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You are a Child of Life

September 20th, 2009

You are. Just beYour existence is not an act of chance. You are a child of life. Life is perfect in its operation.

All CIRCULATES according to its dictates. Your existence is legitmate. You have recieved the divine sanction to be alive.

Life is what it is. Make do with what gives. It is what it is but it should not be the end of it.

What is, is but what is to become can be influenced by you. It is up to you. Do not accept mediocrity and unwelcomed circumstances in your life as the end of your story.

So long as another day is promised to you things can change. No matter how hard the day has been, there is respite at the end of it all.

You see, behind your every thought, feeling, expection and action is the silent force of life. It flows all around you like a silent morning mist.

This is your inheritance. Think the thoughts you intend to create. Let these be impregnated by the salient energy of life. Let your pronouncements come from the wellspring of the Truth in you. Conjure the power of life unto your very existence.

You and it are cut of the same cloth. You are a child of life. Determine the nature of the energy powering your days on earth.

Is it one of hope, courage and love or despair and despondency? Are you afraid, apprenhesive and spiteful?

Make your days count for something. Power the motions of your life with the positive vibrations inherent in your being.

Let your feelings, thoughts, actions and expectations be strong, postive and vibrant. Let these be filled with abundant faith, grace and fortitude.

You will come out just fine. This is the design of life for its own.You were not created and left alone in the wilderness. Behind you, in the shadow of all that exist is the comforter, invisible but omnipotent.

See, you are not an orphan. Your challenges and defeats in life will make you think you are. You are not. Never will you be.

You now live in a sea of benevolence and infinte grace. You are wet from the misty grains of life’s mercy. What are you waiting for?

Challenge yourself. Dare to create another reality if what now gives is not welcomed.

You are a child of life. All is already here, given. Be active. Create what you will. You were not designed to fail. Life does not fail.

Yours in total success


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