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The Wisdom in Consequences

November 29th, 2009

The road my be long and winding...enjoy the sceneryThere is a cause and effect relation in life that speaks to the eternal wisdom of creation.

You see, the word consequence implies a sequence in reverse.The most important thing to note here is that you are the initiator if not the creator of the sequences of your life.

The sequences that you create will create consequences. You have little or no control over your consequences; but you have total control over the sequences you set in motion. This is your true power.

Societies or individuals who understand the logic of the consequences they experience make great strides in life. This is because life instructs. It instructs us into a culture of right livelihood through the wisdom of consequences.

Your life is a bed of sequences and consequences. Take a look at the sequences and consequences and you will see a pattern emerge. Within this pattern are gems of eternal unfailing wisdom. It has been provided you by life to make your journey here meaningful.

Now, here are 3 ways you can begin to tap into the wisdom of consequences in your life:

1. Slow down.

Decelerate and calm down a little. You want to brake the domino effect in your daily activities. Stop cascading through life without a pause. Create a gap within which nothing but the pure essence of life flows. You can do this through prayer, meditation or just anything that is going to take your mind of the turpsy turvy or merry go round of daily life. Anything except drugs and other mind altering substances.

2. Avoid regrets.

Regrets will get you bogged down in the past. It is suicidal to say the least. Learn the lesson in the mistakes you make.Everything will be paid for if you have not paid for them yet. In the meantime wipe the slate clean and keep on living as if there was no yesterday. Keep on living as if there will be no tomorrow for time is eternal.

3. Maintain a positive mindset.

Anger and other negative emotions are symptoms of emotional distress. An emotional distress is a characteristic of victim hood. You are never a victim unless you agree to be one. A sure way to avoid being a victim is to become and remain positively proactive in all things that afffect you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Life is just and its justice is swift yet ingrained with unconditional grace.We all err and we shall err again and again. Do not hold yourself in judgment. Release yourself from the bondage of your self sentence.

Listen attentively to what your life’s experience and consequences are saying to you. Follow its counsel. You cannot be wrong. You are unique and the lessons you need to learn are uniquely patterned for you alone.

This is how special you are to life and how you are incessantly cared for and looked after.

In the midst of water the fool is thirsty…take time out and be redeemed.

Yours in total success,


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The Secret Power of Visualization

November 27th, 2009

Explore the power of your inner sightMan lives by sight. You have been endowed by the power of sight so that you can trace the direction of your actions and achieve your goals.

Through your use of your inner sight you can develop an unshakable faith in the pursuit of your dreams in life.

I do not speak only of the outer sight as provided by the eyes. I speak of the inner eye of your imagination.

Seeing with this eye you can see things which are not yet present in your material world. Seeing with your imaginative eye you can place yourself firmly in the worlds and experiences of your choice.

Once the power of your inner sight becomes greater than the power of your outer sight you will notice a change in your circumstances. The momentum generated by the visualized world of your imagination can and will catapult you to a different set of circumstances if you stick with it.

Herein lies the secret of creating the life of your desires. Visualize! See with your inner eyes the reality you have dreamed for yourself. See yourself in the surroundings of your desires. It doesn’t matter that this would seem to be a foolish play of make believe. Just do it and do so consistently.

With time you will soon begin to act the part. And in acting the part you set the motions necessary to bring that which you have desired to your doorsteps.

This the secret of all life. Those who are successful in life know and practice it all the time.

You are wired to create out of the nothingness of the ether. Do not live by your outer sight alone. Seek also the unbounded realm of the unseen worlds. Here you can carve a world that is uniquely patterned to fit your needs.

It is tempting to always seek to live off the labors of others. This is normal but suicidal all the same. The truth is to take up your ploughs and march valiantly unto the fruited plains of the infinite realms.

Time is of the essence. Begin now to reclaim the unkempt fields of your  inner worlds. Visualize, see in your mind’s eye what it is that you desire.

