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How to Find Strength in Uncertain Times

March 31st, 2009

Renewal of lifeThere is despair in the land in these uncertain times. Violence, suicides, depression and homicides may well be on the rise.

Times may be really hard for you but do not give up. Find the strength to work through this wilderness. With time and patience the sun of success will surely rise again. Your back is not on the wall, all is not lost.

Here are 5 quick ways to find the strength to walk through these uncertain times in your life:

1. Accept the full range of the difficulties you face.

Take a careful inventory of your situation without judging yourself or blaming anyone. Don’t sweep unresolved issues under the rug. Facing them will take the stink out of these difficulties. To face them you have to first acknowledge that they are there.

2. Acknowledge the fact that you are not perfect.

Don’t beat your self down because you have failed or you are facing tough times. You are not perfect, no one is. You are now in your best self. If you are not happy with who you are seek to become better.

3. Commit to learn.

Our failures and missteps teach us new things. They teach us new things about ourselves and our actions. Find out what your past is telling you about yourself and latch on to that.

4. Accept the intuitive guidance of the universe.

We are offshoots of life. It seeks to guide and nurture us to our full potential. Listen to your inner voice and follow its counsel. Life speaks to us when all seems bleak, pay attention to these silent whisperings of life.

5. Take care of yourself.

Eat well and exercise regularly. Commit to a full night’s sleep and indulge yourself in leisure like activities. Above all find time to be quiet; may be read an inspiring book. Establish a sense of quiet in your mind anyway you can.

The energy of despair can be transmuted to an energy of hope, aspiration and life. You already have the power; change its direction. Move beyond your present circumstances no matter how troubling they are. Embrace the promise of a better tomorrow.

Yours in total success,


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How to Become a Transformational Leader

March 30th, 2009

Keys to leadership successWe face increasing challenges in the world today. Transformational leaders are sorely needed. This is true in politics, business and all levels of society. It is also particularly true of your personal life.

You can become a transformational leader of your life. This is when you take affairs into your hands and create the life you need or you intend to lead.

Here are six ways to become a transformational leader and execute the changes needed in order to achieve total success:

1. Establish yourself as a role model.

Follow and practice the vision of what you preach. Lead by example. A lot of what you can accomplish can be done by being the example. The old adage: Action speaks louder than words rings true here.

2. Clearly define your future goals.

Your job as a leader is to lead the way. Leading the way means showing your team or master group what they are working for. This must be communicated clearly and constantly in order to uphold and maintain the vision.

3. Develop plans of achieving the goals.

Success is a strategy not a random process. Provide a road map and how you are going to achieve your goals. This sets and frees up the energy to act. It creates a platform for initiatives to be developed and followed.

4. Continuously innovate and trouble shoot.

Plans to act according to the goals you have set are not guaranteed to work. To support this process it is important to continuously innovate and troubleshoot. This will guarantee success in all you do.

5. Mentor and empower members of your team or master group.

It is important to build trust and loyalty from those who work in your team. A team united under the banner of a common vision is a formidable force of success. It is your job to build this trust and loyalty.

6. Motivate followers to access and achieve their full value.

Optimize your resources. Your team is the backbone of your efforts. You cannot do all alone. Strive to delegate and then motivate your team to perform at peak.

We are today stepping into unknown territories in so many ways. To be successful you need to be transformational in vision and action. Be one who is able to pull out the vision of what they want to be and bring that into reality.

Create and market a bold and inspiring vision for yourself and all that depend on you. Project yourself as a visionary capable of lifting the fortunes of your life or the life of the organization you control; and you shall fine certain success.

Yours in total success,


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Develop your Power to Dare and Succeed in Life

March 29th, 2009

Jump High EnoughLife is constantly changing. Your life at any given time is in the process of changing from something into something. We are always in the process of becoming. This has been the cause of much stress in many lives.

There is a secret way to come to a complete mastery over all that affects you. And it is simply to focus not on the outer circumstances but your inner power. The inner power to work up any thing or experience you need at all times.

