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Micheal Joseph Jackson: A Modern Day Prophet

June 25th, 2009

The way of the the darkness of ignorance rely on the light from withinThe end has come. He now has passed on to the great beyond. The world will now pay attention to the message of this prophet of modern times.

He brought change through his life. And admitted several times that he could not do it by himself. Micheal Joseph Jackson we salute you.

It is harsh in this world of imperfection called earth. Do not despair all you who have come to share your light. Be bold and brave. It is not easy.

Just remember, the one who commissioned you with your task will see you through.

He changed the world through his music. His mission is accomplished and it was time to go back home.

Wipe away your tears weeping fans and foes. There is work to be done.

You can pay tribute and homage to the great life of Micheal Joseph Jackson by becoming an emissary of the love message in his music.

Seek to heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for the entire human race. There is great suffering in the world. If you care enough for the living seek to make a better place for you and for everyone.

Yes, there is a place in your heart. A place of love. In this place there is no need to cry. A place of power. There are ways to get there. Just care enough for the living and you shall get there.

This was Micheal Joseph Jackson and that was his message to the world.

Take some time out to listen to his songs again. You might find the secret key to unlock a life of joy, peace and total fulfillment. He was a prophet, now gone with the wind of time.

Yours in total success,



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Direct the Flow of your Life Power - 3 Tips

June 23rd, 2009

The power of life runs through you.You have been given this body and the senses for a reason. It is to be a life. To sense the force of life as it flows through you.

Do not waste this opportunity. Seek ways to sharpen your focus on the life current that flows through you.

You see, in crises situations you panic and loose your cool over the direction of your life.Times are hard and challenging no one is denying that.

But you have the power to experience the current that is flowing through you now. You can redirect this current to be in harmony with where you want your life to be and it will be so.

The power is in your hands.

Here are 3 simple tips to recondition and redirect the flow of your life power and succeed in all you do:

1. Be present.

Learn to be in the moment. There is so much to enjoy in your life. There is so much around you that can stimulate emotions of gratitude and joy in your life right now. But you have to be present to experience these.

2. Do not take things for granted.

Take time out despite your troubles to feel your way around. Look into the eyes of the people around you. See how they react to the energy of things that happen to them. Feel the pace of your breath. Take out some quiet time for yourself and just be. Watch the birds or a flower in bloom. Become involved with life.

3. It is OK to fail.

Yes, it really is. The catch is not to stay with your failures. Try again. Take a pause from where you have been but try again. The hurt you feel in failure is the cry of rejected energies. Recollect these energies and redirect them towards a new goal. Something went wrong that can be fixed. Sort this out and set sail anew.

You were given the privilege of life because you were judged fit for life. Do not judge yourself otherwise. You deserve to be here in this time. You were created with the the tools necessary to create a life of fulfilling happiness and total success.

Be awake. Seek the perfected life. The body and the senses were given to you in order that you might experience the fruits of your creations.

Seek what you want. Set the goals of the life you wish to live. Marshall the power and energy needed to power your vision from within. Harness your thoughts and feelings to serve the purpose of your life and you shall succeed.

Discipline is required. Be steady in all your ways and your days will reflect the calm resolve needed to bring all your wishes to reality.

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Yours in total success,


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Reclaim your Authentic Power in Life and Succeed

June 22nd, 2009

Weave the tapestry of your unique life.You live in a world hastily pieced together by the powers that be to maintain the peace. Conventional wisdom has always been a flawed paradigm for change.

The leadership of the world operates from a platform of crisis management.

They think they have the solutions to the ” impending doom ” of the rank and files of society. It is this conception that allows them to lord it over the unsuspecting masses of the world.

This is the arrogance of privilege and power. Your lives depend on the unlimited supply of providence. Do not rely on man or any association of men for your supply. Let sleeping dogs lie.

It is easy to be caught up in the patronizing gestures of the power of society. You are not a crises, never was meant to be. You are in this moment in a harmonic dance of sorts. It is you who listens to the music. Dance according to the tunes you hear.

