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Embrace your Authentic Self and Succeed in All You Do.

February 29th, 2012

A lot of people are followers. They are happy to let others lead. They aimlessly walk through life looking for a path that has been created by another. And then they wonder why life is drab and boring for them.

These do not know that they too are pioneers. They do not know that the road to their wholesome success must come from within them.

A large swath of the human race lives in the continent of Africa for example. And for ages they have abandoned their native ingenuity to follow the path of another. And these people have suffered. Not because providence has refused to provide but because they have refused to receive.

Life cannot be fooled. The recipe for a total and wholesome success in life is clear. You must first accept who you are and embrace the unique expression of life as it flows through you.

This is because you are unique and exceptional. Life is not in the game of creating duplicates. All of life is meant to serve you. The sun, the seas, the mountains and the valleys and all other things seen and unseen are for the advancement of man.

The life giving forces of life flows towards you at all times. Its mission is to invigorate you, to nurture you and protect you. Nothing can harm you, for you are a product of the very essence of life. And life cannot be harmed.

All that is required of you is to open up and create pathways for these forces to flow through.These pathways are responsible for the nature of the life you experience here on earth.

If you create or open up pathways of prosperity, you will prosper.If you open pathways of hate, malice and shame then so be it on to you. And if you create pathways of want and poverty you will be poor and destitute. The choice is yours.

By being authentic and wholesome, you create  pathways of success in your life. So here are three short ways to embrace your self and create prosperity pathways in your life:

1. Be yourself at all times.

Honor who you are first. Know that you are special and useful to life in your own way. Be as authentic as you can. There is little need to deny what is already in abundance in you for what comes from the other.

2. Do not judge yourself.

Practise self love. This is so essential to your total success. Any judgement you put on yourself especially when negative sets you back. It is a sentence that you have pronounced on your self and condition.

3. Hit the reset button of your life.

If all has not been well, hit the reset button. Start from the start. There is nothing wrong in starting over especially when life gives you the opportunity. As it so often does.

These simple principles when practised consistently will yield the fruits of your desire. Go where none has been before. Do not settle in the false comforts of the tried and true routines of your life. That is the coward’s trail.

There is always something to be learned, something to gain from the trials of this life. Do not feel as if you are not  on an equal footing with the rest of the world. All is equal before the power of life.

You are the solution, for within you lies the answer to all the questions you have or will ever ask. And life  is ready to provide them to you as needed; to raise you up to the lofty heights of your true inclinations and desires.

Yours in total success,

Hugues nkamwa

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The Five Laws that Determine Your Success in Life.

February 27th, 2012

The universe is governed by a unique set of laws that is infallible and universal in operation. These laws are the underpinning of the smooth operation of what is known as life here on earth.

When times are easy and milk and honey flows, no one pays attention to these guiding principles of life. And when times are hard as they are today, many wonder as to what has gone wrong. They are caught flatfooted in the game of life becuase they were playing the game without knowing the rules.

And so here are the five laws that will help you to gain a better picture of what is going on in your life:

1. The Law of Economy.

Life does not waste itself. It creates and sustains the universe through the judicious use of its power and influence. In other words those who have, deserve to have and those who have not, deserve not to have. This is the bottom line. Do not be fooled by the smooth pronouncements of the masses. This has nothing to do with the so called ethics and moral sentries of the society you live in.

2. The Law of Efficiency.

Life operates silently but efficiently. It produces in you as it sees fit to serve the purpose of your life. All is equally endowed with a unique and specific task which only you can best actualize. If you find this out and commit to it, life in its ever just operation will rush to your aid. Doing otherwise will put you out of your element. In such instances mediocrity and a less than full life will be your lot.

3. The Law of Sufficiency.

You will only have what is neccessary to fully actualize the life that is in you. No more, no less.You will only have what your cup can handle. Life does not waste itself. All is given according to the recieiving medium. No more, no less.

4. The Law of Expansion.

Life is not static. It is perpetually in motion. It seeks to expand itself into ever greater dimensions of itslef. Ever expanding, it will respond to those who are equally expansive in thought, vision and goal. Question the status quo in which you find yourself. Be bold and courageous and life will rush in to fill in the void you have created with the neccessary experiences desired by you.

5. The Law of Service.

This is indeed the mother law of all of the above. To serve and to serve without an eye towards personal gain is the royal road to your total success in life. Those who serve have a far greater receiving receptacle for the life forces to flow in than those who do not.

Life in itself is an experience of unconditional service. If you must have, give. To give, you must have. Life will make sure that the giver’s cup runneth over.

