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Harness the Power in Dissapointment and Succeed.

May 30th, 2009

Fight to victoryLife is a template of opportunity. All is given. It does not matter that you have failed or faced disappointment.

All is still possible. Nothing is lost in life and nature and you have life now. You have all.

Here are 3 quick ways to harness the power in your failures and succeed.

1. Seek to be quiet and still your mind.

Find time when in difficulty to recollect yourself in prayer or meditation. Seek to quieten the mind in anyway you can. It is important to recollect yourself quickly. Rein in the forces of your attention.

2. Provide another outlet for your energies.

You see failure is when your focus and attention has not borne the desired fruit. This energy once rejected has no where to go. In such times it reigns in turbulence. That is why you are so out of it when times are challenging. Pick a hobby, a pastime or a new habit. Find new ways to channel the forces of your creative power.

3. Be unattached to outcomes.

All your circumstances are outcomes. They mean little to the creative genius in you. Seek instead to focus on your creative power.Live in the cutting edge of the life power. Here you will find that you can create and uncreate at will. You will discover your through power.

You see, nothing is wasted in life. You are the pure energy of life crystallized into physical form. Do not despair in challenging times. You have done well to seek and set your goals. When these are not achieved regroup your army like a valiant general at war. Choose another battle.

Do not let your soldiers slumber in idleness and lack of purpose else they will come for you.

Marshall these forces with authority and good cheer. March them onward to victory. You are indomitable even in these times of change and challenge.

Yours in total success,


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Unlock Your Dream Life - 3 Easy Steps

May 29th, 2009

Unlock your dream lifeYour life is a contact sport. Get up, get out and play. You will get hurt but that is the nature of the game.

Do not buy into the entitlement philosophy. No one owes anything to you. Not even life. You owe it to yourself to wake up and live no matter what .

These are tough times to say the least. But it is trying to the body and not your true power. You are designed to play a winning game.

Here are 3 simple ways to plow through tough times and wake up to your amazing life.

1. Fake it till you make it.

Do not wait for the circumstances you desire to come through for you. Create the circumstances you desire by assuming that you are it. Just assume the mental and physical posture of who you have desired to become. See yourself constantly in the mold you have cast for yourself.

2. Under promise and over deliver in all you do.

Strive to create positive impressions of excellence in all you. Under promising and over delivering creates instant impressions of goodwill and excellence. This is a major boost to your self esteem. A healthy self esteem is the main undercurrent of all who have found success in their lives.

3. Depend on life and your ingenuity for your provision.

It is easy to lean on the largess of external powers such as government handouts and bail outs. In times of crises these come in handy. By all means seek not to be dependent on them though. There is a danger that you can become addicted and dependent on these. Do not loose your power of self determination. If nothing else look upon the power of life and let that be your rock in these trying times.

This life is nothing but a template of opportunity equally presented to all. Life knows and accepts all who comes to it in good faith. It shall return to you in equal measure just what you have inputted into it.

And just what you can put into it is up to you. Herein lies the key to the amazing life that can be ll yours.

In tough times things can very easily slip out of your control. Let it be; but by no means allow your desire to live a fabulous and amazing life be compromised.

All is possible in the these times of change and challenge. Own up to the power that courses within you and wake up to your amazing life.

It is waiting for you.

Yours in total success,


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Harness your Intuitive Power and Succeed in Life - 5 Simple Steps

May 28th, 2009

You are never alonelAll breakthrough ideas and inventions in life  come when you least expect them. At least consciously. This is because there is another power working for you. It works through you to help you in your daily challenges.

Life is a simple play out of an eternal equation: Problem–Problem solved–Happiness. All of your problems can be reduced to this simple formula.

Life knows this. In its innate wisdom it seeks to guide you in finding the solutions to the problems you face.

Do not despair when faced with unforeseen circumstances. Seek instead the alliance of the greater power of the life force in you. And you will find success in all you do.

Here are 5 simple steps to awaken you to the intuitive guidance of life:

1. Get more rest and sleep often.

A restless mind and body will cut you off from the intuitive flow of life. Get more sleep. Make it a habit to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep a day. Pay attention to your dreams especially when facing potentially life changing events in your life. You will be amazed at the insights that will come to you.

2. Exercise your body and mind.

Stretch the capacities of the your body. You don’t have to become a gym rat. Find ways to  continually work the body out of its routines. Same goes with your mind. Explore new ideas. Think new thoughts. Do anything that is intellectually challenging. The purpose in all this is to make you more receptive to the intuitive inflows of life.

3. State your problems clearly.

Life is a reflecting medium. To be served efficiently by life you need to state your claim as clearly as possible. If your ideas are foggy you will get foggy inflows. If you know exactly what you want, you will know exactly what the solution is when it shows up.