Do not question the pictures you see. This is not the time for such. Just see and continue to see.

What monkey sees monkey does. What you see is what you are. The key to the secret power of visualization is now in your hands. You are free to see what you wish. Live responsibly.

Yours in total success,


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Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude and Succeed

November 26th, 2009

Kissed by the power of providenceYou as well as everyone in this life is born into a gift that keeps on giving. It does not matter that your parents are rich or poor. It doesn’t matter that you are from a rich or poor country or that you are white or black or yellow for that matter.

What matters is that you are blessed with life. All have life in equal proportion. Now, what you do with this life is another story. Its what you do with this your life that will determine what you experience.

In my country of birth—the Republic of Cameroon; there is a tribe of people who inhabit the highlands of the western regions of this country. Traveling through its rugged countryside this summer I realized that every tiny bit of land was cultivated with food crops and cash crops.

Now, the terrain in this region is harsh, hilly and rugged. Land is scarce, but the people are hard workers. They have not given in to the harsh pronouncements of their natural environment. They constantly exercise their life power to overcome the the harshness of the environment they have been born into.

The peoples of this region are one of the wealthiest in that country. They hold the reins of economic power.

Take someone from this region and put him anywhere in this world without any resources except the fresh breath of life and  he will succeed. He will turn his attention and sight within to find a way in the midst of nowhere.

How can do they do this? It is because of a culture of gratitude. They are skilled in accepting the gift of life within them. And so can you.

Now, here are 3 pointers to get you to become more grateful in life and succeed:

1. Make long term plans and act in the short run.

Set immediate goals that fit with the plan you have in the long run. Act with immediacy and with urgency in achieving the small short term goals you have created.

2. Cultivate the desire to succeed.

If you have no desire you cannot succeed. Your desire is the motivator of your life. No desires, no actions. No actions, no movements and where there is no movement there is no growth. Now, when there is no growth there is decay for nature does not stand still.

3. Plow through your challenges.

Obstacles and challenges are like a house of cards. They are nothing but a pile of suppositions. The power behind your desire is greater than the power behind all that stand against your dreams.The trick is to stay motivated long enough to overcome the falsehood of your challenges.

Cultivate that which you have been given. Explore the surroundings in which you have life. Do not live an aimless life. Nature is at your service. Your past doesn’t matter, not even your present. What matters is your desire. A desire born out of the firm conviction that life provides.

You see, you are a life. The same life that provides. Say a word or two of thanks daily. Where you are does not matter. You can succeed in all your undertakings.

Now, go about your days in peace. Trust no other but the power of providence. You are a product of this power of providence. You will never be left wanted unless you have refused to receive.

Be open to receive. Give thanks to open up to the unlimited bounties of creation. It is all up to you.

Yours in total success,


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Give Thanks—Open the Door to Total Success in your Life

November 25th, 2009 is all yoursLife is abundance. You are created in a sea of abundance. You are designed to succeed. Failure is not an option within the life force that animates this world and your world.

So why do you suffer from lack? It is simple: You have refused to receive the abundance of life.

An African proverb says: A goat can only graze within the circumference of it’s tied to. It can only graze as far as the rope that it is tied to allows it to.

In your case you are free to graze the fruited plains of the opportunities life ever so patiently provides. You are not like the goat. The problem is that you have not realized that you are the one holding yourself down.

You have tied yourself within the restricted confines of what you think is possible. And like the goat you are condemned to graze within the confines of what you have accepted as possible.

If you are content with where you are then all is fine. But if you want to move forward and beyond the bounds of what you are experiencing now, do something. Life is on your side. It is always and unconditionally on your side.

How do you go about untying this cord that keeps you bound within the experience of insufficiency? How do you move foreword to where you want to be from where you now are?

Now, here is the answer: Give thanks for where you are. Exercise gratitude in all you do.

This the secret key to abundance and infinite supply in your life.

