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The keys to a Life of Total Success

October 25th, 2009

You are where you have been.What goes before you? Your imagination and thoughts go before you. They are the keys that open the door of the circumstances in your life.

All is always possible. Believe in the power of possibility. Send out the emissaries of your destiny in confidence. Let them go in earnest in the fields of life. They will bring back to you the things you sent them out for.

They will pull you along to the destinations you sent them.

I know how hard and confused you may be when faced with challenges. It is our common nature to experience the shock of uncomfortable situations. But this is simply a primary and primitive reaction on our part.

The shock of failure or disappointment is a reaction of disbelief on your part; what you sometimes call misfortune.

Your circumstances are not a matter of chance. They are the fruits of your labor. You are in the fields of creation at all times in your life.

Many do not know this. Your daily striving in the vineyards of life is to be encouraged by all means. This is the work that is required of you.

More important than your daily striving is your attitude of mind. The compass of your life is controlled by your attitude of mind. It directs your effort to your true north. To the port that you have chosen.

Recalibrate your life options. Make sure and certain of the goals you have chosen.

Work diligently in feeling out the goal you have set for yourself. Think thoughts of its fulfillment. Talk about it and most importantly act upon it.

Then with the calm demeanor of an indomitable winner expect the best of out comes.

This recipe never fails. It speaks of an exciting, adventurous and graceful life.

It will serve as the basis of an everlasting peace and joy in your life. Not a peace and joy influenced by what you have achieved or acquired.

It will be the profound peace and joy of one who has understood the eternal grace of life and its wonders.

It is to this that life calls. That you shall come to discover the wonders of your true self. And thereafter live the perfected life of total success.

What goes before you?. Act now, step into the new circumstance of your creation. Assume and claim it now. Be relentless. You were not meant to fail.

Above all remember that you are where you have been.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Forgiveness Revisited

October 24th, 2009

Forgive. Be free, wild and happyOne of the most destructive forces in your quest for success is anger. Angry folks live miserable lives. You cannot claim  a life of total success when you are filled with anger.

Many things can make you angry. Trust me I have been there. It is not an easy task to live an anger free life. The world is full of many triggers to make you angry.

In difficult and stressful  times it is easier to get angry than in comfortable times.

Granted that we all get angry more often than it is necessary, let us revisit the power of forgiveness in life.

To forgive is a most freeing act of love. Forgiveness is an act of unconditional love. You forgive not because you are right or wrong. You forgive because you love. You forgive because you love yourself as well as your neighbor.

You simply let go.

Science has proven time and again that the emotions and feelings associated with anger are toxic. They are toxic to your health, to your life and well being.

So what makes us then so prone to feelings and sentiments of anger in life?

In my case, I have found that I get angry when I do not get my way. Not that I am really angry, it is  more so a feeling of frustration.

I am usually frustrated that I am not understood or that my expectations in certain situations have not been met.

In such cases I have sought to communicate more efficiently to make sure that my expectations are clear.

Now interestingly, even when your expectations are clear, you may find that things don’t turn out just the way you wanted them.

Can this be a cause for concern? Yes, of course. Can this be a cause of anger? No, Certainly not.

So what gives then? Again come in to my world for examples. I have found that a false sense of self is the culprit. My ego needs stroking from time to time.

Our egos take a beating when faced with challenges and defeats. Our sense of self may be diminished. Our egos may be somehow deflated hence our angry reactions.

Anyway, the ideal is to forgive yourself. Let go. There are many other things in this life to hang on to besides the things you have not achieved.

Letting go of your prized possessions and viewpoints is the key to forgiveness.

Doing so will open the door to another mansion of peace and solace in your life. It will open the door to the protective mantle of life. And you shall be free and joyful again.

Forgiveness opens the door to gratitude and gratitude is the fountain of all abundance and total success.

Now, there is enough in your life now that aggravates you. So, why not try this out. Take time out and just practice forgiving yourself and others.

Now, remember that forgiveness is unconditional. You are not in a court of law. Let life handle that. It will, just forgive.

Life has already offered all to you. Learn to receive. You learn to receive by bringing the power of forgiveness into your life.

Actively seek to be happy no matter where you are. Herein lies the key to the secret power of forgiveness.

Yours in total success,



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How to succeed in life: 3 tips

October 22nd, 2009

Yes you canI am sure sure you have noticed that I did not write much during the past months. This was by design. I decided to implement what I was writing about.

My message is simple: You can achieve your goals no matter what they are.

To avoid the temptation to just” talk the talk,” I decided to” walk the the talk.”

Your situation is no different than mine. Challenges come to us in so many ways.

