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Reclaim Your Winning Streak - 4 Tips to Reclaim Your Competitive Edge in Life and Win

April 30th, 2009

Get in and playYou are wired to win. It is in your DNA to compete and win. This is why sports of all sorts have existed through out history. And why our sport champions make so much money.

Tap into this innate desire to win when faced with challenges. Life is a sport just like all sports. It is easier to standby and idolize winners of every sport. The game of your own life is waiting. Don’t let it pass you by. Jump in and play and play to win.

Here are 4 tips to help you rediscover your winners drive and succeed in all you do:

1. Seize this moment of your life.

Take control of your time on earth. You have been gifted with the opportunity of time. Make hay while the sun shines. Sunset is not far away.

2. Embrace the challenges you face.

You cannot overcome your challenges unless you face them. Challenge them just as your favorite football or basketball star goes against the adversary. Feel the thrill of confrontation and drink from the lure of winning. Live an exciting life.

3. Tap into your competitive drive.

You are wired to be competitive, to excel in all you do. This is necessary for the survival of the race and the human species. Compete with where you have been or where you now are to become better. Satisfaction is the arch enemy of progress and growth. Channel the pain of dissatisfaction into the furnace of your competitive drive.

4.  Strive to excel in all you do.

Put your best foot forward in all your endeavors. Do all you can to be all you can. Let life work the rest out for you. It will, it has no choice but to respond to your inputs. Flee from mediocre and halfhearted actions in all you do. Be efficient and purposeful in your endeavors and your life will show for it.

You see it is easy to fall into the pit of victim hood. This is especially true in times of crises. But champions never whine or consider themselves as victims. They see themselves as victors.

You cannot win when there is no obstacle. You cannot play life in a void. Your circumstances and challenges are your adversary in the game. Consider your life as game time.

How does your favorite sports star confront his adversaries. How does he do it to consistently come off on top? The ball is now in your court. Rise up to the challenge. Play and play hard. You will win some and loose some. That is the nature of the game.

But above all you will discover your winning streak again. You will come to the court this time to win and you just may.

Your in total success,


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Act and Grow Rich: 5 Ways to Redefine Yourself and Succeed in Troubling Times

April 29th, 2009

Remove the maskThis life is not a game for the weak and passive. You cannot survive here by being passive.

Seek to participate in life and create the experiences you want for yourself. It is easy to fail and remain a failure. Realize your power to create in life and succeed.

There is more than meets the eye. To discover this do more than just being passive and complacent. There is more in your life than the troubles you are experiencing.

Here are 5 ways to redefine your life and go for your dreams:

1. Be humble.

Do not put yourself above everyone. The only person you need to be above of should be you and your weaknesses. Let this be your daily challenge. We all have our little devils to deal with. Act daily to overcome your shortcomings. Winners work more on themselves than anything outside themselves.

2. Develop a “can do” attitude.

In the face of challenges the weak are defeated before the game even begins. Life is mostly a game of nerves. You are your own judge. Develop the “make something of  yourself work ethic” and you will win no matter what happens. Do not judge the game before the game. Get in and play. There will be time aplenty to judge after the game.

3. Adopt the servant’s heart.

Be one who takes special pleasure in being of service. It doesn’t matter how small your acts or gestures of service are. It is the intention which is the key. Another world of opportunity and possibility will open to you.

4. Seek the intangibles of life.

Do not be blinded by the acquisition of things. They are not the gateway to a happy and successful life. The tangibles of life are limited but the intangibles are unlimited. Strive to acquire intangible assets such as  patience, gratitude, friendship, tranquility e.t.c.  In most cases you will become better with these qualities. And as you become better your lot will improve. It is a law.

5. Recollect yourself.

Recollect yourself in the crucible of your thoughts. Take time out for yourself and sort things out. Let your thoughts sort themselves out. This quiet time is essential. You don’t have to be a cold fish but find that quiet time for yourself. Let it be a routine whether in prayer or meditation. Then act, act with a deliberate intention to create an effect. You will succeed.

Now, Don’t just see at the dock of the bay of your life singing the blues. Do something with the time credits you have been given. If you choose to sing the blues that’s fine; it is a choice.

While singing the blues please note that the door to the store house of abundance and providential supply is always there for you. All you have to do is knock and it shall be opened. And when it opens fear not. Walk boldly in and serve yourself to your hearts desire.