These five laws are not to be taken lightly. You are not an accident. You were designed for a particular purpose whose mission your soul aches to fulfill. Nothing is lost, not even in these moments of trials, when things are so hard. The gifts of spirit are never lost.

Seek the alliance of the insvisible hand of providence and stake out your life for something greater than all you have done so far. And at the end of it all you will be surprised at your own wonderful success.

No one held you back. No one is now holding you back. You are the one who has imprisoned yourself. You can break free from this prison of self if you so desire. Use the laws above to gain a better perspective in the affairs of your days . Wake up from your slumber and be the mighty star of life that you were created to be and become.

Yours in total success,


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The Supremacy of Truth in Your Life

February 22nd, 2012

One of the surest insight in achieving your total success in life is to become steeped in the truth of life.

Many think because they are sleek or they have a sweet tongue they can wiggle their way through the contours of life without care.

This is a lie. All life is governed by the supreme truth, not by governments, religions or other power brokers of society. Truth is supreme. It acts independently at all times. It is it’s nature to be balanced and just at all times.

To find total success in all you do simply become one with the supreme truth of life. And you may ask: what is this supreme truth?

I will not attempt to answer this question directly for that will confuse you even more. What I will do in it’s stead is to provide you with what is not truth.

All of life is founded on the love of life and all that has life. Actions and energy impulses that do not support life and the expansion of life are untruth.

Question yourself in all you do; are your actions furthering and expanding life and all that has life? This has nothing to do with the ethics or moral codes of the society you live in.

Let the answer to this simple question be the golden rule on what you do in life and you will find total liberation and success.

Great teachers in the past and today have all struggled to bring this point to the fore: You are not alone. You did not originate the universe. It is older than you. There is another intelligence that controls all.

This intelligence cannot be placated to favor you. It acts independently. It’s only purpose simply being the advancement of your life and all life.

In doing so it does not seek your opinion but moves steadily forward creating and balancing as it sees fit. It’s only desire is to keep all running as it should be.

You are a free agent. This is not a mistake. Do what you want with what you have. Nothing matters to the supreme truth of all life. All is balanced at all times.

The power of darkness can never overcome the power of the light. And the supreme truth cannot and will never be overcome by the falsehoods of the universe.

He who knows where he comes from is never afraid of the road ahead for he knows where he is heading to.

Stay faithful to the supreme truth of your life and you will find total success in all your undertakings. There is nothing in this life. Beyond the sustaining power of the cosmic breath in your life you are nothing.

Nothing but the Supreme Truth will survive the tumbling cycles of time.

Stay faithful to the song of good that is in your heart. Do not buy into the falsehoods of the world. They seek to dislogde you from your holy place.

Do all to stay within the sweet spot of your spirit self. There in will you be fed and nourished as is desired.

Yours in total success,


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In Memory of Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

February 19th, 2012

Life is a simple experience for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The recent passing of Whitney Elizabeth Houston comes to mind. Hers was a life that was full of talent and promise. It was cut short by the fierce storms of the earth realm.

What makes her so endearing is that through it all her light was able to shine. It shone through the dark turmoils of despair that engulfed her. Despite her troubles she was still able to hit those divine notes which are for ever burnt into our collective memory. She is now gone for good.

And us? What is in it for us?

Do not buy into the false promise of money and material possessions as a way to your ultimate happiness.

Your success in life is hinged upon the realization of the fact that you are already abundantly blessed into a life in which you can find untold love and happiness. And Life routinely gives us this opportunity every time we take in the sweet breath of a new day.

Stand firm in the storms of deceit that surrounds you everyday in the knowledge that yours is not of this physical world. Life is a trial of sorts. Only the brave will come through the finish line in one piece.

The question is simple: are you going to trust the power and promise of life everlasting or will you succumb to the deceit in material living?

The world is in balance at all times. All has been given. The sun shines to the earth unfailing, asking nothing in return. It will rise again tomorrow as if it did not rise yesterday.

There is pure bliss in every breath you take in this life. The problem is you are engaged in a game of show and tell. You have not recognized that heaven is right here with you.

Nothing to worry here. No surprises; for life is equal to the task. In time you will come to the supreme understanding and realization of what you have been missing. It is this rebirth in the spirit which is your saving grace.

You will be reborn into the glory of your full inheritance in life whether you want this or not. You can abort the process as many times as you care to. The providential power of life is patient beyond all understanding.