In a short ninety days you can change all. I did and I am doing it. Well, the point here is not to be all showy about my accomplishments. It is simply to demonstrate that the principles of total success work. They work all the time, in all places and circumstances.

Where you are does not matter. Who you are does matter. Are you facing difficult times now in your life? Are you confused about the next steps to to take? You are not alone. Others have walked this way before you and succeeded. So can you.

Now, here are three simple ways to renew yourself and succeed in all that you do:

1. Do not accept what you do not want.

A lot of what happens to us is as we have accepted. Say no to the things and life scenarios that are not in harmony with who you are. It is your life. Just say no.

2. Take a step into the direction of your dreams.

No matter how hard things are or seems to be, do not despair. Life demands action from you. Now, take a step to a new destiny. Do something new. It does not matter whether you fail or succeed. What is important here is that you have decided to take a different route. You have decided to become active. This is a first step.

3. Be humble.

Life guides. It is its nature to do so; but it guides only the humble in earnest. You will face troubles and afflictions of your heart but do not despair. Seek only the silent counsel of the night and you shall be guided by the great benevolence of life.

Do not make a mountain out of your mole hill. This life is nothing but the out picturing of who lives in your head and heart. The ideals and imagery you harbor live rent free in your mental space.

Let them pay for the space and energy they occupy by bearing positive fruits in your life. Evict thoughts of malice, shame and jealousy; they do not bear fruits of wisdom and power.

You were not born to be a victim of your circumstance. You were born to triumph over the odds of all life no matter what they are.

You were born to conquer; to win.  You were born to glorify the power that animates you. Do not die a coward’s death. Live the heroic life of courage and positive endurance. Your triumph is a personal matter to the forces that create all.

With them by your side you cannot fail. These forces do not fail. It is not in their nature to fail.

Your in total success,



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Retain Control Over your Circumstances: 5 Tips

October 14th, 2009

Retain your poiseThe key to a happy and fulfilled life is to retain your balance in life . It is the key to experiencing the wonderful joys and blissful revelations of living.

Do you want to be happy? Do you want to experience total success? Then begin to find ways to retain your balance. Retrain your mind to dwell upon the emotional states that you have chosen.

Your emotions control your state of being. If you let your emotions run wild, you will live an unhappy life. To retain control over your life simply control your emotions.

Let your feelings be triggered by you consciously and not by events happening to you or outside of you.

You can do this because you were wired from creation To live a conscious life. Know what you feel and if you do not like what you feel change it. You can create a different feeling just as you can think a different thought.

Here now are 5 simple ways to begin to control your emotions and retain control over your circumstances:

1. Self discipline.

All I say here will have no use unless it is put to practice. You are at any given time a product of a set pattern or ways of doing things. You will continue to do things this way unless you decide to change. Discipline yourself to back up the decisions of your life. Make a commitment to yourself to carry out the commands you have place on your life.

2. Seek Calmness above all.

Determine for yourself that you will not be troubled by the events of your day. To do this aspire to be happy no matter what is happening around you.You want to be the one deciding on the impact of all that happens to you. You retain the final word. Make that a word of unshakable peace and calm.

3. Stay detached from events in your life.

Stay true only to the power that runs within you. Not the things happening outside of you.Go silently after the affairs of your day without becoming attached or identifying yourself with these things. Things are things but you are not a thing. You are a conscious breathing entity of the life power of the universe.

4. Develop understanding.

Knowledge is power. Let the ultimate wisdom of life guide your steps. Life is a school of wisdom. It seeks to instruct you at all times. Be humble and open to its lessons. See all things that happen as teaching moments. Accept the lessons in grace and strive to become better. Avoid self judgment and the arrogant disposition f the haughty spirit.

5. Seek to be more compassionate.

Compassion is a byproduct of understanding and wisdom. Love yourself. Give yourself enough room to grow and develop. Love others or at least be compassionate towards them. Let others have the space to be who they are. Avoid the tendency to be overtly critical of others when it is uncalled for.

Practicing these tips will allow you to become immersed in the ultimate truth of all life. You are a majestic being robbed of your joy and peace by the trifling occupations of your daily affairs. You loose your shine when you loose your cool. And when you loose your cool and poise you loose your handle on the circumstances confronting you.

You need a cool hand at the steering wheel of your life. It is in the majestic calmness of your resolve and imaginative power that all is brewed.

Do not be troubled when the wind blows. Have the knowing faith that all will be alright after all. And with the calm conviction and knowledge of the workings of life, steer your vessel to calmer shores and fair winds.

It is all up to you. Do not fret. You were created to experience total success in all your doings. Let know one tell you otherwise.