Do not be afraid when things go wrong. No, do not loose sleep over the changing outer circumstances. You can become a tower of success. You can rise and continuously tower over everything that life throws at you and become that which you intend to be.

Here are 3 ways to help you develop your power to dare and succeed:

1. Be brave and bold.

A lot of people think that life is static. They think the rich will remain rich for ever and the poor will remain so forever. It is not so. Nothing is written in stone, you are entitled to the success you can create. Be brave, seek to be that which you have envisioned yourself to become. And in doing so don’t judge yourself.

2. Strive to become the best.

Excellence is always primed. Seek to become the best of what you do. It is easy to fall prey to the dull routines of your days. This is the doorway to mediocrity. Make your life count for something. Find that which you do best and spend your days on earth doing that. You will find success.

3. Trust that you can succeed.

Failure in life creates a feeling of despair and lowers your self esteem. This is often a great danger. Rise out of the swamp of despair and reach out for the starry skies of your dreams and aspirations.

Go for the top prize in your life. Do not settle for less. It is better to die standing than to live on your knees. The best of all that exists in life is at the top; at the pinnacle of your best self. Strive for that.

The common lot of humanity do not strive to reach beyond their basic needs. In doing so they settle for mediocre lives and loose.

It is all up to you. In this time, when much is at stake dare to be different. It has been said by wise men of old that to dare is the greatest wisdom. It is all up to you.

Your is total success,


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The Power of Your Vision - Discover the Power of Your Vision

March 28th, 2009

istock_000007740003xsmallYou can be anything you want to become in life. All that is required of you is to have a vision of the life you want to live.

Let this vision pull you through. Let your ideal draw itself out from you.

You see by yourself, you may wonder and fret about your goal. How on earth are you going to achieve your vision? You may wonder. This is the result of self doubt. Stick to your goal.

The life you breathe into your goal will give it a life and a momentum of its own. It is with this that you will be pulled into it. You will become your goal.

Just as a young lad is stricken by the beauty of a loving maid you will be drawn by your goal. You will be drawn despite your fears and fretting. Your power will come from the courage of the love and feeling you have for your goal.

In fact you never do the pulling. It is your vision that does the pulling. You are drawn to your vision. Do not worry about your worthiness.

It is the beauty of the goal, of the ideal that pulls. The real question is whether you love your goal. How badly do you want it?

Seek and you shall find. There is a cocktail of the forces of good at the service of life. So help yourself and heaven will help you. Activate the good that is within you. Seek to express that good. And these forces will work with you and for you to bring this to the fore of your life.

You are designed to succeed in life;to overcome all that life throws at you. All you truly need is to set a goal and be inspired to action by the vision of the life you intend to live.

Yours in total success,


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Surviving the Recession: Tips to Avoid Being Laid Off from Your Job

March 27th, 2009

istock_000006500196xsmallMassive job layoffs have made job security a thing of the past. It is increasingly important to be seen as a valued employee if you are to retain your job. Do not fret and worry whether you are going to be called in the office at 4:45pm by your boss.

Take heart, here are 7 tips to help you navigate though these tough times:

1. Become a team player.

It is critical in this time that you come across as a team player. You may naturally not be one. You have no choice here. Become more interested in making your colleague’s job easier. Doing so will make your boss’s job easier.

2. Do the thing you are most competent at.

You were hired to fill a need. If that need is not fulfilled you have no reason to stay employed. Find, understand and fill the need that you were hired for. Perform this assignment with passion and zeal.

3. Be willing to learn new skills.

In difficult times organizations will seek to get all they can get out of you. The way they do that is to have trusted employees take on added or new assignments. If you come across as one who is a quick learner you will be considered more valuable to your organization.

4. Develop superior problem solving skills.

Come across as one who can think and provide real solutions in real time to your organization. All organizations are constantly flooded with an incessant flow of problems. Be perceived as a superior problems solver.

5. Be open and flexible.

Some employees really do not like to be pushed around. They are those who are always let go first. Strive to be viewed as one who is not tied to the job descriptions of your position.

