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Rekindle the Spark of Life in You and Succeed

August 28th, 2009


Never ever give up in the face of your struggles no matter what they are. What is, is; but what is to come can be controlled by you.

Your destiny depends entirely on you. Life waits on you; imprint it with the designs of your heart and live the life of your desires.
You see, life without your influence or touch is a shadow of death.

Life with your active participation is a song of glory to the power of all creation. Do not give up, never, never give up.

Within you is a tiny spark of the generative force of all that can happen in  life. This tiny force can never be extinguished, never; even in the midst of your greatest defeats and failures.

It waits only to be fanned by the power of your desires. It waits to power the secret songs of the life you intend to live.
This tiny flame is with you so long as you are alive. It will never live you.

Life is treacherous at best without your conscious participation. Know however that you can create all; you can become as  successful as you have desired.

You can become well if you now have a diseased body. You can find peace of mind if your heart is troubled; you can accomplish all your goals in life if you know how.

You see, it is not you per se that has the power; it is the power in you that does the work. At best you are nothing but a messenger, a conduit through which the power does it’ s work.

Now, do not be deceived into denying the potential that resides in you because of the tyranny of your past experiences. Fan the tiny spark of power within you into a blazing light of hope, courage, confidence and faith.

A faith that you are a life and not a pauper; that you are never without help. Yes and that you can overcome all and drink from the cup of infinite success in your life.

Your life as it is now is a bouquet of results you have achieved by your past actions and inactions. Toss this bouquet aside if you are not pleased with it.

Wake up. TAKE THE BULL OF LIFE BY THE HORN. Chant another song of war; this time make it a war against mediocrity, poverty and despair.

Yes you can be it, whatever it is to you. You can do it, for all has been given to you from the unlimited supply of the power of providence.

It only takes the harnessing of your creative genuis to pull through your difficulties and live the life of your designs.

As always let me live you with a few tips to harness the strength to overcome the challenges you are faced with:

1. Seek to add value in life

2. Build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

3. Be innovative and creative.

4. Be bold, bold and bold

If your life has so far been ravaged by failure, disease or want you stand a real risk of opening yourself up to the forces of lethargy and despair. You loose the fire to life. You ask yourself: what is there to live for anyway? You see yourself surrounded by death and the emptyness.

Now, let me say this: The power of industry is greater than the power of sloth and despair any day and time. The past can never overcome the promise and power of the future.

Rekindle the spark of life in you and succceed. You were not created to fail; yes, you can win again and win real big.

Yours in total success,


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Exploit the Power of your Group and Succeed

August 26th, 2009
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Group power

There are some things in this life that are better done in group if you are to find success in your endeavors. In such cases the group performs better. You can multiply the chances of your success by leveraging the power of your group.

All great achievers have never been able to go it alone. They are always seconded by the force of the group which they represent.

You can build a common pool of resources and goodwill from the group that will certainly help in the achievement of your aims and goals.

Here are a few ways to help you harness the power of your group and succeed in all you do:

1. Build trust.

Inspire the group to belief in the ideal of the group as the goal of the organisation. Emphasize the ethical dimensions of the group ideal. The ideal must be presented in terms that are to be beneficial to everyone.

2. Develop a care mentality.

A caring culture within the group reinforces trust in the group. Let members of the group develop the aptitude to go beyond self when dealing with each other. Bond with each other in difficult and good times to create a genuine sense of belonging.

3. Communicate.
Communicate the ideal of the group at all times. Encourage divergent and dissenting views in the group. Once these are out, strive to transform them into converging ideas. Create uniformity of thought and purpose without stifling the innovations and creativity of the group.

Do this consisitently within a cordial framework to achieve the desired results.

4. Act in Group.

Act as a group when performing individually. Look at yourself as a representative of the group at all times. Let your actions represent and compliment the actions of all other group members. Act in unison. Encourage expressions of dissent and creatively transform them into expressions of consent.

All is not only possible in the life of  a strong and power group; it is doable. All lasting transformations in society can only be achieved with the force and power dynamics of the dominant groups of the society.

All things are possible to the group which believes in itself and works accordingly to achieve its ideals.

Yours in total success,


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Harness the Power of Possibility and Succeed

August 17th, 2009

Overcome rejectionThe stone that the builder rejected shall become the head corner stone.

This is true in all life. You see around you with your physical senses. You choose to build with the verities of the material realm. You build your life with the formed blocks and stones of what already is.

These blocks or stones are the circumstances in your life that already are.

These are the blocks of the things you see; they are the perfect stones of reason and logic.

You have rejected the uncultured stone; the wild and untamed realm of your imagination. Not yet perfected by the hand of man, it is rejected. It is not a perfect stone.

Well, in building a life of total success and fulfilment you will quickly find that the rejected stone of your imagination shall and must become the head corner stone.