4. Trust the answers you receive.

Nothing succeeds like success. Trust builds on trust. Let your experiences guide you, but trust the answers you have received. This is necessary to keep the flow running at all times. But more so it allows you to have the courage to execute these silent whispers of life. And it is in its execution that the soundness of the intuitive wisdom of life is revealed in a very personal way to you.

5. Let it be a personal affair.

Your complicity with life is a personal affair. Seek to develop this intimacy to maturity in your daily life. Do not rush out to pronounce your new found source of wisdom and strength. Let your life and the works of your life do the talking. Be quiet and still. Keep your lips sealed as you develop a secret intimacy with this power.

Life seeks to continuously speak to you, to guide you in your vale of challenges. It knows your needs and waits patiently for you to ask and receive. You are never alone, never was meant to be alone.

Do not despair in these times of change and challenge. Your time has come. All that you desire you can have. Aided by the comforting presence of the intuitive hand of life all will be well in due time.

Wake up, get out and play. Your amazing life is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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Live Out Loud: 5 Ways to Seek Out your Full Potential in Life

May 23rd, 2009

Bloom Bloom BloomYou now have the gift of life. This gift is untarnished by the hardships or difficulties you go through. Your promise is intact.

Shake off the feelings of despair and disappointment regarding the circumstances you now live in.

Nothing has changed really. You are still possible. You can become all that you have desired in spite of your so called hardships.

Let truth be told, success can never be achieved in a vacuum. You do not succeed because of the absence of problems. You succeed in spite of the challenges you face. This is the underlining power of success.

Here are 5 ways to live out loud and embrace the full  promise of your destiny:

1. Be confident.

Life knows you. It possesses the secret key to the full bounty that is in you. It will never share that which is yours with anyone else. It waits patiently for you to claim you. Embrace your life and claim what is yours. Be supremely confident.

2. Your destiny is unique.

You have been sent out to the world with a unique mail. A message or purpose you alone have the key to. There is no return to sender here. What is the secret gem that lies within you. You are you and yours is yours. Your destiny is unique. You belong to you. Claim yourself now entirely.

3. Ask life to show you its power.

Do not operate in the void of empty speculation. Life will defend your cause. Ask of it. Own up to the life that yearns to come out of you. You were embalmed by the secret power of life at birth. You are the gate keeper of all that transpires in your life.

4. Be present in the present.

Worry not about tomorrow. Be active now, for you now are. Let tomorrow come if it pleases but in the here and now you are the master. Act with certainty and faith. Let the hand of life moderate your actions. You cannot afford to worry about that which is behind you or that which is to come. You are the leader of the life you live. All that is to come must follow you. It must follow the direction you have created for it.

5. Magnify the power of life.

Gather your thoughts and settle in the cause of the life you have been given. Stake your life upon its execution and you will instantly summon the benevolent power of success in all you do. Nothing is wasted in life including you. Life waits only to assist you in is own efficient ways to bring you into full bloom.

Absolve yourself of your missteps of the past. They are now water under the bridge of life. What you in ignorance did shall in wisdom be absolved. Free yourself from the trappings of your failing circumstances and embrace the promise of your full power.

Your challenge is ignorance of the law of life. So above all seek true knowledge and understanding. Practice these tips and the slate of your life will be wiped clean.

You will be given a fresh opportunity to start all over. To embrace the mighty promise that still lies untouched within you.

Your in total success,


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Develop the Stamina of Success: 3 Quick Tips

May 21st, 2009

You are uniqueIn times of great change ideas abound. You may be tempted to fall for the criticism of your peers and give up your dream.

This is why people fail. They do not have the stamina to live out the reality of their own creation.

They are fickle and finicky. They switch sides with the passing winds of time. They do not wait enough to activate the receiving power of their lives. And so they fail.

Here are 3 simple tricks to keep you on course in difficult times:

1. Be humble.

Humility is not a simple discipline. People think they know everything. Flee from this attitude. Stay poised only in the desires of your heart. Do not resist the opinions others have about you. It is only you and your ideal that matters to life. Don’t go into a fight or argument about who you are. You and your opinion of yourself are the only thing that matters.

2. Stand tall with your convictions.

The designs of your heart are filled with an energy not from this realm. Nothing that stirs your heartstrings is purposeless in this world. Embrace your dream with authority and certainty. You would not dream it if it was not possible to accomplish it.

3. Act according to your inner direction.

Use your time wisely. Do only what you have judged right. Let the naysayers bask in their creations. Be certain only of who you are and the direction of your journey.

The journey of your life is full of turns and twists. It is full of blind spots. Let your inner compass guide you to your true north. Not the false north of society but the true longing and desires of your heart. Stay true to who you have deemed your purpose to be. Time will tell. Let it be the judge not man or circumstance.

Nothing has ever been created by a wavering mind. Be still in the conceptions of your heart and all shall come to pass in due time.

