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The Power That is YOU

December 22nd, 2009

There is a sun behind your evry cloudYou possess a power that can move mountains. You are a life force or the pure force of life.

You see, challenges or obstacles are nothing in the face of your true power.

They are there to be overcome or at the very least to instruct us in the ways of right livelihood.

You can call out that which you desire from the emptiness of life by willing it into being. By calling its name into existence in your affairs.

Successful musicians, artists or even athletes of all stripes know this. They know how to call out that note or that scene which does not yet exist into reality.

The  successful  sport striker knows how to call out the opportunity to go through a wall of defense. They know how to work through the challenges that confronts them.

And so can you. It does  not matter that what you now desire in nonexistent. It is only nonexistent in the material sense of the thing. But it is there all the same. All is possible.

Here are three simple steps to help you develop the capacity to will all you desire into existence:

1. Avoid fear.

Fear is a product of an untamed imagination.It is nothing but the projection of what you do not desire in your life. Avoid it by being unconditionally positive about what is to come.

2. Be all you can be.

Those who strive for excellence will always achieve their desires. Your desire to excel activates the full brunt of your life cylinders. It awakens in you all that is needed to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

3. Blaze new paths.

Go where none have gone before. Take risks and explore the unknown.  Expand your horizons. It is easy to fall into the routine of what has been. That is why your challenges may be overpowering. Challenges are uncommon occurrences on your paths. They desire uncommon solutions to overcome them.

Now, life can be a bed of roses or a path of thorns. The choice is yours. Many have cut short the full experience and joy of life by yielding to the false menace of their challenges. Not you, dear reader, there is nothing under the sun that cannot be overcome by the creative genius that is in you.

Remain emotionally balanced no matter what is thrown your way. Channel your power then into the mold of the desires. In due time the things you desire will firm up into existence.

This is not a secret. You have simply overlooked  the power you have because of its simplicity. You have the key to all you desire in your hands today.

Yours in total success - Happy Holidays


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