It is the stone of faith and possibility. It is the stone of power and trust in the infinite sustainer of life.

Realize that the stone that you reject will become the head corner stone.Your dream of building a sustainable life of success and total fulfilment depends on it.

Embrace the wild, untamed and unworked realm of what can happen not what has happened. Let this be the head corner stone of the temple you build on the earth.

Embrace the world of possibility not the limited confines of what has already happened.

The realm of the possible is unlimited and untamed. It can be worked only by the power of your imagination and faith.

Build your life around the truth and infinite realm of what can be. Make the unpolished, untamed and rejected stone of this realm the corner stone of your life. You shall succeed against all odds. All is possible in  this realm.

Harness the power of your imagination. Dream up the circumstances you desire to live in. Act with faith and conviction on the designs of your imaginings and you will succeed.

This is the supreme trick of life. It is the only way to play this game and win. Let this not be a discourse in the abstract. Try it for yourself.

To do this here are three ways to help you get started:

1. Assume that you are your desire.

You are that which you have assumed. At the very least you will become it.

2. Reinforce the ideal you have incorporated as your truth.

Reinforce the ideal of the life you have assume by daily practise and action. Live the dream.

3. Make it a routine to maintain this viewpoint.

All can dream and tap into the realm of possibility. It is however those who consistently maintain this viewpoint that succeed.

You have been gifted with life and all that is neccessary to succeed in this life. Make use of it.

Yours in total success,


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Be Infinitely You

August 15th, 2009

Show your colorsIt is easy to compromise the possibilities you incarnate when faced with challenges in life. This is a natural reaction of a passive mind.

Do all you can while you have this life to explore all that you are and can be. You see, you have been outfitted for a fabulous life; and you have been provided with all that is neccessary to express all that is in you to the world.

Life is good at all times, including your life.

Take heart then when there is no hope. There is something of immense value to life residing in you. The world needs that.

We are all messengers of a higher truth to life. You hold in your life a piece of the message of life to life. Seek to become all that you are, not what you have become.

Here are three simple ways to begin the journey to the infinite you:

1. Seek the imperishables of life.

Associate yourself with the higher ideals of life such as love, peace, patience, industry and charity. You are called to grow continously into a finer and more compassionate being. You are called to become fully fulfilled and realized as an agent of life.
You facilitate this process by the ideals you have set for yourself. The more refined you are the easier will it become for you to discover the secret and sacred complicity that exists between you and all life.

2. Develop self confidence.

This has nothing to do with being arrogant. Develop the ability to trust that “you can”. Work with the understanding that life has already provided all to you; you are an agent of an unfailing power of the univerese. This is neccessary to counter the fear that we all face when confronted with the task of discovering our might.

3. Dream, yes dream.

What is happening now in your life does not matter. Dream of the world and circumstances you want to live in. Dream big and fabulous dreams for your life. Do not buy into the limitations of your past. Accept your dreams, know that you deserve to live in them and act accordingly. All that can ever happen to you will follow the contours of the dreams you habor.
All that has ever happened in your life is as you have dreamed.

You are meant to be active in the vineyards of life. GO OUT AND FEND FOR YOURSELF. To do otherwise is to let others determine your life and circumstances for you.

Become the infinite you.Take hold of the reins of your life. Become active in the design of the circumstances you experience. Fly as high as you can without fear. Life is an eternal forage into the infinite joy of the discovery of what lies within.

Your happinness and fulfilment in life depends on this. Affirm your individuality and shine out the light that is within you.

Stars shine alone. In their spledour they do not seek to be like others. You are a star. Be all you can be.

Yours in total success,


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Let Life Reveal Itself to You

August 14th, 2009

Surrender to life

If you are like me it is certain that you have questioned life many times over. Questions such as: why do certain things happen even to those who seem to be wholly innocent?

But life is just; it is so just that it will bring to your door steps only that which you have earned by your works.

You are in the vineyard of life; you are a worker in this vineyard of life. All that you experience in your affairs is simply the fruits of your labor. Let no one tell you otherwise; life is just.

No matter how difficult or challenging your life has been all can be changed by the efforts of your labor. Rip off the erroneous sowings of the past, clear the filelds anew and sow the seeds of the harvest of your desires.

This would seem like a tall order to you; it is not. It is the only way yet known to create and maintain lasting success in your life.

Now, here are three simple tricks to get you to begin the process of allowing life to reveal itself to you:

1. Act out of love at all times.

Love for yourself and for all others is the surest way to be in harmony with life. Do not decieve yourself; hate, mischief and malice is suicidal to say the least. Strive daily to flee from hate, mischief and jealousy.

2. Avoid fear by building trust.

The reason negative emotions reign supreme in your life is becuase you are afraid of life. You do not know who you are or what you are capable of. Begin to trust in the power of life. Trust that you were not created and left alone. Seek the alliance of this power in your daily affairs. Surrender in good faith to life.