Yours in total success,


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Manifest your Desires Today - 3 Tips to Rapidly Create your Dream Life

May 19th, 2009

 Go for your dream lifeThe reason you fail in life is not because you have been denied. Life does not deny anyone who is alive. You deny yourself  of the bountiful supply of the universe by your actions.

You can manifest the life you want. Do not think otherwise. Examine the premise of your life today. What is missing in this life? What do you want to create? Be bold.

Times may be hard that is true but there is a greater power that influences the conditions of man.

Here are 3 quick ways to manifest your desires despite the circumstances you live in:

1. Ask and you shall receive.

You see you cannot ask if you do not have an intrinsic belief that you will receive. This is our nature. Asking is the art of receiving. Have the audacity to hope. To ask of what now doesn’t exist is the manifestation of your true power.

2. Do not concern yourself about the how.

All that is needed is for you to pull through life with your focus and attention. Be firm in your thought and conviction. These will create a pathway through the medium of life to bring to your doorsteps the things you have wished for yourself.

3. Be specific in your choosing.

Be clear and precise about what you want of life. This is only needed so as to assist the efficient action of life’s supply lines. Be purposeful and clear on the goal you wish to achieve. There is little sense in scattering your fire power( attention) all over the place.

Life beckons daily. It is constantly inviting you to discover its joy and power. Pay no attention to the circumstances in which you live. They mean nothing. All is sustained in your world by the living energy of your attention.

You simply cannot surrender your power to the silent tyranny of unwanted circumstances. Do not make peace with the unwanted circumstances of your life. What do you desire to manifest? Go ahead and create them. You are made to pull the visible out of the invisible.

Yours in total success,


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Lead in Crises: 4 Quick Tips to Instantly Overcome any Crises in your Life

May 18th, 2009

Lead in crisesThings can become challenging in life. Change is the norm. Do not panic and lose control when in crises. It is only a temporary turbulence so to speak.

Hold strong in such times and you will weather the storms in your life. To do otherwise is a sign of powerlessness. Avoid this at all cost.

Be a leader of your world and circumstances at all times and you will find success in all you do.

Here are three quick tips to help you navigate the storms of crises in your life and find total success:

1. Think of what you can do not what you cannot do.

In a crises situation your mind is directed to the failures of your efforts. Things will seem to be going against the grain of the wishes of your heart. In such moments think instead of what you can do to make things better not what you cannot do. You see the tendency is to think of what you cannot do. Refrain from this . You do not want to be overwhelmed by the energy of the things that you do not want in life.

2. Find aspects that you can control.

If the crises is of humongous proportions find little pieces that you can quickly bring under your control. This is important to reestablish your self confidence. It will create a sense of achievement and drive away the feelings of despair in your efforts.

3. Imagine the problem solved.

Your circumstances are the outcome of your perceptions in life. Your attitude is controlled by your perception. In a crises situation your perception is the most important factor. Imagine that the challenge you are facing is solved. The idea is to disrupt the energy of failure and to regain your mental poise and confidence.

4. Become active in finding solutions to the challenges.

Do something, anything to assert your dominance over the situations you face. Being passive in times of crises is an act of  indirect complicity with your challenges. Break ground, start a new edifice of the circumstances you want to create. Do not listen to the howling winds of misfortune. Stand your ground and build again in the manner of the  perfect craftsman.

All things can be made whole again with the right attitude of mind. You fail in crises only when you give up your power to the circumstances facing you. A crises is nothing more than the perception of powerlessness on your part.

Reclaim your poise and confidence no matter the nature of the beast facing you. You are made of a greater power in life. Exercise this power in times of great change and crises. Reaffirm your ability to lead in such moments by creating and adopting the perception of control.

And in due time you will find the answers and the insights necessary to overcome the challenges you face. All is absolutely at your beck and call. Remember this.

Yours in total success,


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Boost Your Confidence Now: 4 Quick Tips

May 16th, 2009

Take in the measure of your full worthThe world is an exchange mechanism. You bring value to receive value. That is the name of the game.

Do not despair if things are not working right for you. You will come out alright if you retain your self confidence.

Even when your circumstances are bleak  you can boost your self confidence in life and dramatically succeed.

Here are 4 tips to instantly boost your confidence in Life and succeed:

1. Seek ways to be relevant.

You see life responds to life. Find ways to be useful to society. It is the only way you can genuinely and instantly reboot your relevance in society. There is something intrinsically valuable in your life. Make that the center point of your existence. Let it become the raison d’etre of your life.

2. Know what you have to offer.

Value is a subjective experience. If you do not see the intrinsic value of who you are none  will see that. If you see value in who you are this will generate a boost in your self esteem. Project this realization in all you do. The world will only reflect to you who you have conceived of yourself.

