consequences is a name of a city in New Mexico in the United States of America. This struck me as very instructively funny. I liked the name instantly.

It dawned on me that this name was the shortest and the most apt description of life I have seen so far. What is captured in these three words is the essence of life. It has the potential of setting you free if you can catch the spiritual power behind it.

The truth can indeed set you free. And here it is. The breath of life that sustains you comes from the everlasting fountain of life. This power is infallible in operation and it has formed you into being for a purpose.

The truth is that you must restore yourself spiritually by becoming one with this life giving power of your life. Nothing can take the place of this power for you and it was with you from the beginning of time and it will always be with you to the end of times.

Now, this is the ultimate truth of life; Whether you accept this or not is a different matter altogether. And no one has the right to force you to accept this view point. That is not the way life works.

You are free to move at your own pace. But life has a way of making sure that you stay on track. It has its own way of nudging you forward spiritually so to speak. It does so by the consequences you reap in life.

In other words you will reap as you sow; that is, your freedom to do what you choose can only be limited by the consequences you reap in your life.

If you live out of a life of lies and deceit,you will reap the consequences of lies and deceit. If you live a life of thruth you will reap the fruits of thruth. It is as simple as that.

No power can placate this smooth operation of the laws of life. It works like clockwork to keep all in balance.

Give up your fears and insecurities into the waiting hands of life. Turn your face towards the eternal light of life and you will find true power, peace and love. You have already been provided for. Let go and see what will happen.

And nothing will happen for you will fall into the waiting hands of life, which has been with you through thick and thin since the beginning.

You are  now alive becuase  you are under its benedictions and benevolence.  And so will it be till the end of time.

Yours in total success,


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How to Negotiate the Unknowns in Your Life

March 29th, 2012

Between where you are now in life and where you desire to be is a void-a cosmic space which must be conquered if you want to achieve your desires. It is this space that frightens all who have decided to experiences different circumstances in their lives.

It is this space that will discourage you into taking risks in life. It forces you to compromise with what gives in your life even if you are not so happy with them. It is in this space that many who do not have the courage and fortitude of spirit to push through perish.

This cosmic void, this gap is the challenge that life has put in place to test your mettle. There is no other way for life to open its bounty in fairness to all than to institute this gap. So that those who are truly deserving can indeed challenge this void and come into the presence of the things of their desire.

Now, let me say here that this gap can be scaled. In fact it is meant to be tamed by you. But to do so, you must tap into the power that is within you to overcome the fright that will surely engulf you in your journey.

You see, the gap frightens you because it is unknown territory in your mind. Your mind which serves as your GPS of sorts cannot find its way through this gap simply because it is unmapped.

If you become familiar with this space the fright and fear that you feel will leave you alone. You will become comfortable in all respects within this void.

This is why people are risk averse. They want the goods but do not have the guts to go after them. There is nothing that shouts cowardice than this here.

Now, here are a few pointers to help you negotiate this void in your life. All things are within reach if you can muster the courage to go through the cosmic void. All things, without exception:

1. Be committed to your goal.

Your commitment to your goal is the exertion of your will over the thing you have set your eyes on.

2. Be flexible on ways to achieve the goal.

It is the result which is your focus and not how you get there that is important.

3. Exercise Patience.

You do not have to rush the process. It is a journey, build the stamina needed for the journey. This will give you the poise needed to push through the obstacles you face in life.

4. Be prepared to fail.

The fear of failure is what is the weak’s undoing. It is not that failure is good. It is just that if you are afriad to fail you will be frozen into inaction. Action is what is needed to move you forward.

5. See yourself in the picture of what you desire.

The idea here is to become mentally familiar with the imaginative terrain of where you intend to be. Doing this enables you to create a buffer for those times when it would seem impossible to be what you have desired to be.

6. Do not Judge yourself or your efforts.

There will be plenty of time to look back after the fact. Your focus now should be to move forward. Self judgments are usually negative in the face of challenges and this is suicidal to your ultimate goal of achieving your desires.