You can take this to the bank. You will be delivered from the evil clutches of the illusions you have embraced. Do not loose hope even as the sufferings increase in your life. Live life with the courage of a martyr, for it is not done with you yet

Hold strong in the innermost realm of your being. In there, where the battle is fought, you have the support and unconditional backing of the ultimate power of this life. And you will not be left alone, for none that has called the name of the creator has been left alone.

Call its name whatever it is for you. In your moments of despair and despondency call out the name of the one whose breath is in you. Call it out!!!

It will answer you. In fact it has already answered you. Do not be counted amongst those who have eyes and do not see, who have ears and do not here.

Seek you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. And when the door opens walk through it. You will discover the sublime joy and bliss of the ever present unconditional love of the one power of all Life.

This is a promise.

Yours in total success,


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Time Management: A Key to Your Total Success in Life. Part B

February 16th, 2012

This is a continuation of the previous post. It is a way to get to the nitty gritty of the art of effectively utilizing time so as to achieve your goals.

Just as a reminder; know that all things will ultimate bow to the supreme pull of your attention and power through time.


The issue here is that when faced with unforeseen circumstances we give up in defeat even without trying. Whereas if we could but just begin to apply ourselves to the task at hand we may as well emerge victorious afterall.


The trick is to use time to your advantage as it relates to achieving your goals in life.


So here it is: No matter what goals you have or circumstances you are facing, the tips below will help you get a handle on your time.


Establish daily goals.

This is necessary to maintain focus and focus is the primary mover in all great achievers.


Prioritize your daily goals.

Of course it is not enough to set daily goals. You must prioritze your daily goals to reflect the importance of its impact on you achieving your ultimate goal.


Make a daily to do list.

This is a logical sequence from prioritizing your goals. Once you have prioritized what needs to be done, break this down to a “what and when” daily schedule.

Question what has been done before.

In otherwords do not just go through the motions. As you begin to execute items from your daily to do list, question established procedures. This is only so that your mind can be open to other solutions.


Physically and mentally organize yourself.

This is crucial because you are the executor of the plan and to make sure the outcome of your actions are in line with your goal you have to get organized.


Delegate when necessary.

The goal is yours to achieve but the how is not dependent on your efforts alone. Leverage the physical and human resources in your life as best as you can.


Learn to multitask.

Let nothing take your attention away from what you need to do to achieve your goal. You can certainly multitask. You may decide to keep your day job while working at your pet projects for example.


Many people find easy excuses by saying that they do not have enough time to carry though with their goals. This is a lie. It is simply not true. 


Here you have it. These tips are tried and true. In applying them to any goal you have you will rediscover the true power that you have over your circumstances, be they what they are. Just keep at it no matter what it is.


Problems or challenges are nothing but little scenes of life unfamiliar to your mind. That is why they appear scary and frightening to you.  As you begin to apply yourself constantly at the task facing you, your ever creative mind will find a way to change it or adapt to it.


The choice is always yours. Life has left it on you to make the descision to  live in fear or in courage and understanding.


In the meantime life and its invigorating impulses are unconditionally flowing towards you unshaken by the resolve in your heart. It’s only desire being to fulfilll whatever you have put your mind to.


 Yours in total succeess,




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Time Management: A key to Your Total Success in Life. Part A

February 13th, 2012

Time is one of the resources freely given to you by Life. There is always that time span between sunrise and sunset in which you have the choice to do as you please.

There is also the timespan between sunset and sunrise when the laws of nature demands that you rest.

This beautiful rythm of life presents to you the greatest gift of providence. It allows you the possibility to be alive and provides a medium in which to make manifest your desires.

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail lies in their ability to effectively use the time life has given them.

This may not come off as true but it is the truth. The most common excuse for example, of all those who have failed in one endeavor or the other is that they did not have time enough to carry through with the tasks at hand.

But here is a secret: If you can master the time you have, you will come out a master of your world and circumstances.

This is because time is the finest particle of what all things are made of. In other words all things are seeded in the fertile beds of time before they can sprout to life.

And you can therefore work these beds of time and appropriately seed whatever outcome you desire in them.

How can this be done?

Here, three ways:

1. Dwell in the realm of possibility at all times.

2. Think only thoughts of the things and goals that you have set for your life at all times.

3. Do only the things that will further advance the goals that you have set for your life at all times.

These pointers will unfailingly bring you to the destination of your choice. Try it and experience this for yourself.

The only thing that you will need to acheive your goal of total success is self discipline. It is the only price to pay. There is no other way.

Success is the realm of the brave amongs us. It is a cup that is drunk by those who are bold enough to challenge where and how they spend thier time.