Life has already taken care of you and all your needs. You see life knew you before you were conceived and delivered upon the earth. It had already made ample provision for you and your life. You have already been supplied at all levels.

Try it. Instead of being nervous and worried over your daily challenges give thanks for what now is. Wake up daily in the affirmation of the abundance of life. Take pride and care lovingly of what now is in your life.

Giving thanks will open the secret door that leads to all that you have desired in your life.

No one is created and left wanting in life. It is only because you have not learned the secret art of receiving. Thanksgiving is the key.

Use it to open the door to all that you have desired in this life. TRY IT. YOU LOOSE NOTHING BUT THE FALSEHOOD OF WANT AND LACK IN YOUR LIFE.

D o not covert what others have achieved. Turn inward and count that which life has already supplied for you. It has…it cannot do otherwise . Be grateful for all.

Yours in total success,


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Control your Sphere of Influence and Succeed in life

November 22nd, 2009

Your life is a virgin field...cultivate itYou were born within a sphere of influence. This is an area in your life which is and can be absolutely controlled by you. The problem is that you  have not decided to take control of this sphere of influence. You have not decided to influence this sphere.

You see, you were born with a silver spoon. We are all born with this  silver spoon. Control your sphere of influence and you shall succeed. It is your base capital so to speak, a gift from life to get you started in the enterprise of living.

If you do not control this sphere of yours you will be exposed to the influence and subtle machinations of other circles. This is were the great danger lies in life. If you are controlled by spheres of influences other than yours it becomes easier for you to consider yourself a victim in life. And all those who consider themselves victims in life are absolute failures.

Now, to succeed in controlling your sphere of thinking here are four things you must do right away:

1. Never be concerned with what is said of and about you.

When you are concerned about what is said about you you open the doors of your world to uninvited forces and influences in your life. To build internal strength and fortitude resolve not to seek the approval of the masses. Resolve to follow the inner compass of your conscience and right livelihood. Life guides, you will be guided and cannot be led astray by its counsel.

2. Do what is right at all times.

Failures seek to curry favor from the masses. They fall into the temptation of desiring to be liked by as many as they can. They seek the favor of men. Be congenial but not at the expense of sacrificing your ideals. You see, by seeking to be liked you loose sight of the true propose of your mission, which is to rediscover and embrace who you really are.

3. Face your fears.

Many alliances made in life are based on fear. In doing so you are tempted to yield increasing portions of your personal field of influence to who you think protects you. Do not bargain who you are for a false sense of security. Security is an illusion. You cannot be secure in the changing medium of the earth. True security is only found in a solid understanding and application of the unchanging laws of life.

4. Learn and apply the laws of life.

You can only learn in  life; that is all. And if you are really wise you can apply what you have learnt. This disposition allows you to affirm your individuality without denying the common good and interest of your community.

In applying these principles you will find a new world of strength and  spiritual fortitude. It is this assuring presence of the protective mantle of life that is needed to nurture you into your unique greatness and success.

Remember that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Let that be engraved in your mind. Control the sphere of influence that is yours  for the taking and you will begin to reap the harvest of your sowing.

Yours in total success,


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Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of your Past: 4 Steps

November 9th, 2009

Fish in different waters for different resultsThe reason you fail to advance towards the achievement of your goals is because you are repeating the patterns of your past. You are prone to think that you are making progress because you are active.

This is the trick of the mind. It makes you feel that you are actively engaged in the affairs of your days. Of course you are active in the sense that you are alive; but you are marking the passage of time on the spot you were on yesterday.

Life s a progressive force. It is not stagnant and so your life is a reflection of your understanding and use of its power.

If the results you are having are not moving you forward it means that you are still working with the forces and habits of your past. It means that you have not harnessed the potential and promise of the future.

Here are 4 quick steps to get you to avoid repeating the missteps of yesterday and embrace the dawn of a new day:

1. Live in the now.

Develop a rapid reaction system to deal with the memories of what yesterday has been. Be present in the now. Be thrilled by the understanding that now is the stuff from which your future is carved. Be here and now as you wish to be when tomorrow comes. Anchor yourself with the currents of the present and you will master the outcomes of your future.