7. Plan your next steps.

Be deliberate. Do what you can, with what you have, where you are, no matter how small or insignificant this may be. Do this exceedingly well and repeat the process.

Do not be afraid in life. Fear is nothing but the anticipation of failure or rejection. It is human and normal to feel the fear. What is not normal is to allow this fear to overcome you and the impulse to move ahead in life.

All forward movement and progress in life comes when the forces of inertia holding you back have been overcome by the forward moving forces that you can conjure from within. This is is the eternal battle of all that have life.

Are the forces undergirding your circumstances greater than the forces behind your desires and impulsion to move forward?

You decide. You have the right to.

Yours in total success


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The Power of Being

March 25th, 2012

This universe is controlled by laws which cannot be bent by your supplications alone. Life has fitted you out with all that is required to succeed. The great design is infallible. All that can ever happen to you in your life was foreseen by your creator. It designed you with this in mind.

Now, left upon the play fields of life, the common man has been thought to seek his answers to his challenges from up in the skies. This is not only insane but malicious to say the least. The promoters of such a philosophy are not being honest or are down right ignorant of the great cosmic plan of life.

You are not without power. You are a mini god so to speak. You came to this world fully cloaked with the potential to attain the full glory of your destiny. This divine manifestation of who you are comes to full life at birth.

With the first gulp of oxygen that is breathed into your lungs your life begins its journey; self contained, the seed of all that you can be was planted long before your birth.

As an infant you cried for your mother’s milk at every turn but as an adult you are required to fend for yourself. And you will never be left alone in this venture. The universe is configured in such a way that help is ready when needed by those who deserve it. That is why it is said “Heaven helps those that help themselves.”

How do you help yourself is the question. You help yourself by exercising your right to be. It is a divine right. You have a right to be. Exercise your power of being.

In other words, create the world that you desire first in your mind and imagination and inhabit that world. Be in that world. A lot of people have relinquished this their unique right from the creator for the manufactured secondary creation of their circumstantial realities.

Instead of creating their world realities through their beingness, they have allowed their circumstances, be they what they are, to create their world realities.

If you ask such a one how he is doing, for example, he will rush to say: times are hard or something to that effect. In other words, he is validating the power of his circumstances over the power of his being.

And if you push him a little further, he will tell you that he is going to pray to make things better for him. I am not knocking down the goodness of prayer. But you see, such a one can pray all he wants and there will be no change in his affairs; because he has already accepted the supremacy of his circumstances over his being.

This is the problem of modern man. Despite the advances of science, we still have not yet understood that man is the primary engine of change in the universe. Yes you are!!!

Be, before all else. Define and realize what it is that you need to manifest in your life. Forget the dead energies of the circumstances in which you have life. They have no power except that which you lend to them.

You see, you have been told that what you see is the truth. This a lie. That is not true. What you see is the outcome of the inner activities of those concerned. In other words your inner activity is the truth not what you see.

And your inner activity is the activity of your being. You think, you imagine, you visualize and just like that, your system begins to associate and unify with the energetic impulses that comes from these your activities.

And as these begin to harmonize with your biochemical set up, your brain begins to pick up energetic signals that are transferred to it through your subconscience. It is this activity that triggers the dissatisfaction that is the precursor of change and the birth place of faith in your life.

And once a longing for a better tomorrow is thus injected into your heart, your whole being will move in accordance with strict laws of the universe to create this reality sooner or later.

This is the way the world works. It is not prayer alone. There is an exact science to the thing and it this which led the ancient prophets to cry out in despair  ” My people perish for the lack of knowledge.”

This knowledge is in you. If anything pray that this secret knowledge be revealed to you; not given to you. No, pray that it be revealed unto you, for it is already in you.You are a heir to the divine heritage of all life.