3. Stay focused on the goals of your life.

An idle mind is the devils workshop. Set a goal for your life if you now have none. Dedicate your life to the accomplishement of this goal. Be busy in the garden of providence and you shall reap the success that you crave.

Now, remember that life is just at all times. Nothing is out of place, all is in balance; such a scheme is actually meant to work in your favor and the favor of all life. You are just as favored as the most successful person that you know in your life.

None other than yourself then is responsible for your success; all has been given. It was given to you when you were born to life.

Avoid the wicked ploys of the dark forces of the world. Embrace the warm comfort of the everlasting power of all life. You will discover a new relationship with life. It is that same power that is responsible for the majesty and glory that surrounds you.

Yours in total success,


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The Supreme Desire of Life

August 11th, 2009

Yield to the powerThe things you wish for are already in existence. Let it be known once and for all that you have been already supplied with all that you may ever need.

The challenge is of course for you to personally experience this.The supreme desire in your life is come to the full realization of the graces of life no matter what your circumstnces are.

Life is love;complete unconditional love for you at all times. This will not seem evident with all the troubles that you may be facing, but it is true all the same.

If you are poor you can receive abundance. If you are sick you can be healed of your disease. If you are troubled and weary, life can kiss your heart with the soothing balms of peace and fortitude.

Don’t give up, all is a matter of how you percieve things; Sometimes you will face tough situations such as an incurable disease or the loss of a lost one. Things such as these can be clearly disheartening. Yet even in such circumstances you can find comfort. Life and its benevolent powers are still at the doorsteps of your life. It will heal you if healing is needed and provide for you when all is seemingly lost.

You were created to fulfill a unique destiny; it is to experience the magical reunion between you and the power of all life. Until then live your life in full force. You are never without the protection of the one power of all life. It sustains you just as efficiently as it keeps the sun suspended in the galaxies.

The supreme desire of life is to rebuild this relationship again. Your petty needs and daily desires are nothing but the very assuring steps to personally come to the full realization of this power.

And when this surely happens a new day will be birthed in your life. It will be a day of peace, love, happiness and total success. Until then live life, it was created to serve you.

Yours in total success,


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Reawaken the Memory of Who You Are and Succeed

August 10th, 2009

Rise and shineYou are a mighty creation and creator in one. This you have forgotten and this is the problem you have to overcome to succeed in life. All the challenges you face are created out of the ignorance of who you are or who you can be.

Do not bear witness to the folly of victimhood. You will and can become great again if you realize once and for all who you truly are.

There are many who suffer from disease and lack out of ignorance; not out of denial from life. Life does not deny. It gives, it is it’s nature to give and give abundantly.

Turn away from your ways of old and begin to receive from the store house of life. Remind yourself of who you are and reap the harvests of your sowings.

Here are a few tricks to help you reawaken to your true self and power. With time and practice success will come to you in  no small measure.

1. Forgive all
Do not blame any one or any force seen or unseen for your mishaps in life. Hard times are made of the same stuff good times are made of. It is only the contents of the time that chqnges. Do not drink from the cup of bitterness and spite no matter how justified you think you are. You do yourself little good by assuming that you are a victim of circumstances.

2. Seek the sanction of the universal power of Life.

Seek the alliance of the great power of life not man. Send out your request to life with certainty. Be specific in your goals and vibrate within the energetic vortex of your desires. Recalibrate your feelings and your whole being to be in sync with what you desire.The power is in you. It is neutral and waits only to serve the impressions you have made of it.

3. Free yourself from thre unprogressive thoughts of your past.

Embrace the promise of the future.You will feel the deep waves of despair if you are stuck in the what has happened in your life. Life thrives on hope and hope is the bedrock of faith. Your life is a reflection of your faith; trust in the next moments of life. You are always given another chance in all you do to make things better. Embrace this and you will come to the pure realization of the power of grace in your life.

You were not created to suffer. Life does not create to punish; there is something in you that is aching to come out into the world; a thing that is uniquely patterned for you. Now find this out. Challenge yourself to live a life of truth. Be on your way to rediscover who you are and what you are here for.

All life has meaning including yours. It might not yet be obvious to you becuase of the craziness you see and experience daily in life. Even in your chaos there is an order visible to those who care to look.

Find yourself again, retrace the path to your fathers kingdom. That too is waiting at the gates to take you into your rightful inheritance of abundant joy and success.

Yours in total success,


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Be the Success you Desire

August 8th, 2009

Be it, you are it.The best way to create the change you desire is to accept in your mind that you are who you have claimed yourself to be. It does not matter that your circumstances are different.The most important thing here is that you accept in your mind that you are it: your goal.