Step on the floor of life with the audacity and conviction of the drumbeats within you. Don’t buy into the false doctrine of gloom and doom. Such a perspective will make you loose your authentic power.

Reclaim your power from the social realm. Governments and all external authorities exist because of you. They exists because of the power you have given to them. If you deny them this power they will not exist.

The false display of chaos is the cover needed to usurp your right to self determination. All power maniacs know this. They have mastered the art of crises creation and maintenance for their own benefit.

So be it.

Now, here are 4 quick tips to free you from the suffocating grip of the social power:

1. Be authentic

Copy cats are nothing but social parasites. They do not have the capacity to survive in the long run. Live the free life. Free to be who you are.

2. Exercise patience in your endeavors.

The desire for quick and easy games is the downfall of many. Time is needed to birth out your manifestations. It is a natural law. Work with that.

3. Do not be afraid of death.

Your fear of death is infantile. There is nothing as certain as your eventual demise. Embrace it in your life. It will put things in perspective for you.

4. Embrace the urgency of now.

Procrastination will leave you open and defenseless to the corrupt morals of society. Act and act now. Seize the opportunity of the present and march towards your goals.

There is more but time will tell. There is an epic battle in all the worlds. It is the battle of the unlimited inner forces of life and the limited external forces of man.

You were created and given dominion over all things. Guard this privilege with the ferocity of one whose life is in danger. And it really is…that is when you do not act accordingly.

You can create create the life of your dreams if you know how.

Yours in total success,


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Affirm your Supremacy Over the Circumstances of Your Life

June 21st, 2009

Embrace the promise of a new dayYou are a success machine, you cannot fail. You can only become what you have created. You succeed all the time because you create all the time.

The problem is you are not aware that you are a creator. This  is why you panic when your circumstances are not just what you desired.

But again you created these circumstances so you are successful. The ideal therefore is to be able to create the circumstances which you desire. Not the circumstances that you do not desire.

Affirm  the power of life in you and create the results that you want.

Here are 3 simple ways to free yourself from the grip of your circumstances and affirm your supremacy over all you desire in life:

1. Strive for  non material things.

Strive to be non attached to the material circumstances of the life you live.You are of a non physical essence encapsulated so to speak in a physical embodiment. This is a temporal affair. Do not confuse the medium in which you have life with who you are. Be gracious to yourself. Put things in their proper perspective. Give to the material realm what is due to the material realm. Give to life what is life’s.

2. Do not settle for cheap pleasures.

It is easy to become subdued by the cheap pleasures of the senses. Many live their lives in the pursuit of emotional highs and sensual stimuli. This you must avoid at all cost. Do not become a social submissive, beaten into submission by the fleeting promises of the cheap pleasures of life. Strive instead for the higher essence of life : Love, service, gratitude, patience, poise etc. You will find true power and lasting joy if you make these your desire.

3. Adopt the servant mind.

Adopt the attitude of one who has come so others can be enriched. Live with no expectations of entitlements. Assume the posture of a contributor and a giver. You have already been served by life that is why you serve life. Turn the tables. Give and give again. There is a special treat reserved by life for those who have discovered this.

Be all the man or woman you are called to be. This life is a gift. You really loose nothing in all your travails. You are the incarnation of the supreme power of life. You cannot loose because the power does not loose.

In the face of your challenges do not despair. Take heart; walk into your future with the courage and confidence of your inheritance. Be a hero to your life. Do not buy into the false teachings of doom and gloom.

Life is bigger than all that can happen here below. Before these things were, you were and after these things, you still are.  Be present in the cosmic firmament of time. Be ready to ever project and forge ahead with the secret designs of your inner chambers.

Do not yield to the suffocating stranglehold of what has happened in your life. Forge on instead; freed by the liberating influence of what can be.

You can change your life now and create the desires of your heart.

Yours in total success


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Life As Art: Four Tips to your Best Life

June 19th, 2009

Life is art...what are you working on?Count your wealth in terms of the value you bring to the lives of those you encounter daily.

Do not measure your self worth in material terms. Seek first to affirm the good in you. Life will reflect that value back to you.