6. Develop excellent communication skills.

It is not what you say but how you say it that matters. Strive to communicate professionally and effectively. The way you communicate determines if you are liked or not in your organization.

7. Manage your time wisely.

More will be expected of you with the same hours you worked before. And you may not be compensated for the extra effort. In such a case being able to squeeze more out of your time will leave you happy and productive. This is important to avoid burning out.

You can retain your job even when all seems to be going down hill. Provide the value and fill the voids that is unavoidable in any company and you will retain your job.

And if you are laid off after doing all these do not despair. You have just learned valuable skills that will let you quickly find another job or why not, go in business for your self.

We are a values driven society. Make your self count, bring value to main street and you will find success.

Yours in total success,


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Starting afresh - 7 Tips to Help you Transform Failure into Success

March 26th, 2009

Start anewYour life is created from your memory bank. Your memories are created through your daily experiences in life. We all face a certain danger in these troubling times. And it is the danger of creating memories of failure in our minds.

You can turn things around regardless of the troubling times. You can begin right now to create memories of success. You can catapult yourself into the great heights of your dreams.

Your perspective and attitude on things that happens to you in life is all that matters. Change these and you change the experience. And when you change the experience, you change the memory. You change the impact of the event in your life, no matter what it is.

Here are seven tips to help you begin to create the life you want:

1. Become fully responsible.

2. Forgive all instantly.

3. Assume that you are that which you desire to become.

4. Exercise your faith…do not question the process.

5. Do not resist what you do not want.

6. Pay attention to what you want.

7. Give more than you receive.

Here you have it. Life is but a fluid medium at your disposal. You can shape and mold it to your heart’s desire. There is nothing that will not yield to the unbending resolve of your heart. It doesn’t matter that the economy sucks or whatever. It really depends on you and what you want to make of all that has transpired up till now.

Again set your goal and get back in the game. Let your experiences bring you knowledge. You can erase the memories of failure with new memories of success. You create new memories of success by changing your perspective and attitude on what has happened.

Begin to apply the above tips to your life. You will in no time see how truly you are the supreme commander of your life. The life that has been given to you.

Yours in total success,


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What is holding you back? Unleash the Power of Success in your Life

March 25th, 2009

get out of the boxIn the midst of job losses, increasing malaise and fear of the future we may think all is lost. We may lose sight of our true capacity to meet and overcome the challenges of our lives?

There is no doubt that times are tough. But we are tougher. We can remake our individual lives despite the bleak out look on things today.

What is holding you back? Unleash the power of success in your life.

These times will test your mettle but do not despair. In the midst of your troubles take courage and rise again. Answer the call of your power and triumph over all that comes against you.

Your life cries out for a new way today. A new vision pioneered out of the failures of your past. A vision far removed from the premises of what has happened; powered by the progressive forces of your convictions.

Your life aches for a new dynamic relationship between you and your circumstances. Is it possible? Absolutely! You can bridge the ever widening gap between your circumstances and your goals.

You are meant to happen in life. The dream of you is waiting to be unveiled, that is why your spirit is yearning for greater heights. What is holding you back?

Your spirit knows its power and is aware of the challenges you are facing; it also knows the possibilities you incarnate and only waits for you to take action.

It constantly appeals to the courage within your heart because it knows you. It nudges you on despite your fears. It asks that you do not despair in the face of your circumstances.

This is your time; A time to act and reach for the stars.

Here are a few tips for you to get back on the saddle and unleash your power of success:

1. Unleash the power that is you. Become a leader of your life.

2. Be courageous in the pursuit of your ideals.

3. Be a true agent of change first in your personal world.

4. Drink from the well spring of possibility that surges within you.

No matter what gives today see that as an opportunity to do a thorough spring cleaning of your life. Use the dual forces of hope and conviction to ventilate your mental house and welcome in the sweet sun of success.

You were not created and left alone. Within you is a power, a current that will work with you, for you and according to you to produce the results decreed by you.

In this time, this great moment of change answer the call of this power and become all that you have been intended to become.