Yours in total success,


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What is Your Story - 4 Things to Avoid when Rewriting your Story

October 13th, 2009

What are you running on?Your life is a story you are living out. A story that may or may not be created by you. Your feel for life determines the types of stories that you will live.

Feelings of dejection and despair will create a life story of despair and reaction. Feelings of love, courage and optimism will create stories of hope and triumph.

What is your story? Are you dejected and in despair over the circumstances of life? Or are you pushed by your instinct to positively survive and thrive despite the odds?

Given the same set of challenges you can create different stories. No matter how hard your life is or the difficulties you face you can create a different story out of it all.

You can create a story of success and triumph. Yes you can.

Here are four things to avoid as you recreate the stories of your life:

1. Avoid the trap of stereotypes.

You are a genuine specimen of creation. We all are. You are not called to be like everyone else in order to succeed. Be yourself. Unfold that which is within you with boldness and conviction. What has happened before you doesn’t matter. What has happened to others before you doesn’t matter. What matters is you and the expression of your unique individuality.

2. Avoid a life of negatives.

It is easy to see the negatives in all situations in life. Strike out for the positives in all your experiences. This is the only way you can have a firm control over the domineering influences of your vices.Be o the look out for the bright spots in all that comes your way.

3. Do not run your life on default.

It is easy to let life just role on its own. It is the lazy way. You default by allowing other forces to set the tone and direction of your life’s journey. Take ownership of what is to come by creating the conditions necessary to attract them. Clearly define your expectations and work diligently towards accomplishing them.

4. Avoid seeing your life as a single story.

You are not a single story. A single event does not make your history. If the story today is harsh strive for a better story tomorrow. It is the combination of these stories that make make up the story of your life. A story of defeat and failure today doesn’t define what the stories of tomorrow may be. You can define what the stories of tomorrow may be and of course influence the course of your destiny.

Now. You were created to experience life. You primarily experience life by what you feel; for your feelings determine your moods. And it is your mood that determines how enthusiastic you are in life. Enthusiasm pushes you to action,and your actions are the drivers of your fortunes.

Engage yourself wholesomely in the story of your life. You are its main character. Your story, what you have told yourself about you can rebuild you, but it can also destroy you.

Do not immerse yourself in a single story of defeat. Your life is a network of multiple stories.You can yet write another story even in the face of the challenges you face.

Challenge yourself; push the boundaries of what is possible. Create a different story if you are not comfortable with where you are in the present stories of your life.

Yours in total success,


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Live the Life you Want

October 12th, 2009

It is your world---your lifeIt was Albert Einstein who said:

” There are 2 ways to live your life-one, as though nothing is a miracle and the other as if everything is a miracle.”

Now, I think this is so true. You have the power to create the life you intend to live. Yes you do. This should not come as news to you.

You were created to excel. And at birth you were given all that you will need to live an accomplished life.

Now, this may seem far fetched given the challenges that you face. In the face of such difficulties it is difficult to acknowledge your power.This is why you must not allow your circumstances to dictate your fortunes.

You can dictate your fortunes by creating new circumstances.

Here are four easy ways to begin to live the way you want:

1. What you see is what you get.

Change your perspective on the circumstances of your life. What you perceive is what you experience. Your perception of what is or what is to come creates all.

2. Avoid regrets.

The past is a wonderful recollection of where you have been. Let it serve you only as a tool to recall where you have been. Regrets hold you down in the memory lane of life. You want to be alive in the present where the game is played. The past has nothing to do with the present except you haul it into the present.

3. Be open to grace.

One way to avoid regrets in your life is to be open to grace. Your life is an exercise of perpetual grace. Life forgives. Forgive yourself and accept the newness of life that comes with your days on earth.

4.  Act.

To become responsible for the things you expect to experience in your life you have to act. Act immediately. Do not wait for the times to be perfect. They are never perfect. You aligned the stars to work in your favor by acting with boldness and conviction.

Now, you can choose to live your life as if everything is a miracle or as if nothing is a miracle. Both ways are correct. And I can assure you that yours will be a life full of vigor and excitement.

The point is: you are not just a pile of clay. You are a living breathing entity filled to the brim with the cosmic energy of all life. It is this power that is responsible for creating the scenes you have projected your attention on.

Never yield to the unwanted circumstances in your life no matter what they are. You do not want them because you have decreed that you deserve better.

If you have decreed then that you deserve better, go for it. Enforce the decree. What are you afraid off?

Yours in total success,


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Gather your forces and succeed

October 3rd, 2009

Eye the ballGather the scattered forces of your power. Bring these to burn upon the desires of you heart and you shall find success.