2. Avoid being a stiff neck.

Develop a multi track mind. There are a million viewpoints from which to view this life. Be open. Do not be a stiff neck. Look around you. Be observant take in the diversity of life. Be open to the counsels of life. You will be guided when you least expect.

3. Live on the edge of life.

Stay away from the comforts of what has been. Embrace the wild wonders of the unknown. Live as close to uncertainty as you can. Become a risk taker. Life richly rewards the bold and adventurous. Your pioneering spirit is the key to your ultimate success.

4. Avoid regrets.

Avoid regrets, no matter what you have done in the past. Regrets will get stuck upon the tracks of your yesterday. Regret nothing, no matter what you have done. Think of your past foibles as the price you paid for the lessons you have now learnt.

Free yourself from the routines of your past. Wake up to the fortunes promised you by life. Let the imprisoned stay asleep. Stay away from the pack, strike anew upon the the uncharted waters of what can be.

Trust your instinct to survive. Let the past be the past. Sail confidently towards the desires of your heart. Avoid the comfort of your laurels. Forge on even when there is no where to go. Forge on into the nothingness that is to come.

Above all avoid the temptation to fall back on what or where you have been. Embrace the future with all your power and life. It will never fail you.

Adopt the repentant heart where mistakes have been made and move on. Nothing but the pure promises of the future awaits you. Do not come into the inheritance of your future marred with the burdens of the times past.

Yours in total success,


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Discover New Horizons of What is Possible in Your Life

November 1st, 2009

A famous quote attributed to Nelson Mandela reads:

“It is impossible till it gets done.”

It is his firm understanding that the impossible does not exit.  It was this firm conviction that led him to triumph over the evils of Apartheid. Life does not have the word” Impossible” in its vocabulary. And the word impossible is a farce.

What have you decided to do with your life that you think is impossible.? Or let me ask this another way: What things would you have undertaken in your life if you knew nothing was impossible?

Now, be honest with yourself. Revisit the secret dreams you have. Dust them off and rededicate yourself  to accomplishing them.

Mind you; it is always impossible until it gets done. And you can get it done by wholly accepting the challenge you face. Make it yours and most of all dedicate yourself to achieving it. And you will again experience the real thrill of success and fulfillment in life.

Do not buy into the halfhearted lifestyle of mediocrity and despair. It is easy to be boxed into a less than full life with the assumption that somethings are impossible for you.

Nothing is out of your reach if you reach hard enough for it.

Now, here are some cool tricks to get you started right away in breaking into a new horizon of success in your life:

1. Assume that you are now what you intend to accomplish.

Be the thing you desire for the thing to come to you. Life is always just. You can be the thing first in thought, feeling and expectation. Being this way will propel you into action. You will be propelled to act out the roles and scenes you have designed for yourself.

2. Do something each day to fortify your resolve.

Create an action plan that will allow you to do something each day to advance the accomplishment of your dreams. Just do something. It need not be great or earthshaking. Make it a routine.

3. Actively live in the state of your desires.

Walk as if you are that which you have conceived. Speak as if you have attained that which you have dreamt of. Think as if you have already arrived at your goal. Deny yourself the evidence of what you do not want. Plant evidences of what you want in your world.

Your life is a function of your consciousness.Your limitations are the result of your history. Your future is still virgin.

In the virgin fields of your tomorrows all is possible. Use your present difficulties or challenges as a testing ground.

It is a paradox that you have all at your beck and call yet suffer from lack and want. The solution is in your consciousness. The game is played in your state of awareness.

So yes, it is impossible till it gets done and the doing is your responsibility.

Now get to work. Make do with what gives in your life. Be the best that you can be. It is possible to be or accomplish all that you desire.

Believe in yourself but trust the providential power of life more.

Yours in total success,


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