It is this dynamic that is the bedrock of all success in your life. Nothing less.

Count yourself wealthy for having life. You are now in the midst of the goldmine of life. Seek your true worth, affirm that worth and the world will beat a path of success to your door.

Here are 4 simple steps to help you create and live your best life:

1. Affirm your intrinsic value.

Seek to find value in yourself. A self generated sense of worth is the bedrock of all prosperity. Do not imitate but innovate. Find new ways of addressing the many challenges that we all face in life. Do not buy into the conventional way of doing things. Live on the edge of societal norms and you shall succeed.

2. Seek to contribute to the well being of others.

Strive to bring value in the lives of all you interact with. This is the only avenue to creating lasting wealth and success in your life. All of life is fueled by desire. By bringing value you satisfy the desires of man. It doesn’t matter what this is. So long as the laws of the land are not broken you will become a winner. Contribute to the well being of all and you will be revered by all.

3. Create memories of goodwill.

People are supremely ruled by emotions. Your reputation is not based on the merits of who you truly are. It is based on how you are perceived by those concerned.To succeed seek to create pleasant imprints in the lives of those you interact with. Do not attempt to satisfy all. Seek instead to make sure that you are remembered with fondness by those you interact with.

4. Do good for goodness sake.

People are not dumb. The good that you do cannot be matched by the ruthlessness of the world you live in. People take notice. The ripples of gratitude that these exude will not go unnoticed by you. Do good for goodness sake.

You see, life is an opportunity for you to discover your oneness with it. Nothing matters but life. Choose life. Choose hope over despair. You cannot fail in this venture. You are backed by the powerful force of creation.

Live your life with this in mind and you will find true and lasting happiness. Life is a facade of time. You will not have this opportunity forever.

Do not seek to satisfy all. It is impossible. Live life as art. Be true to yourself. What is your craft. What is the masterpiece that you are working on?

Be like the sun. It shines its golden rays on all. It judges none but unconditionally gives out the splendor of its heavenly light and warmth to all. To all who care to receive it.

Yours in total success,


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Live the Extrordinary Life: 3 Tips

June 17th, 2009

You are worthyCall out your name and succeed.You were created to experience an extraordinary life. Most people are worried into a life of mediocrity and lack.

They do not know that they have the extraordinary ability to call out a new destiny for themselves.  You are designed to live the fabulous life.

Here are three quick tips on how to live the extraordinary life:

Do not settle for half baked results.

Be daring, bold and strong in life. Do not be weak, wimpy and needy. Life responds faster to those who are daring and bold in the face of their challenges. Develop your bad boy or girl attitude in life and go for what you want. Life will respond to your desires. Avoid being a victim by all means.

Avoid worries and seek to be free.

There is no need in living a life in which you are not completely free, at least mentally. Call out your name and live. Life will create an echo of the person you have called out yourself to be. All that you experience is a reflection of what you have projected on the mirrored screen of life. You owe it to yourself to project the perfect image of your desires on that screen. It is an equal opportunity affair. All is an echo.

Embrace chaos and disorder.

Become a the hero of your life. Failure is the expression of disorder and disharmony between your goals and your circumstances. Become the hero of the movie of your life. Reestablish the order and harmony that is desired in your life. All long for a sense of achievement in life. Your desire to succeed is embedded in your DNA. Embrace The chaos that is now your life. It is an opportunity for you to realize the hero in you. It is an opportunity to discover your true power.

Now listen, you have been gifted with life in a space and time continuum. A few scores of years from now the curtains will be drawn and the show will be over. In the meantime you have the supreme unconditional privilege to drive the train of your life. Drive this train to the stations of your choice.

Now, call out the name of your next stop. Call out the name of the life you intend to live. Fire up the engine and get a sailing. Be fired up and ready to claim the fabulous life that you have designed for yourself.

There is nothing more enchanting in life than discovering your true power. The power to move yourself and circumstances from point A to point B.

You can live an extraordinary life. It is all on you. Find out for your self how powerful you are and can become.

Seek and you shall find. Live the extraordinary life.

