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Stimulate your Drive to Succeed

February 28th, 2009

sunMost people who fail in life give up in despair. They no longer care about what happens to them. They are up and about but the drive to succeed is gone. They have inner sorrow and they have surrendered to the overpowering circumstances they are experiencing. They do this without question.

And so a lot of otherwise productive elements of society go to waste. They live their lives in mediocrity and indulge in cheap pleasures and instant amusements.

What they do not know is that they have given up and surrendered to the wrong power in life. They have surrendered to the power of their circumstances. Times may be hard; you may be broke, homeless and the storms of failure may be raging on. No matter the circumstances in which you find yourself never give up.

In these times, troubling as it may be, surrender instead to your power to make things happen. Move beyond what is and embrace the power of what can be.

Move beyond what has happened to the zone of what can happen. Not what can happen because of what has happened but what can happen despite what has happened. Therein lies the power to succeed against all odds.

You are an infinite resource of life. Do not confuse what you have accomplished so far with what you can accomplish in life. Your potential to succeed is infinite and unconditional.

You can if you will. You can overcome all that stands on your way to victory and total success.

Yours in total success,


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Quick Tips to Help You Achieve your Goals

February 27th, 2009

danceThe challenges you face in life will scare you into becoming complacent and do nothing to overcome them. Challenges that are not faced down will scare you into lowering your expectations in life.They will allow you to think small and make peace with lack and mediocrity. Do not buy into that.

In the face of whatever difficulties you face set new and big goals. Do not let a crises go to waste. Use the difficulty or crises at hand as a stepping stone to bigger things.

1. Cut your goals down to bite sizes. The reason you are the way you are and not what you want to be is because you do not believe you can achieve the life you intend for yourself.

2. Believe that you can achieve. Stand on the platform of faith. Retrain yourself to belief in you.

3. Act with precision and consistency. All is possible. Apply yourself constantly to your chores and with time you will find ultimate success.

4. Have the courage to dream. Keep dreaming no matter the challenge you face. Dream big dreams, they are attainable. Take a bite of this dream one day at a time and in a few seasons you will eat the whole thing. It works.

Remember that a goal is a goal. It is a projection of what you want to be or what you want to achieve in the future. Let this goal be the best of what you intend to occur in your life. Act as if you are the creator of life; give all to yourself and believe.

You will overcome all your challenges if you learn how to do this. Successful people did not become successful by playing small and petty in the face of their challenges. They always went for the kill. And so can you.

Yours in total success,


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How to Become a Persistent Success

February 26th, 2009

cliffTo become a persistent success you have to come out winning in all you do and put your mind to. Sort of like possessing the famed Midas touch where everything you touch turns into gold. You transform all that comes into your life into a successful experience. Wouldn’t this be a good skill to possess in life?

Here are three keys you can use to become a persistent success:

1. Have a clearly defined purpose.

Having a clearly defined objective that you are aiming for sets you up for total success. It is imperative that you know what you need if you intend to get it.

2. Be passionate.

Passion is the fuel in the journey to your destination. Without a passionate longing for your ideal or desire all your efforts will come to naught. They will produce mediocre results at best.

3. Be Playful.

Make sure you are having fun while in pursuit of your goal. The attitude with which you confront the circumstances of your life will determine their outcome. You will without a doubt face challenges as you strive to achieve your desires; but a fun attitude will always allow you to get over the humps in no time.

Life, if nothing else will keep you humble through the tribulations and trial that you will face. The power to become a persistent success is available to all.

Remember that while your actions define who you are, your reaction to life’s circumstances redefines who you become.

Yours in total Success,


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3 Smart Steps to Total Success

February 25th, 2009

BoxingHere are three main principles that will guide your total success in life despite all odds:

1. Innovate.

Do old routines with a new slant. Stir up the waters of your life. Be imaginative and resourceful. Dare to go where you have not been before. Expand your boundaries, move beyond your comfort zone.

You cannot succeed if you are not willing to move from where you are mentally. And why will you want to stay where you are when you are in pain and hurt.

2. Take the risk.

Take the plunge, who cares, if you have already failed there is nothing else that can happen in your life but to succeed. If you stir up the waters of your life fish will swim up to the surface. Take the plunge to harvest your catch. Old routines have a false comfort. Be a risk taker. Remember the winner takes it all.

3. Expect to be abundantly rewarded.

Yes, the winner takes it all. The world loves excellence; as a pioneering spirit you will have the privilege of setting your price. Competition drives down the price of your wares. But the wares of an innovative risk taker are rarely common in the market place of life.

Seek within yourself to find that which you can make anew for the service of humanity. Throw in your energy, power and resources behind this, take the risk and win.

There is no other way to a lasting and fulfilling success in life. Try it you have nothing to loose.

Yours in total success,


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Make your Today an Adventure of Total Success

February 24th, 2009

arm-wrestingDecide to make today an adventure of success. Do not carry the burden of yesterday’s failure into the promise of today. It is a new day. Everything is possible in this new day.

You can make today an adventure of success by:

1. Declaring with belief that anything is possible today. Do not bring into today the mistakes of yesterday. Today is a new page in the book of your life.

2. Make a wish upon this day. Be playful and fantasy full. You have nothing to loose but all to gain. Just say what you wish upon yourself for this day and let it go. Pretend that you are very powerful and you can create the experience you want.

3. Be adventurous. Get out of the routine of predicting your failure in life. Keep your mind open. Your wish may work. Go about your day with this in mind. Your wish may well come true. Embrace today. Go for it. Make it a wonderful day

Do not be fooled by thinking that this is too simplistic. Life is neutral, your days are neutral. What your today will be is according to what you bring into it. Your challenge is to populate your today with the impressions and desires of your heart. That is it. Remember that what you feel will come to pass even if you do not say it or think it.