This may sound too simplistic and you are right, truth is simple. All simple things are true. Excuses under the false pretexts of reason and logic will be the downfall of modern man.

Do not fall for this prank of the ages. Use the time you have. Manage the time you spend with your imagination, thoughts and actions.

There is really nothing else to discover in this world. Life has laid bare its treasure for you and all.

It is our task and calling to uncover this treasure first in ourselves and then in what lies outside of us. Paradise is here, go for it.

Yours in total success,


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How to Grow into Your Full Promise in Life.

February 12th, 2012

We are all given life with a purpose and a promise. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are of a lesser value than any other.

All of creation is equal in the eyes of the creator. It is up to you to rise and find out for yourself that which rings true within you and work towards its fulfillment.

To find out what this is, simply reexamine what you do best and make sure that this creates the most sustainable good in your life and the life of others.

It is as easy as that. It does not have to be earth shaking but it should be able to shake you loose from a life of boredom and mediocrity.

I know it is not as easy to embrace your promise given the challenges of life. I have been there. Here are a few tips to help you grow into your promise despite the challenges you now face. And it does not matter what this promise is.

1. Target your weaknesses.

Do not ignore the things that holds you back. Isolate and target them in your efforts to move forward.

2. Be deliberate in your efforts.

Nothing can withstand the constant surge of your power. All will eventually turn to the the direction you have given them if you keep at it.

3. Know that you have a purpose.

Work with the subtle understanding that you have a purpose and it is for the good of all life. Know that your life is a gift to humanity.

4. Seek Perfection.

Do not settle for mediocrity. Seek the highest results in all your actions. You may not attain your goal and this is not the point. The point is to be perfect in your desiring.

5. Recognize and overcome your inhibitions.

These will slow you down. It is ok to fail sometimes. Cut yourself a slack. Do not be held back by fear. You will loose sometimes but in the longhaul you will emerge triumphant.

Each and everyone comes here below with a promise. This is the ideal of perfection seeded in you from creation. You will not rest or find true and lasting repose unless you have come to terms with this promise.

Most have tried to replace this desire with all kinds of things: drugs, sex, gluttony, power and so on. And they have failed. There is nothing here below that can replace the divine itch which is in us all.

Embrace your promise; work with the knowledge that it is all you live for. It is patiently waiting for you.

In due time you will come to the understanding of the profound peace and love that was within you all this while.

Yours in total success,


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Repurpose your Life Now and Rise.

February 10th, 2012

There is a deepening crisis that seems to have engulfed the world today. Our economic and social stability are being threatened by an unceasing wave of uncertainty. Fear has crept in and the meaner streaks of our natures are in full display.

We have all been affected in various ways by this menacing cloud of uncertainty. The times when all seemed nice and promising it will seem are all gone.

In fact the world is undergoing a major revolution. The problem is that being in it we do not fully embrace the magnitude of what is happening to us. The generations to come will look to this time with awe.

You are an actor in a movie that is playing out now in your life. All that is required is to recast the role you play in this movie. If you are not happy, you can recast yourself as the hero of the movie that is played as your life. The times call for such and the time is now. Time is of the essence.

What will you be remembered for? Will it be said that you balked when the times called for courage? Will it be said that you stood your ground and wrote your name in capital letters on the book of life? Will it be said that your feet were firmly planted upon the path of progress and promise despite the menace of unfriendly circumstances?

It is all up to you. This is the time of courage. It is a paradox that it is in times of great changes such as these that the golden door of opportunity is flung open for one and all.

The fields are wide open for all who dare to uncover the hidden bounty of life. Many are in dire straits and do not know where to turn. They feel that they have reached the end of the proverbial rope and have lost all hope in the search for a better life.

This is the reason for this post. Do not lose hope, no matter how dark the horizon appears to be. Within you is a speck of light that has the power to brighten your days. It is this eternal flame that is our saving grace.

Life did not create you to be left in a vacuum. It has within it a mechanism meant to serve, protect and prosper you in all ways. This is a promise.

You can be reborn into your majesty no matter what has happened. You can repurpose your life to serve the mission you have given to it.

Walk through the triumphant arc of hope and faith and you will rise to success no matter what the past has been or the present is. Repurpose your life now and keep going.

The hope for a better tomorrow is anchored in the fact that you are a living and vitalized entity whose power cannot be matched by the feeble aura of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Sincerely yours,


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Face Your Challenges and Overcome Your Fears

February 8th, 2012

To succeed in this life you must challenge and overcome your fears. This is because fear is what is holding you back. I am sure this is not news to you. Those who are the victims of fear are not weak; their imagination has simply been seized by a faulty perception of what really is.