Life is a providential power. You have been given all. You were given all from birth. You came with nothing but the sacred touch of the power of providence.

It doesn’t matter that you have failed. It mattered that you dared. All is not lost. You can win again. You can rise from the ashes of your failures like the famed phoenix of ancient mythology.

It is the glue of your attention and focus that holds your worlds and circumstances together. Loose this glue and you loose control over the destiny and direction of your life. It s that simple.

All is possible and within your immediate reach. Abundance and beauty abound even in your defeats. Avoid the scourge of despair. Dust yourself off the ashes of failure.

Gather the forces of life that flows within you. Your challenge is a very personal affair. Let your response be a personal affair to proof your mettle. The mettle of the stuff you are made of.

Affirm your power. Change is a force of nature. You are not without power. You can overcome all. You can put your imprint upon the field of experiences in your life.

In times of hardships and defeats you are touched by the sacred hand of the power of life. In such times you are given the platform to create a create again. To create as you have wished.

Gather your self. There is no failure. There is but change. Harness the wind of change in this your life and sail your boat to the shores of your desires.

You are wet with grace.The waters of life’s mercies have rained on you.

Go to work in the secret chambers of your mind and configure the world you want to experience.

Gather your troops and chant a song of victory.You were not born to fail.

Yours in total success,


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Make your Way to Total Success

October 2nd, 2009

Focus on the bounty of lifeYour greatest challenge to success is not scarcity. It is the lack of determination. Your ability to overcome your challenges and succeed in all you do is is the key. This key is the ability to make up your mind.

Practice the art of true focus, build resolve and you will succeed in all you put your mind to. Success may be delayed but it will not be denied you.  Life provides but it requires you to receive.

You develop your capacity to receive by developing focus.You see ordinarily you disperse your power to receive by getting distracted easily.

Distractions abound. The world is a distracting medium. Your task therefore is to build a single purposed mind. Put this mind to task through your resolve and you shall win. You cannot fail for the unyielding power of your attention and focus will bring all to you.

Now retrain your focus. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to receive from life? Bring the fire of your attention to burn on the things or states that you desire.

Do not get concerned about the past, not even the future. Your life is now in the making. And you are the maker.

What are you now creating through the power of your focus? Here now is the field of providence. It has been given to you. Go to work in this fruited plain.

Train your mind on the desires of your heart. And move with majestic resolve into the mental matrix of the world  you have created.

You can only succeed through the aggressive use of the power of your attention in the pursuit of your self interests. Do not be fooled to think otherwise..

All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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Dare and Succeed in Life: 4 Tips

October 1st, 2009

Dare!!!There is a power in this world that guides you. It’s only function is to help you to accomplish the things you have put your mind to.

What have you put your mind to? What have you determined for yourself today?

Let life be your partner in this venture. It will help you out. Surrender to its power and wisdom. Let it help you navigate the complexities and challenges you face daily.

It shall surely guide you to your destination. It will, it is in its’ nature to do so.

All is possible in your life. Do not think otherwise. You only have to try this out to convince yourself.

Develop the self conviction and assurance of the power of life in your affairs. This is the ultimate key to the profound reassuring peace in life that all seek.

Act and act now. You cannot just stay put and expect things to change. Action is needed on your part. Start the motions that  will lead you to where you want to be.

Now here are 4 steps to get you going right away:

1. Be grateful.

The two most powerful words that you can express in your life is: thank you. Be grateful for where you are now. Be grateful for the life that now runs in you. Gratitude is an affirming power. It allows you to impregnate the mind with the gifts of life. It will open up the door of abundant possibilities for you.

2. Be open.

Be open to all that gives around you. Listen more than you talk. Do not be quick to judge situations that you come across in life. Let things and ideas percolate in your mind. Give them time to calibrate. Be slow to judge and stay wide open to receive the bounties of this life you live.

3. Be proactive.

Act differently if you expect different results. Change is created by your actions. That is how powerful you are. Take the initiative to trace a different path for the experiences you wish to encounter. Act now, let the game begin.

4. Trust.

Build trust in the guiding hand of life. It is invisible yet as powerful as anything that you can imagine. Build trust in this power. Act in its name at all times. Do not seek the alliance of man but surrender to the the strong invisible arm of all life. This is necessary to conquer the fear and hopelessness that is the common lot of humans.

Dare and you will succeed.  You were not created to suffer from lack. Success is so near and so real. Do not allow yourself to swim in the sea of quiet despair.

You were meant to be alive and prosper. Wake up and live.

Yours in total success,


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