3. Self promote.

Sell yourself without appearing haughty. The brand that is you will not be demanded if it is not known in the market place. Start by espousing the ideals or ideas that propel you in life. Communicate these in simple consistent ways and you will generate a buzz about you. You will have a fair chance to compete.

4. Do not take rejection personally.

Understand that your unique value will not be perceived or appreciated by all you meet. This is normal. Do not take rejection personally. The world is such a diverse place and people have so many tastes and sensitivities. There is something for everyone. Successful sales people do not stop working when they get their first no. Learn from them.

Life is a story that is speaking to you. It is continually giving back to you the story you have created. Do not be fooled. If you are not happy with the circumstances you are living in, change them. It is you who created the story. Start by becoming confident of who you are and what you are destined to become.

What you are destined to become is your creation. Your self confidence is the all important fuel for this to be accomplished. Above all remember that you cannot successfully sell yourself to others unless you have sold yourself first to you.

Yours in total success,


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Overcome Rejection and Thrive: 4 Tips

May 14th, 2009

Reach out in confidenceDo not fall into a life of dejection and remorse when you are rejected. We all know rejection hurts.

You may be rejected by your spouse or friend. You may be rejected by your employer when you are fired or laid off. You may face rejection when you loose in any venture.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an election or a sales contract gone awry. Rejection hurts.

Do not feel dejected and despondent when this happens. Lick your wound and get back into the stream of life.

Here are 4 tips to help you overcome rejection and thrive again:

1. Be who you are.

Stay true to yourself no matter what. It is tempting in times of rejection to try to become what others think of you. Avoid this at all cost. You are a free born. Stay true to who you are. There is something for everything that has life life here below.

2. Look forward to the possibilities of the future.

Your emotions are glued to the circumstances of the past. If you keep looking at the failures of yesterday you will never be able to overcome the trials that came with it. No matter what happens in life there is always the bright promise of tomorrow. Things can be different. Wipe the slate of yesterday clean with the possibilities of what can be tomorrow. Let this be your guiding light as you work your way through the pains of rejection.

3. Channel your frustration into creative pursuits.

There is an enormous reservoir of emotional energy that is unleashed in the face of any rejection. Do not let this go to waste. Channel the pain, anger, hurt and anguish you feel into a creative pursuit. Pick up a new hobby, work on projects that you have kept in the back burners for  awhile. Do anything you fancy. There is a greater chance that you will succeed. You now have an enormous amount of free flowing energy in circulation in your life. Don’t let this go to waste.

4. Reach out to life.

You have value. Do no let  someone’s opinion of you be the defining measure of your worth. The pain you feel in rejection is the anguish of not being desired. You have something to give. Something to share with life. In the face of any rejection whether from a friend, spouse, employer or  your peers do not despair. Reach out to life and play again.

You were born free. You can ascertain the value of your life by developing an impenetrable shield of self confidence. You are worthy of your own measure. Dig deep within and polish up the gem that is you. Thrive again. Look beyond the horizon of today and embrace the multiple opportunities of what is to come. Are you ready?

Yours in total success,


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Unleash Your Inner Dragon: 4 Ways to Reignite the Passion of Success in your Life

May 12th, 2009

Unleash the powerLife will not allow you to sell your self short. It will not allow you to settle for less. It cannot be fooled.

You are a perfect creation for a perfect time in perfect circumstances. You are possible. You cannot fail.

Life does not hold you back. Your fears hold you back.  All has been freely given. Seek only to become all that you are. All you you have conceived of yourself.

Seek to manifest your full potential.

Here are 4 quick ways to reignite the passion of success in your life:

1. Become selfless.

Think more of how you can be useful to others. Seek to serve rather than to be served. Empty yourself of the gifts that you have brought with you to life. You are a genius in your own right. Humanity and life stands to gain. Offload your gifts upon the waiting hands of life. Do not die with the song in your heart.

2. Stay focused within your inner imaginative power.

Your external circumstances are effects. They are a world of consequences. Do not pay much attention to them. Go within instead. Focus on your imaginative power and build the world of your desires. Believe and stay focused on this world. It is not that the things of the outside world does not matter. It is simply that your inner imaginative power is greater than all the things of the outside world.

3. Ask and receive of life.

Have the audacity to dream, to ask when in need. Life will respond to you. Be ready to receive when it responds. Design the life you intend to live. See yourself as one capable of living in the circumstances of your designs.

4. Be aggressively patient.

Actualize your dreams by becoming aggressively patient. Nurture and nudge on the ideals of your life at the same time. You cannot afford to be complacent. Strive to claim what is yours without being abrasive. Success belongs to those who claim it. Be proactive and patient at the same time.

Unleash your inner dragon. It has always been up to you. Do not cede ground to the tyranny of your external circumstances. You cannot fail except you choose to. This is because you are an outpost of the same power that created the stars, the sun and the galaxies. Activate this power and become that which you will. It is all up to you.

Yours in total success,


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