Yours in total success,


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Innovate and Succeed in Your Life

April 28th, 2009

Stand AloneYou have been gifted with life for a reason. Find that reason and live the life you have been given. Do not look at yourself as the oddball in life. Think differently if things are not working for you. Act differently.

Those who progress and succeed in life are those who think and live. They do not agree to live, they think to live. The conformist has never amounted to much in life. They are followers.

This is also true in the everyday work world. People who are paid to think make more than those who are paid to agree.

You now have the opportunity to change the fortunes of your career or your life if you choose to.

Here are three quick tips to help you become innovative and succeed:

1. Think creatively.

It is easy to follow patterns of thought established in your mind when confronted with a challenge. A challenge is what it is because it is a new thing. To solve it you have to think differently. To think differently you have to think creatively. Challenges comes from the same place that solutions are found. They are products of the mind.

2. Develop the art of listening.

Challenges can put you on the defensive. In such moments strive to listen as much as you can. To take in the full dimension of any challenge you have to really listen. Just be open as wide as you can. This will quiet your mind. In the tranquility and still waters of your attention the solutions that you seek will gently swim to the surface.

3. Expect to succeed.

Without hope there is no enthusiasm in what you do. Enthusiasm will keep you connected to the possibilities of the future.This is essential to keep your cool in crises. It is this calmness in the midst of the storms of your life that will allow you to act in accordance to your goals.

The secret of success in all you do is to be innovative. Challenges and problems are what they are because they are new to you. To solve them go beyond your routines. Think and succeed. Being innovative and creative in all you do will create massive success in your life.

Yours in total success,

Hugues Nkamwa

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Build Instant Leadership Credibility in Times of Crises: 4 Quick Tips

April 27th, 2009

Leading in crisesThese are extraordinary times for any leader. Heads of governments, captains of industries, church and community leaders are all facing an immense challenge: It is how to build loyalty from your team or continue to uphold the necessary loyalty  to lead.

In times of crises stakeholders are concerned. They look to the helm  for guidance. Their desire is to trust that you can successfully navigate the crises they are facing. Perception is key here.

Here are 4 quick ways to instantly build the credibility needed to become effective at the helm:

1. Become a transformational leader.

Project yourself as a leader willing to embrace change. Cast your self as a transformational leader. This  will set up a reservoir of goodwill from your team and stakeholders. It  will create an expectation of change in the mindset of your underlings. This is important to build loyalty from your team.

2. Master your transitional phase.

Every leader goes through this phase when a crises hit. It is critical to master your “first 100 days or 90 days phase.” as the crises situation looms. This is because all eyes are on you at this time. Nothing that you do will receive the same scrutiny as in this period. Seek to demonstrate sterling leadership qualities in this phase.

3. Create situations to proof your mettle.

This is done not just to promote yourself but to build credibility in times of crises. There is always a pile of unknown challenges when facing the uncharted waters of a crises situation. Choose one of these as they present themselves early on. Highlight or amplify this challenge. Make sure you have  ready made ways to quickly and efficiently resolve the challenge.

4. Communicate with an aim to win hearts.

Now things are going to be turpsy turvy going in. This is normal, seek then to calm  the jittery nerves of your team and stakeholders. You do this by working at winning the hearts of your team and stakeholders. An efficient public relations effort on your part will do the trick in no time.

Things are not rosy these days for you as a leader. The size of the challenge you face doesn’t matter at this time. What matters is how to effectively project an image of competence. Your primary challenge will be to transform your nominal  authority to lead into a perception of trust and confidence from your group.

With this earned capital of  renewed trust and goodwill you will have an easy start in leading. It will be easier for you to do your job. You will be successful in negotiating the change that is needed for your organization to survive and thrive.

Yours in total success,


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Abundant Success: The Secret Keys to Your Abundant Success

April 24th, 2009

Bloom into your abundant success!Life is a success creation machine. Some  know how to use this machine and others don’t. The good news is that you can learn how to use this machine. You can create abundant success in your life.

Do not worry about your capacity for success or what your past has been. Above all do not despair. There is ample supply for all and every season in life. And because you have life you can transform all. Life is a success creation mechanism.

Here are 3 secret ways to create abundant success in your life:

1. Produce more than you consume.

Seek to be active in the domain of your enterprise. Strive for excellence in whatever you do.  Maximize your efforts in your daily production. Be all you can. In doing so you will produce more than you consume. You will therefore generate excess.

2. Give more than you receive.

Takers are losers, givers are winners. To give means that you have. It affirms the logic of abundance in your mind. This perspective on things creates the attitude of mind necessary for success. To give means you have to receive.To receive you have to give. This may appear simplistic but do not ignore it. It works, try it.