Yours in total success,


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How to Seize the Moment and Overcome Adversity in your Life

March 22nd, 2009

joyIn all that happens in this life, it is not what you have found wrong that is important. Many of us can do that. The most important question is what did you do about it?

What have you found in your life that is not right? And if you have found it what are you going to do about it?

Some will resign themselves to their circumstances. And others will rise above the hand of fate to carve out a place of favor and success for themselves.

You too can do that; you can seize this moment to overcome the adverse circumstances in your life.

Here are a few tips to help you seize the moment and create the sequel of the life you want to experience:

1. Don’t talk about yourself in the present as if your future has been predetermined.

2. Decide what is going to happen in the future by setting a goal and reaching for it.

3. Begin to act now in order to create the next scenes of what is to happen.

4. Guard your mind from the influences of things you do not want to experience.

Now, you may be experiencing some real challenges. This is not some Pollyanna spiel I am giving you. The ultimate recipe for success lies in your ability to set a goal and persist in your endeavors.

It is the ultimate GPS system given to you by life to help you navigate the winding journey of this earth.

Remember at all times, no matter where you are and what you may be experiencing that GOALS + PERSISTENCE=SUCCESS.

Life is a Goals Positioning System. And you have life now. So act now and act boldly so that you and yours can have a life of abundant success.

Yours in total success,


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3 Fun Ways to Create a Mindset of Success in your Life

March 21st, 2009

Easy SuccessFinding success is easy. It is a most natural thing to succeed. We have been brought up to think of finding success as the oddball in life. This is not true. You have an equal chance of succeeding or failing in life no matter the circumstances you are facing.

Do not be troubled by the herd mentality. Free yourself from the gloom and doom mentality and sail away to your total success. Go about your day expecting success.

Here are three quick and fun ways to find and maintain a success mindset for life:

Mind your ways to success.

Your mind is a receptacle for the treasures in your life. What you hold in your mind becomes your treasure. Seek only to have that wish you wish upon your life in your mind. It is your mind; that vast expanse of mental energy is your domain. Control it, steer it towards the desires of your heart.

Mine your ways to success.

Mine the gold mines of your life. Dig deep into who you are to find your own gems. Explore the nook and crannies of your being to find out what it is that is your worth. What stirs you? What moves you? We all bring value to the world. What is yours…mine it. Mine your treasures.

Mime your ways to success.

Mime your way into the life you intend to live. Miming is an art . Act as if you are the person you intend to become. Sing your way into the life you intend to live. The song in your heart actively expressed over time will come to be true. We all have the power to affirm the world and experiences we intend to enjoy. It is your call.

Mind your way, mine your way and mime your way through the trials of this life to the visions of your heart; blaze your way to the greatness that is you.

Your success is not an external event, it is the unfolding of the greatness that is in you. Get out of the way so that you can come through.

Yours in total success,


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Quick Tips to Keep you Going When you Have Done All you Can

March 20th, 2009

lady2Sometimes even after you have done all you can, things still don’t go well. In times like these resist the urge to cry in despair. You will loose your power. Instead boldly go within into your power. Lay your goals upon the hands of the unfailing law of life. All is under its unyielding grip. All that you sow you shall reap.

Here are a few tips to get you going in such times:

1. Be firm in your convictions.

Remain firm in your convictions no matter what happens. Stay close to your goals.

2. Trust in your goal.

A goal is a forward movement from here, where you now are to there, where you want to be. Trust in it.

3. Act now.

To move forward from here, you will have to take a step forward and away from where you now are. Take that step.

4. Exercise patience.

The difference between here, where you are and there ,where you want to be is time. Move now even if you do not know where to put your next step. It certainly is not going to be where you now are.

Remind yourself that you are wired to exercise this motion and it is a sure way to determine your destiny in these times of great change. You want to retain your power to keep on keeping on.

Day has never disappointed the night. They succeed each other unfailingly and have done so for ages. Live the life you have designed for yourself. Your life and circumstances will flow towards the direction you will; just as day follows the night.

Trust no other but the law of life to deliver to you all that you have requested and earned from life.

Yours in total success,


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