Come and claim your place in your father’s mansion. There are many rooms in there and a place has already been prepared for you!  Be it, whatever it is for you!

Yours in total success,


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How to Tap into The Power of Your Inner Sight

March 22nd, 2012

All that happens in your life follows the energetic contours of an image that is held by you. In other words you are the one who is responsible for supplying the power needed to sustain the experiences you are now living through.

This may seem surprising to many but it is the truth all the same. You are the life line of all that happens in your life. The image that is held in the alter of your inner sanctum is what is revealed to you in your daily life. This is because you are a creative entity. You were not designed to be passive in life. You are configured to be creative in life. You are an organic divine entity, full of vigor and the cosmic energy to remake your world at will.

You have often heard it said that a people without a vision shall perish and this is an organic truth. You see your vision with the inner sight. The eyes of your power is your inner sight.

You see, you have physical eyes to see and find your way around the world of physical things. But in the realm of invisible things you will not be able to see with your physical eyes. That is why the untrained live in fear. They are working only with the physical eyes and when they do not see what they want in their present experience they say it is not there. They limit their reality to what the physical eyes can see.

This is wrong, and this is why there is so much suffering in the world today. All things that you see around you today were pulled from the invisible realm by the creative actions of the creative and and daring among us.

To succeed in all you do you must go within through whatever means possible and make contact with the power center of your life. Go in there where no one has the right to enter and begin to formulate for yourself what is you desire to entertain in your life. This is where work needs to be done.

As you begin to take control of your inner space so to speak you will begin to realize a certain order in your outer affairs. Do not stop after a few attempts at this. Dig deeper into the very core of who you are and once in there make sure you are identifying yourself with who you want yourself to be.

Here are a few tips to help you begin to discover the power of your inner sight:

1. Forgive all.

Blame none for your predicaments in life. This is crucial, for it allows you to begin the journey back to to the land of your complete innocence. Do not be concerned about the moral leanings of your society. Blame none, not even yourself for what has happened.

2. Reserve your right to think.

This is a basic right freely given to all human beings. The right to think is inalienable. No one can take it from you except you decide to give it away. Never let anything worth considering pass through you without undergoing the rigor of your thought process. This faculty was put in you for reason. Use it.

3. Embrace dissent.

It will be a dull life if everyone agreed with everyone. Life will be a dull expression of human vitality at best. Healthy disagreements are necessary for ideas to flourish. And good ideas run the world. It is necessary that you question the things that affect you until proven otherwise. Do not shy away from having contrary view points or being the odd one in the group. Life flourishes on the potpourri of ideas and diverse view points coming from the brains of its creation.

4. Reserve your right to self expression.

This goes without saying, it is essential that you embrace the fact that you can fully express yourself without fear. Self expression is vital to your survival here on earth. All in all make sure that the picture that is being outed is sourced from the inner core of your life.

5. Protect your inner space.

If you do not tend to the inner room of your life it will be overrun by intrusive forces which you may have little or no control over. There is no vacuum in nature. So pre populate this space with the ideals and designs of your heart and all will be well. Do this daily and stay alert at all times if you can and you will come to a full control of the energetic impulses of your inner room.

Life is a manifesto of freedom. You are free and it is free flowing towards you and all who are willing to recieve. Do nothing; for you are already in the presence.

All in all you need is to give direction to this free flowing energy of life. You can only do this by allowing it to fill  the moulds of the image that you have created from within and it will be so.

If you take a moment and begin to implement these factors in your life you will begin to experience a strong desire for self authentification. Be glad when this happens. It is normal to feel this way and do not shy away from it.

There is nothing that makes the inner you as happy as when it realizes that you have finally understood that it is the other side of you, without which it can not fully be complete in itself.

Yours in total success,


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Become an undertaker and Change your life

March 19th, 2012

A lot of people live boring, normal and conformist lives. They walk the earth as if it is a mine field. They simply do not want to upset the status quo. They are conformists.