3. Consume less than you have.

If you consume less than you have you will generate excess. The constant generation of excess in your life creates a mindset of abundance. Those who have will continue to have. Those that have not will continue to not have. To have you have to create a mindset of plenty. You create a mindset of plenty by generating excess. You generate excess in your life by consuming less than you have.

The idea here is to begin to create a mindset of immediate abundance. Your mind knows what it knows. If you generate excess it will feed off the energy of plenty. It will seek to amplify plenty and success in your life.

Use these principles in all areas of your life. You will be surprised at your own marvelous success. But above all you will be pleasantly surprised at your power to change the direction of your life.

It is more so critical today in this time of challenge and change. Do not despair in the midst of your troubles. Try different things if you want to produce different results.

Yours in total success,


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Fearless Living - 4 Ways to Live the Fearless and Successful Life

April 23rd, 2009

There is hope in valorFear exists when your imagination has been captured by the images of what you do not want. To succeed in life you have to control what images you choose to focus on.

To live a fearless life and succeed free your imagination. Free your imagination from the vice like grip of what you do not want.

Here are 4 ways you can begin to free your imagination and  create the triumphant life:

1. Become a captive of success.

Always see yourself as succeeding no matter what your circumstances show. Live;be moved and inspired by the lure of success in all you do. Expect to win in life. Expect everything.

2. Do not judge yourself and your efforts.

If you judge yourself you stand the chance of convicting your life in the prison of failure. Just do what you have to do and watch the consequence.Take corrective action when needed and keep on moving.

3. Be in the present.

Live in the moment. Your past has no bearing in your present affairs unless you allow it.Your future is yet to be formed;and you now are in the present. Seize this moment to begin to create the desires of your heart.

4. Be passionately involved in your dream.

Draw the line. Do not buy the “go along to get along mentality”. Seek your own. Do what you have intended in this life. Your truth can stand alone.It does not need the fortitude of numbers to succeed.                                                    .

Now Life is nothing without man. Your life is nothing without the conscious inputs of your personal power. Fear robs you of this power. Live fearlessly. Embrace your true power and succeed against all odds.

Remember life is absent without man. You are an agent of change in nature. Where you are not nature is barren. Embrace your life and activate the power to change the course of your destiny.

Yours in total success,


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The Secret Power of Gratitude

April 21st, 2009

Be grateful, stay open.It is easy to get fixated on your problems in life. This is a trap you must avoid to find total success in your life.

Remember that all that comes to you is a consequence of your attention.

If your attention is constantly on how life has served you bad cards nothing is going to get better.

Life is going to continue to serve you with the bad cards. These are the cards of your focus.

The secret then is to find ways to become grateful in all you do in life. Count your blessings. Be fixated on the revelations of life’s goodness to you. They will be amplified by the power of your attention.

Count the things you are grateful for one by one. Single them out. By doing so you realign the major currents of your attention and imaginative power.

Don’t think about what you do not have or what has not yet happened. Think instead about what you have received so far. And you will continue to receive.

Every idea or ideal fashioned in your mind becomes your property. If you fashion thoughts of lack and hardship. You will have to own up to the energy of lack and hardship you have created.

And if you fashion thoughts of abundance and success. You will receive abundance and success in life.

Now, the way to have thoughts and feelings of abundance in difficult times is to be grateful. Be grateful for whatever good has already come in your life. This is the quickest way to reopen the fountain of providential supply.

What are you grateful for today? Take a piece of paper and write these down. Be thankful that you have received so that you shall continue to receive. Go ahead and live your life. It is a gift that keeps on giving if you know how to stay open to it.

Life is an obstacle course at best. The quickest way for you to clear the obstacles and achieve your goals is to be creatively grateful. Create a mental platform of success. You affirm this platform daily by being grateful for what already is.

Yours in total success,


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Peak Performance: 3 Secret Keys to Get the Best Out of Your Day

April 20th, 2009

Clear the obstacles in your day.I have found that life is the art of problem solving. The challenges you face are normal. Nothing is out of place.

You will become successful no matter what happens if you develop superior problem solving skills.

Success is the art of problem solving. Life is a path strewn with all kinds of challenges. None is spared from the curve balls of living life.

Overcome the huddles on your path to a successful life. Become a peak performer.