Yours in total success


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Be in The Now and Succeed in All You Do

June 15th, 2009

The fierce urgency of nowYou have the power to succeed in Life. You are already wired for success. The problem is that you are not paying attention to your present. You are living in the memory lanes of your past. You are crushed by the anxieties of the future.

You cannot succeed when you live in the past.You cannot succeed when you are overcome by the fear of things not yet born.

Seek to live in the now. Become present in the moments of your life. You will instantly realize the power to change your circumstances.

Here are 3 quick tips for you to begin to live in the moment and succeed in all you do:

1. Pay attention to your thoughts.

Your thoughts are the drivers of your destiny. Pay attention to the stream of thoughts flowing through your mind at all times. Simply ask yourself  this: “what am I thinking now”. This technique will help you situate the stream of thoughts flowing through your mind. It is a first step. Don’t ignore it.

2. Think and act.

Most people act and think later. This is as a result of their social conditioning and lack of emotional control. Always think before acting. Don’t just do anything because that is the way you have done it before. Get into the habit of questioning yourself before your actions. This will take time to bare fruit but it is important to master.

3. Discipline your feelings and emotions.

Your emotions are the fuel that drives your destiny. It is easy to get consumed by your emotions in the face of challenges. This clouds your ability to think. And so it is easy to become a slave of your feelings rather than masters of it. You can calm your emotions by developing the supreme confidence in yourself and life. Let it be known once and for all that all is OK in your life.

Your emotions are your energy in motion. They are very powerful. Redirect the feelings that well up in you ever so often into the present task at hand . You will find success.

These tips will seem to be very easy to you. Do not be fooled by its simplicity. You will find success in all your endeavors if you adopt them as a way of living and facing the challenges of daily life.

Accept you and accept the now completely. The past doesn’t really matter anymore. It has already happened. The future is non existent for all can be controlled now in the present. Get back on the saddle of your present. Forge ahead consciously. Master the moments of your life and bring on the changes you desire.

Time is like a block of dominoes. Push one forward and they will push all the other blocks to infinity. Push the block of the present with the desires of your heart and the blocks of your future will fall in place.

Yours in total success,


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Think What is Possible and Succeed - 3 Tips

June 11th, 2009

Unlock the world of what is possibleSuccess in life is not the absence of challenges. It is your ability to thrive despite the challenges you face.

Those who succeed despite all odds are those who think of what is possible.

In the face of challenges they fall back unto their resourcefulness. They think what is possible. Not what is impossible.

You too can think what is possible and succeed. Here are three ways to begin to think what is possible in your life and succeed:

1. Start by challenging your circumstances.

When you think what is possible you challenge the power of what now is. The status quo of your life is maintained by you and no one else. If you find that these circumstances are not what you want challenge them. Impose your vision upon the play field of what has happened. Break the neck of the force of inertia in your affairs.

2. Do not give in to what you do not want.

Do not resign yourself to fate. Success and failure are both sides of the golden coin of life. You have the power to flip the coin any way you want. Do not make peace with what you do not want. Take the initiative to change what needs changing. Resigning in the face of your challenges is akin to giving up your freedom in life.

3. Act out what you have deemed possible.

This is how you stretch the boundaries of what can happen in your life. Stretch the horizons of what is possible in your life. Live in the cutting edge of your personal evolution and development. Let your life become a very personal laboratory of what is possible. Act out your dreams.

You loose nothing in thinking what is possible. Your horizons in life can be stretch to accommodate what YOU have deemed possible. Don’t wait for someone to do this for you. Exercise your God given right to expand the horizon of what is possible in your life. It is your life.

Explore the vast expanse of the life before you. Seek new ground. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you will find. It is a promise. Do not yield to the silent tyranny of what has already happened in your life. If you ARE not happy with your harvest do not despair. Get to work;  sow your seeds anew on the unploughed fields of what is possible.

Take the plunge. You are already at the end of the diving board. There is no where to go but up when you are down. Faced with impossibilities the door of possibility is opened wide. Walk boldly into the promise of what can be in your life and succeed.