Now, there is nothing wrong with conforming if you are happy with what gives in your life. But if you are not happy or content with what is happening, then the issues affecting your station in life deserve to be reexamined. If what gives in your life does not sit well with your personal aspirations you have the divinely ordained right to question it.

You were not born to be force fed by the circumstances you find yourself in. One of the basic forces that moves the universe is the force of freedom. You are free to decide for yourself what it is that you want to experience. This is a sacred right.

If the environment in which you find yourself does not support your aspiration then change it. And the heavens and all other forces in life, seen and unseen will go to battle with you.

I am not asking that you reap from the fields that did not benefit from your sowings. All I am saying is that, within reason and common sense, there is a basic right that is available to you at all times and that is to impact that which is impacting you.

Most are conditioned in this life to not think for themselves. They have been cultured to go along the paths that have been created and marketed by the status quo. Again nothing is wrong with going with the crowd provided it is working for you.

But if for any reason you think or believe that you deserve better than what currently gives in your life, by all means go for it. Step out into the wild unknown, knowing that you can pull out the thing that your heart secretly yearns for.

So, here are a few pointers to help you become an undertaker in your life and succeed in creating for yourself that which you desire:

1. Shake things up.

Never settle for normalcy. Develop a habit of shaking things up. Life loves routines and it is this that is our downfall. Do not settle for what has been done before. See if it can be done another way.

2. Be a risk taker.

All winners know the joy of having taken the risk and won. It is a lonely trail but one that will always lead to a honeycomb of joy and success. It is easy to follow the so called safe and tried routines of your days. And it is this comfort which is your undoing.

3. Have a pioneering spirit.

The status quo did not just drop from the sky, what you see around you is the invention and creations of people like you who through time have dared to challenge the way things are. They create and are maintaining the show so to speak.

Now, I am not advocating that you become a trouble maker, but if you have issues with the road everyone is travelling on may be it is time for you to try something else. Chart a different course.

We are all in this game of life together. And together we all have the responsibility of figuring out what works, first for ourselves and may be for all others. This is how the race has progressed through time. Throughout history most of what was erroneously held as truth have always fell through under the keen observation of the inquiring minds of the creative and pioneering spirits amongst us.

Life relies on us to do the heavy lifting that is necessary to move the race forward. If all injustices of the past were not challenged by the ideals of the brave souls that walked this earth before us, life would have still been the mess it was a hundred years ago.

And it is even so today; what is going to happen tommorrow will depend on the goodwill and adventurous enterprises undertaken by men and women who are not satified by the way things are.

Life waits and has nothing to say in this matter except to validate and amplify that which you have agreed directly or indirectly to be your realty.

What do you want this reality to be? Go for it, whatever it is for you. It is never too late. And don’t give up in the face of the obstructionists; they serve no other than the power of inertia.

This power can never overcome the ever forward moving, active, dynamic, and progressive forces of eternal good that drives you.

Try it for yourself.

Yours in total success,


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Call Out your Destiny in Life

March 18th, 2012

Each has a name for himself that is known only to him. If he has failed in life it is because he has called out failure. Notice I did not say that he caused it. He called it out instead. He called failure into his being.

If a man has succeeded in his life it is because he has called out success.What we experience in life is what we call into our existence.

This is the trick of the ages. Your reality is nothing but the outing of the energetic impulses that are most active within you. Nothing can be done to change your condition without changing your energetic impulses.

Life is intransigent in this regard. Now, how does this apply to you? If you are faced with a challenge or difficult task you can choose to affront and overcome the challenge or you can give up in despair.

Most humans do not seek to affront the challenges they face,they give up in despair seeking to blame their conditions on whatever seems appropriate for them.

Life can be overbearing at times, we know that; but if you affront the challenge and commit to overcoming it you will become victorious in no time. This is because challenges are nothing but a manifestation of disharmony with what gives in our lives and what we want.