Here are 3 tips to help you problem solve and become a peak performer:

1. Automate what you can.

You have a fresh stack of 24 hours to your credit everyday. Find the things you are compelled to do everyday and make them routine. Do them repeatedly at an appointed time and place. They will become second nature.You will in no time begin to do these with little or no thought or energy expended.

2. Become creative as you approach non routine tasks.

Non routine tasks are the curve balls life will inevitably throw at you. Automating your routine tasks frees you up for your curve balls. Be contemplative, imaginative and creative as you face the unforeseen circumstances in your life.

3. Be playful and adventurous.

It is difficult to tap into your creative genius when you are uptight and heavyhearted. Nothing is that important. Be lighthearted and playful as you tackle the tasks of your life. Be playful. Being playful generates happy feelings in you and your surroundings. There is nothing like a congenial atmosphere when it comes to getting things done. And done efficiently.

The secret to peak performance is to work smart.You can squeeze as much juice out of your 24 hour credits as you want. Organize your life along the lines of a simple happy routine. Be creative and lighthearted when life throws a curve ball. You will go a long way to make your day a fruitful and productive one. And your life and circumstances will show well. You will find success.

Yours in total success,


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How to Allow the Power of Life to Help you Succeed.

April 19th, 2009

Life will suppot youWhat you see in life is what you are. I should rightly say what you see in life is what you become.  That is what you see as in your vision or your goal.

Think of yourself as a success even in the midst of hard times. Hold yourself as a successful individual  and you will find success.

Let me take that a little further: Act like a champion. Walk like a champion and you shall become one.

Life acts as a mirror to who you have defined yourself to be. It only reflects back to you what you have seen in it. And what you see in the mirror is what you think of who you are.

All that you are is mirrored back to you. So here are 3 quick tips  on how to allow life to help you succeed despite the odds:

1. Choose to see yourself as a winner.

Your vision becomes your reality. You are what you see. What you see holds your attention and what holds your attention will become the focus of your life. Your focus will control your actions. And your actions are the stones with which you build the edifice of your circumstances. Fill your thoughts and imagination with success

2. Do not criticize or complain about people and circumstances.

Your emotional juice is the power behind all your efforts to succeed. Whining and complaining uses a lot of emotional energy. Save some of this energy so that they can be used to power the visions of your heart. Fill yourself up instead with thoughts and feelings of gratitude and success.

3. Strive to make others successful.

Be helpful to others  in anyway you can without expecting any reward. Seek to serve and you will be served by life. This is not a spiel. Try it, especially when you are in need to experience its power.

Now charity begins at home. Serve yourself first by holding the right attitude of mind for success.Think and act like a champion and all will be well. You are a winner and not a looser. The idea is for you to be open to the possibility of becoming a champion. You will become one. Life will accompany you in your desire to succeed.

You only have to try it to believe it. What is holding you back?

Yours in total success,


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Success Strategy: 4 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success

April 18th, 2009

Set yourself up for successSuccess is a strategy not a random act. Behind all the events of your life is a power that is controlled by you.

Success is strategy. Do not think all is lost in your life when times are hard or challenging.

Nothing is lost in nature. The circumstances of your life are the raw materials of the success you intend to manufacture.

The pain of failure is skin deep. You can rise again to higher heights. Here are 4 tips to help you set yourself up for success:

1. Have a destination.

You have to know where you are heading in order to arrive there.  Success is a journey. Your strategy is the direction of your journey. Set your goals and resolve in your heart to achieve them. You are capable of so much more than you are now experiencing.

2. Discipline.

Structure your efforts so that they are in harmony with your goals. Seek only to do that which is going to get you to where you are going. Establish the order that is necessary to accomplish the desires of your heart.

3. Let go to life.

Do your part and let life do it’s part. You only have one mind. Concentrate on doing that which has to be done and do it. Do not judge your efforts. Your results will speak for themselves. They do not need you. All that is required is to do the things that need to be done by you.

4.  Affirm your success.

Be grateful for your life. You are now in the hands of the mighty power of the universe.You have been given the power to decide the experiences that you want out your life. Affirm what you want out of this life. You affirm by being positive and hopeful. You live with the power of positive expectation. Expect nothing but that which you have desired.

Stop once and for all to think that someone else is responsible for your life. That is not true and can never be true. You are a life force in the grand scheme of the universe. You have the power to choose the direction you want in your life.

You can become a success machine if you choose to. Your effort is what matters when the pedal hits the metal. Drive your life to the success you deserve. Know yourself and succeed.

Yours in total success,


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