Yours in total success,



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Embrace your Challenges and Create your Future - 3 Tips

June 10th, 2009

Times are tough. Anytime you go through challenges there is a real chance for you to become better than you were before. That is if you embrace and work through the challenge.

Great works can be produced by the burn of pain and trouble. A new you can be forged out of the chaos of your present difficulties.

This is because life has given you all. And you can only become all that you can accept.

The pain and challenges in your life are subtle invitations to explore the unknown. The pain grows stronger when you hold on to the past and present.

Embrace your uncertain future with courage and daring. You will certainly discover a new sun. You will find that there is life after all and that all is well in your life.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you embrace your challenges and define a new future for yourself:

1. Embrace the unknown.

You are cultured to find safety and comfort in the routines of society. Do not be tamed by normalcy. Nothing is normal in life; everything is freshly experienced. Face the uncertainties of your future with the certain knowledge that you will overcome whatever is thrown on your path.

2. Welcome your challenges.

A challenge is not a bad thing after all. It is a signal that you desire something other than what now is. This is a good thing. Adopt the attitude of a problem solver. Wake up daily with the attitude of a solutions provider for your life. Embrace your challenges. They will keep you honest, active and alive.

3. Seek to find meaning in your life.

Your challenges are signposts to your destiny. Nothing is out of place in your life. There is a blue print of the life you are destined to live. A life you have conceived and accepted. You may not now be aware of this because of one reason or the other. Rest assured that life in its infinite wisdom will remind you of who you are.

Life continuously speaks to you. It is calling you out of your shell of fear and cowardice. Do not despair and think some one has placed a curse on you. You can be different.

The challenge is you do not know what lies beyond the horizons of your future. This is why you are in distress when faced with difficulty. Rest assured ; the future is not there to be known for there is none. The future is created. You create your future by moving boldly into the unformed realm of tomorrow.

Do not fear or despair. Walk through the void that lies between your today and tomorrow. Though your steps are shaky and uncertain you are heading in the right direction.

Life is meant for the living not the dead. Embrace the full spectrum of your life and discover the treasure that you are.

Yours in total success,


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Become a Witness of the Great Power of Life in your Affairs

June 9th, 2009

None is without the comfort of the power of lifeThere is nothing wrong with you. All is yet in place for a great comeback no matter what your past has been.

There is a power that is abundantly available to all. A sacred wind of sorts to help you carve out the experiences you desire to live through.

Here are 3 quick tips to help you become a witness of the power in your life.

1. Stop looking at the circumstances you do not want.

Ignore those things and circumstances that you do not desire in your life. Why waste your time and your energy brooding over things that do not serve your purpose. Begin to do this today. It will take sometime; be patient. Get in the habit of taking your attention off the feelings, ideas and thoughts that you do not find favor with.

2. Seek instead to give form to the things you want.

You give form to the things you want by constantly thinking, assuming and affirming them in your life. You do this despite all evidence to the contrary. You see, this will generate hope in your life. Your hope is the precursor of faith and your faith will pull that which you desire into your life in due time.

3. Work in complicity with the power of life.

Work with the complicity of the benevolent power of life. Grace abounds in all life. Take a look at nature. All is in constant change, nothing stays the same. Your circumstances are not carved in stone. They can be transformed to fit the molds you have created for your self. Grace abounds. You are unconditionally flooded by the mercies of creation at all times. None has been left without the help and secret comfort of the abundant love of life.

Now, remember life has no sides. It is neutral and open to all its children. It has equal provision for all in all seasons. Your task is to accept this protective mantle of life. You do this by creating and maintaining an unrelentingly positive attitude.

Choose to be forward looking no matter what your past or present has been. Desire is the beginning and end of the creative process. Do not be afraid to want. Want and want boldly.

The real challenge in life is not to make a living. That is the easy part. The challenge is to become a witness of the great power of life in your affairs. It is to consciously affirm your complete supremacy over your circumstances.

It is a non negotiable. You will not be allowed to run away from the call of life. You are firmly in its grasp. Life will not let up until your life has become a testimony of its power and greatness.

Your life is an opportunity to affirm this. Up and be about your business. Your life is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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