And so to bring everything back into balance all we have to do is to do all in our power to make sure that what we are experiencing is in harmony with what we want.

All who have life here below will at one time or another go through this test in their lives. How they manage this process is a of course a testament to how far they have come in recognizing the power which lies within them.

Now, here are a couple of pointers to help you call out your destiny in this life:

1.Do not be ashamed of your past.

If you do so you will become anxious and unsure about your present and certainly will become afraid of the future.

2. Swim upstream into the head waters of life.

Do not be content with what society has preprogrammed for you. Customize your life by going to the source of the thing that moves you.

3. Live from the heart.

You will not survive long enough if you dwell not within the throbbing heart of your life. Let all be dictated to you through your inner core.

4. Raise up your offering to the power that gave you life.

Bless all and bless the power from whence you came. It is easy to take it fro granted that you are alive. But there is a power that is responsible for putting you together. Give thanks and praise as often as you can.

When you are in despair call upon the name of the one who created you. Call his name in earnest even as you cannot see him. He will answer you, for his charge is to keep you safe from the hands of the wicked as you go through this wilderness of life.

Ask him to show his face; challenge him to reveal his majesty onto your enemies and knock and the door shall be opened.You are a flame of the supreme power of life. No one can put out this fire that is in you.

This is the same scenario that happened to Christ at the ninth hour on the cross when he cried out:”Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani” - “My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me?” This was a cry of despair. It was also a cry of hope and a very powerful prayer in and of itself.

And I think it followed that, after he cried this prayer, he quickly said it is finished and took the last breath of his life and gave up the ghost.

Let me just say here that his call was answered and when he said that “it is finished” it was indeed confirmation that his suffering had ended.

You too who is alive today can conjure the power of life in your moments of challenge and rest assured that it will be answered in quick succession. And you can comfortably say it is finished too when the request is fulfilled.

The power of life does not hide itself from you. In fact it wants you to know it and to live your life knowing that it has your back.This is why you have challenges. They help us grow in faith and spiritual maturity. They will help you to come into a fuller realization of the power in you through which all that you desire will come to be.

Shout out your battle cry if need be. There is one in each of us to help us rally the forces of the seen and unseen to do our bidding, for we are made out of the image of the omnipotent father of all creation.

You sure can do better in your life, do not be bitter about what has transpired. It doesn’t matter. Pick up the pieces of what is left and seek the alliance of the one who sent you here. With time you will emerge victorious.

Not because of your might and power but because of the might and power of the one who gave you the breadth of this life.

Yours in total success,


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Overcome the Fear of Death

March 17th, 2012

Most of us are afraid to die. In other words we have not accepted the reality in which we live in. This is psychotic and is the reason for the imbalance and disharmony that many feel in their lives today.

To be happy and live a life of meaning and purpose, it is essential to come to terms with death as a part of the equation of life. This realization will refresh your spiritual countenance and thus allow you to have a fuller experience in this your journey on earth.

Suffice to say here that you have been dead before. It was not a bad experience, that is why you are here now, alive. Have you ever asked yourself the question of where you were before you were born? If not, go ahead and ask yourself this question sincerely.

The reason I say this is because you came from the land of the dead. Death should not be a surprise to you for you were reborn from the land of the dead so to speak.

The ignorance sorrounding what happens after death is the cause for much unhappiness in life today. The concepts of heaven and hell created and sold for mass consumption has done more harm than good in the lives of men.

The first thing of course is to note that you do not die. The process that is called death is the shedding of the outer shell or casing of the spirit essence that you are. This cannot die. You are eternal.

I understand this post is a little off the mark. The reason I dwelled on this today is because the fear of death is the mother of all the other fears in life and it is this which is stopping you from being all that you can now in this life.

You were born to die. It is as simple as that. Now,whilst you have life, find a way to make it meaningful and filled with purpose. Let your time here count for something.