No one will do this for you. You can be helped to accept what you desire to be in life but no one can maintain you there. That is why there will always be contrasts in the lives of all who live on earth.

No matter how the times are, find a way to routinely see yourself as your goal.

This is the bedrock of faith. It is all about seeing yourself as the objectification of your desires. See yourself as already living in the circumstances of your desires.

Now, in real life, act out the image you have of the new you as if you are it. Interact with all from the premise of what you have desired to become not what you presently are.

Do not be stuck in the present and what it has brought to you as in your circumstances. Work instead within the creative impulse of your life by creating and acting out a mental scipt of the life you wish to become.

This is the secret of all who have found success in this life and you can too. All is according to your desire.When you make mistakes do not falter;take a minute to silently remind yourself of who you are and who you intend to become. Stay focused on this image of the life you are creating.

Act consistently out of the image of your new self. Life will guide and direct your steps. It is it’s nature to do so.

You see, you are meant to cause things to happen; whether you do this to yourself or to others does not matter. It also does not matter whether you do this consciously or unconsciously; what matters is that you will create just becuase you are a life. You are alive.

Now what do you want to create? Be playful. Find a goal that interest you and get going.

Try this out; see for yourself if this will work or not. And above all have an open mind and life will richly reward you for your effort and time.

It waits on you all day and all night to fulfill the sacred songs of your heart. What are you waiting for or better still who are you waiting for?

Yours in total success,


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Cultivate a Viewpoint of Success in Life

August 7th, 2009

Work itIf you are observant about your life you will find that you are what you think about most of the time. You are or will become what you think about most intensely.

It does not matter whether what you think about is right or wrong. It also does not matter whether what you think about is about yourself or someone else. And it does not matter whether you engage in this as an idle past time or not; what you continually think about must surely come to pass in your life.

Your capacity to form thoughts in your mind is a great tool to serve you and your purposes in life. The challenge is you do not know how to efficiently and consciously harness the power of this realm.

This is why you have problems in your life. No one has failed you but yourself. You can draw out the circumstances you want to live in from the energy of the forcefields of your thoughts.

Now, I do not want you to think that you can just sit and will things into existence just by thinking them. Athough this too is possible, we are not yet there.

But it is possible to set the ground work for a successful life by completely recharging your mental environment with strong, positive and progressive thoughts.

Again it does not matter that the things you are thinking about are not now in existence, that is how it is supposed to be. The inexistence of your desires is designed to spur you into the creative mode of being. You owe it to yourself.

Do not buy into the false philosophy of despair and hopelessness. You are never helpless or hopeless, of course except you decide to think that you are. Then you will become.

Embrace your desires, cherish your thoughts. Cultivate the dynamic realm of your thoughts with the sacred ideals of your heart. You will live to see and taste sweet success.

Now, here is a secret: your thoughts will determine how you feel. How you are feeling now will influence your attitude. Your attitude is the bedrock of your enthusiasm. And your enthusiasm is the power behind how motivated you are. Motivation is the key to  all success. It is all a matter of your perspective in life.

Cultivate a perspective or view point of total success in your life and you will sooner than later become the object of your view point.

Seek then to become responsible for the view points you hold in life. Venerate and rever your power to create, not what has been created. In time all will be OK. The strong hand of the law of life is always just. Trust in this.

Yours in total success,


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You Are Your Environment

August 6th, 2009

To be who you are,know where you areIt is known known that you can control your life by influencing the environment in which you live. Your environment is not just your physical environ. Your environment is also and most importantly your mental space. Your life and all you experience is just an outer reflection of the environment in which you live.

If you seek to change your life change the environment in which you live.The solutions to the challenges of your life are found in your environment.

In times of troubles do not be bothered by the circumstances in which you find yourself.This is because your circumstances are an effect. Seek instead to control your environment. Place yourself in environments that are in harmony with your goals in life and you shall find the success you have been craving for.

Here are 3 simple tricks to help you take charge of your environment and find success in all you do:

1. Associate yourself with the scenes of the goals you desire.

It does not matter that you are not in the scenes of the life you now desire. Imagine yourself in the scenes of the life you intend to live. Go to physical places that remind you of what you want to achieve.

2. Avoid a toxic mindset.

Stay clear of idle gossip and the hunger for a tabloid lifestyle. These will drain you of your emotional energy. Let only your goals and your ideals bring any excitement into your life.

3. Be positive at all cost.
Be calm and positively centered no matter what goes on in your life. Nothing really matters when you are challenged except the state of your mind. Guard this with your life if you can and you will succceed in all you do.

Success in life is a science no matter what you have been thought to believe. All can be changed in your life. You can change the environment in which you live and thereby change the products or the circumstances of your life. You only have yourself in life to fend for yourself. You are created to have dominion over your circumstances. You can only dominate all things if you learn and master the art of controling your mental and physical environments.

Yours in total success,


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