All things and challenges when brought under the full brunt of your power will cease to be a threat if you understand how. No situation here on this earth is above the power that runs within you.

And as it was once said the only thing to fear is fear itself.

It may be a project at work or a difficult challenge in your personal life that creeps in on you. This is normal and human, but do not let this fear cripple you.

The threatening menace of what you see or percieve as your challenge can be likened to a mental mirage. As you begin to affront and confront this obstacle whatever this may be, you will begin to realize that it is indeed not as threatening as you once thought.

The nature of the challenge may not have changed but your perception of the challenge may have changed. You may not now view it as threatening because you have challenged its power.

This is what life requires from us; not to run away from challenges, but to be strong enough to affront them and emerge triumphant everytime they show up in our lives.

This life is full of challenges. It is designed to be this way for a purpose. Do not buy into the view point that a happy life is a life free of challenges. This is a lie. There is never going to be a life void of challenges in this world.

Instead it is your ability to triumph over these challenges whatever they are for you that is the bedrock and foundation of your happiness in this world.

Now, this may seem so simplistic. It is not. Try the techniques below whenever you are faced with a challenging situation in your life.

1. Be Present.

Do not balk when faced with anything that seems threatening in your life. Be present and show up as if nothing strange has happened. Buck the circumstances in which you find yourself making sure you are confident of what you want to replace it with.

2. Act now.

This is often a recurring theme here because it works. Do something immediately when faced with challenges to your dreams or what you want to accomplish. Anything that you can do assert your control over the issue at hand is worthwhile. It does not have to be grandiose or physical. Just do something even in the make believe worlds of your mind.

3. Be graceful to yourself.

Self blame and condemnation is a sure way to let unwanted circumstances take root in your world. Any feelings of guilt indirecty aknowedges the power of this circumstance over your life.

Be graceful in knowing that you are not a victim. You are an initiator and creator of events. Life wants to hear from you in a triumphant way. It doesn’t want you to become a cry baby because it knows that it has given you all the tools neccessary  for you to live a succcessful and fulfilled life.

What is left for you to do is to take the ball and run with it. This here, my friend is the crux of life. Take the ball and run with it.

Take the life you have been given and run with it. Be your own hero. Create the story of the life you want to live and live it.

Sincerely yours,


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The Importance of Goals.

February 6th, 2012

A popular teacher in ancient times stated and I quote : “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you”

This was not empty talk. It really does not matter what the kingdom is for you. What matters is to first seek out the goal. Set your sights on the goal and all else will be added onto you.

This was an all-important insight into the working of the universe that was given to us by this ancient teacher from Galilee.

You may not agree with the ideals and ideas he preached about but you can certainly relate to the truth of the importance he placed on setting goals.

I say this because many of us get bogged down with the challenges of life. Things may not be going the way we wished and we may be caught up in a lot of difficulties.

The challenge here is not to run away from these curve balls or to consider yourself ill fortuned. The challenge is to reorganize your goals. Setting your goals invites the magic of the universe into your life.

Once you are clear and certain about what you want to achieve, your focus will change. And as your focus changes and is shifted to the things you have desired, the universe will respond in its own magical way to fulfill them.

This is because life exists for you. There is no better conduit of the power of life on this earth than man. Your attention so to speak is the headlamp of this power. It gives it direction. Shine this on whatever you have desired and you will live to see that come to be.

So, here are three things to remember on the importance of setting your goals and achieving them.

1. Find out what you desire and be certain about it.

A goal must be specific and you must be convinced that this is what you want. If you are unsure about your desires, the universe will reflect these uncertainties in the results you get.

2. Do not take any challenge as a rebuke from the universe.

All that has happened so far in your life is nothing but the effects of your past activity. It is not a divine rebuke or sentencing. Don’t compound the problem by thinking that you have not found favor with a being up in the sky or whatever. This is not so.

3. Begin to move in the direction of your goal today.

Start driving the results you desire by doing the things that you need to do to get the job done. It does not have to be a big step. A simple mental action such as associating a happy thought and disposition to your idea and ideal will suffice.

Start where you are. Doing the above things will generate an excitement in your spirit which when harnessed will fuel your actions. Under the watchful eyes of the power of all life your harvest will certainly be as you have desired, envisioned and acted.

It is this quickening of the mind that is required to get you going to the place of your desires and none other than you can set the ball rolling.

Yours in total success,


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