The desire to preserve physical life and prolong our days on earth is laudable, but since nature will always have its way, we may as well go with the natural pull by obeying the call to return when the time arrives.

All the other species of life on the earth have seemingly accepted this fact of life. The trees, the birds, animals and so forth are not afraid to die. It is us that still have a problem with this even though no one has overcome the cycle of birth and death in this life.

Wake up each day knowing that it certainly is a bonus and use this time to do your chores with a grateful heart.

You will get happier everyday despite your troubles when you practise this. Health professionals will tell you that people who are near the end of their lives become happier and more peaceful as if a certain spell has been cast upon them. And this is because they have finally accepted the eternal truth of their lives.

Do yourself a favor and challenge the fear of death that has cast a cloud of powerlessness over your life. Do all in your power to live a just and balanced life. Judge none, and be open to all. You will become happier with time and soon realize the great folly of life here on earth.

Life is love, all of your life is in the hands of the creative vortex of THE GREAT DESIGN.

You were born for the experience and nothing else; that is why you take nothing on your way out just as you brought nothing on your way in.

Yours in total success,


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The Inner Controller-A Pathway to Your Total Success in Life

March 13th, 2012

A lot of people think that life is unjust. They blame their circumstances for keeping them in the same circumstances that they do not want. They say for example, I am poor because I do not have enough money. Or they say I am sick because of so and so disease. This is madness in all honesty.

You cannot get out of the predicament you are suffering from by constantly affirming its power over your life.

If you are poor, agree that you are poor and do something different if you want to avoid poverty. In other words the circumstance you are in is just a given situation in time. It is not meant to be permanent unless you wish it so.

You see, there is an inner controller in all of us. This power determines what we experience in life. It is not that the power refuses to give to you what you want. It is simply that the power allows you to have only what you have claimed to be yours from within .

This power does not argue with you. It only records and executes faithfully all that is filtered into it.

What you believe is what is stored in the chambers of the inner controller and your belief is a powerful thing indeed. Through your belief you assume things to be true in your life.Whether they are objectively true or not is not the point. It is this your ability to subjectively realize the things which you desire which is the bedrock of your power.

For example, you can belief that you are a wealthy man. With this belief the inner controller will identify wealth as part of your makeup so to speak. In other words it accepts the fact that you can be wealthy.

Now, if you say for example, that you are sickly and unwell all the time, what will happen is, the controller  will completely identify you with sickness and disease. And so with time will make sure nothing happens in your life which goes against the grain of sickness and disease.

As you belief, your inner controller will adjust itself to make sure that only that which has been believed can be reproduced in your life.

Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will happen in your life that has not been first vetted and accepted by the inner controller of your life.

You can win a million dollars or inherit 10 million dollars today but as sure as the sun will shine tomorrow you will not be able to keep the money if your inner controller has not been conditioned by you to accept wealth.

Governments or friends and family will or may do all they want to elevate your station in life but if you are not conditioned by your inner controller for the elevated state they are pushing you to, they will fail.

This is why it is extremely important to cultivate a culture of success in your life. Heaven helps those who help themselves you have been told before.

If you want to change the direction of your life start by conditioning the inner controller of your life to accept the idea of the change you want to implement.

You do not have to have the thing desired for the inner controller to go into action. No. All you need to do is to begin to act as if you are that which you have desired to be and become.

I think it was Napoleon  who said and I quote: “imagination controls the world”

And I think Einstein also said something to the effect that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Now, all they are saying is that if you begin to imagine that you are that which you have decreed yourself to be, life will validate the experience for you. In other words if you imagine it long and strong enough, the inner controller will assume it is true and eventually bring it to pass.

I don’t want to dwell too much on this. The entire premise of the healings of Christ was based on this modus operandi. And you can research this for yourself if you have the time and interest.

Now, here is the trick: do not back down from desiring what you do not have becuase you do not have it. It is meant to be this way so that the creative genuis which is latent in you and all human beings can be activated.

In other words, if you are in difficult circumstances do not back down under the presumed weight of your difficulties. That will be tantamount to spiritual treason. Seek higher ground, first in your imagination and then in your actions. Take this challenge to task and proof once and for all to yourself that you are not powerless.

It is said that it is not what is achieved that shows the might of a man but what he had to overcome in the process.

Life does not lie. Do not despair in the face of challenges. In times of great challenges and struggle a rare window of opportunity is always created for man to free himself from the tyranny of matter.

Use what you have, where you are, to get to where you want to be. Life expands, it moves perpetually towards the advancement of all life. You are part of this universal forward current of life.

You cannot fail. You were not designed and crafted to fail. Life is an intelligent and self sustaining mechanism. It needs nothing from you but the self realization that comes with knowing that you are your own maker.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Your Calling in Life

March 11th, 2012

Answer the call of your life and succeed in all you do.

Success in life should not be a mystery. You are wired to succeed. Do not let the results you have accomplished this far stop you if you are not satisfied.

What you have is not as important as who you are. In other words, your state of mind is more important that the circumstances in which you have life. And your state of mind is an infinite resource, which means all things are within your reach if you apply yourself to the task at hand.

The untrained amongst you seek the failure of those who have tasted the sweet nectar of success. You see, they seek to bring them down because they cannot stand the reality of the fact that these have harnessed or tapped into the power to succeed in life. This, you must avoid for it will bring more harm than good to your life.

Bow before those who have excelled in the secret craft of carving for themselves a place under the sun. It is not to their human self that you bow. You bow in reverence of the power that is manifested in their life. In so doing you are acknowledging the verity contained in their lives. And what is true of them is true of you too, for you are all made of the same primal essence of life.

Help those who are in the throes of self knowledge and growth. Encourage those who are in the struggle to free themselves from the tyranny of deceit in life. Become an apostle for the growth and good of all life and you too shall find success in all you do. The hand that feeds will not be left unfed.

We all have the power of life in us. Your everyday is nothing but a time credit of 24 hours placed at your disposal by the unconditional mercies of the creator. Use this time credit wisely. Use it the best way you know how to further the life in you and the society you live in.

The everlasting fount of the great provider is at your disposal. It is at your beck and call. Do not worry if you do not now have. It does not mean a thing not to have. Just be clear enough on what you want and commit to it.

And then with the everlasting resource of time on your side, challenge life, the great provider to make real the thing you have decided to create here below. It is that simple. You do your part and life does its part.

You do your part by acting in such a way that you are in alignement with your goals. And life will reconfigure itself, interfacing with you in such a way as to validate the goals you have impressed on it. Let no one tell you otherwise.

For example, you may desire to become a great pianist although you do not have any skills. Do not expect life to create a pianist out of you without your input. You can take piano lessons and do all the things that is neccessary to play the piano. You must do those things and as you do them life will begin to help you in the process in ways only you can discern for yourself.

Success in whatever you desire is within the reach of all who are bold enough to get off the trodden path of their routines.

Be consistent with your efforts and keep the flames of the passion of your desire burning. And with time you will see marked changes in who you are now and who you were before. And that is all there is to life. You are the one you have been waiting for.

Life is fair to all. Everyone has his moment, star and day in the cosmic scheme of things.

Flee from hate, mischief, jealousy, spite and anger as much as you can. Do not bury your visions or the dreams of your heart. Vow to bring these to pass and it will be so. Each man has his work cut out for him at birth. No other can do this for you. And you have been cosmically outfitted for this purpose.

You will never find the peace and freedom you desire unless you buckle down to the tasks of your life. Own the secret song in your heart and you will at last breathe in the rarefied air of true success in life.

Life is waiting for you; willing to assist you in answering the true calling of your soul. It does not waste itself and it will not allow you to waste yourself, for you and it are one. Time is of the essence.

Yours in total success,


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