You will do all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally do if you master these tricks.

Yours in total success,


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3 Easy Ways of Defining Total Success

February 23rd, 2009

smileIn this day and age you can define success in all sorts of ways. There are so many things and interests to pursue in your life. The pursuit of these things may well define success for you.

You can of course choose what success means to you. It is your life and your call. Success at best is a relative concept.

No matter what your take on success is; here are 3 ways to help you develop a crystal clear understanding of what it means to be a total success:

1. To have a goal.

You cannot be successful without a goal. Success is the art of setting goals and achieving them. If you do not have a goal you cannot be a success. Set clear, certain and concise goals and you can begin to succeed.

2. Achieving that goal.

To be a complete success, it is not enough just to set a well defined goal; you will need to achieve your goal. And to do so in a timely manner; using the easiest way you know how and without infringing on the rights and properties of others.

3. Having a sense of fulfillment.

All your desires are born out of a void within you. It is this void real or perceptive that creates the want and desire which you transform to a goal. To be a total success, that void must be filled. You fully fill that void by having that feeling of accomplishment.

It is the feeling that “it is done” which extinguishes the hot coals of the desire. It gives you a sense of contentment and expansion that makes your life worth while. It gives you a feeling of positive wonder.

Now, what you are after does not matter much: a better job, more love in your life, greater wealth and abundance or a sense of greater control in your life. It is the process of aiming for a better life that defines your success. It is not the thing you accomplish but the exciting discovery of your true power to cause things to happen that matters.

You are meant to cause things to happen; to be active in the fields of creation. Even in times such as these. Do not yield to the gathering storms of despair in your life.

Honor the desires that you have and begin to succeed.

Yours in total success,


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5 Tips to Build Instant Resolve and Achieve your Goals

February 22nd, 2009

divingThere are five things you need to know right now in order to build the resolve necessary to accomplish your goals. And it doesn’t matter how big or how small your goals are.

Here they are:

1. Be patient.

This is old but ever true. There is no rush when you are heading to the place of your destiny. Be guided by the sense of accomplishment that awaits you. You will have to have tried many times and failed in accomplishing your goals in order to finally succeed without trying.  Be patient.

2. Be focused and avoid distractions.

To build the resolve to achieve your goal demands focus, laser like focus. The world is full of distractions. A traveler makes no enemies; the friends he makes during his journey help him towards his destination. Avoid distractions.

3. Take one step at a time.

You can achieve a big goal by achieving small goals. Taking one step at a time is a sure road to your ultimate victory. This will build resolve in you.

4. Overcome the fear of failure.

Wholly accept your purpose and desire through faith. It is said that you cannot desire a thing which you cannot create. Trust in this and step out in faith.

5. Avoid the blame game.

What will break your resolve to succeed are the obstacles you will face as you seek to create. No one wins in this life without obstacles. If you have the habit of blaming people, circumstances and other situations outside yourself for your conditions in life you are stuck. You are done, literally. Forge on no matter the obstacle you face, let no one or nothing hold you back.

Your resolve is a necessary part of your take off to a life of total success. Many people cannot take off because they lack this power. Apply these five tips and you will soon soar to the heights of your dream.

Yours in total success


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6 Ways to Succeed in Difficult Times

February 21st, 2009

colorsHere are  some tips to help you navigate through these challenging times. Remember you can still become successful and fulfilled no matter what is happening or has happened in your life:

  1. Every one has a unique value. You have a uniqueness in you that does not go away because the economy is bad or because you are facing challenging times. Understand that your secret pass to a successful and fulfilling life rests with this value. No one can take it away from you. No one can seize it. It is yours and yes you do not have to worry about competition from your peers. There are no duplicates. You are a unique piece of work.
  2. Now what is this unique value? Go find it. Remember the ancient saying of all lands? Go within. What does this mean? Do not spent your days introspecting, simply begin to focus more within your imaginative make belief world. Become playful in this world. What do you find yourself doing in this world? Be mindful that you are just dreaming, you do not have to belief yet. What do you find?
  3. If you find yourself consistently driven to a certain fantasy embrace it. Life seeks to express itself through you at all times. Many successful people have used this technique. The issue to overcome here is your self esteem. Self judgment is a curse through which we deny ourselves the abundance of life. Now to combat this be playful with your goal. Just act as if you are in a dream. The idea is to overcome your subconscious barriers and accept who you want to become.
  4. Be patient. With time and play, the power of the ideal you carried in your mind will overcome the resistance of your past. When this happens you will know for your life will become absorbed in fulfilling and realizing this dream. This is indeed a magical thing. When this happens know that you are in the process of unfolding your successful life. Immerse yourself in the energy of your goal. Learn all you can about it as you yearn to give physical existence to what was before now a simple play of your imagination.
  5. Be a servant. As you work in refining and materializing this dream understand that you are serving life not yourself. Life will serve you only after you have served it. If it is a product or a service you have created bring that to the fore of your life. Walk your belief. Whatever you have succeeded in materializing is for the consumption of the market place of life. Display your wares with the pride of workmanship and the dignity of service.
  6. Be open. The world rewards excellence. Life is an exchange mechanism. You, through your creative genius come to the market place with the creations of your unique perspective of life. Life rewards you by providing you with the opportunity for exchanging the value you have created.. The world rewards excellence.

If you notice I have not talked about money. I have talked about discovering the value within and bringing this to the market place. Your Total Success is not about money, it is about your fulfillment in discovering and realizing your unique value. We all have our unique values. Money and material wealth will always follow value, but this time it will add to the fulfillment in your life. This is the way to total success in all you do.

Your is total success,


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4 Quick Steps to Build Faith and Achieve your Goals

February 20th, 2009

faithTimes are challenging. Companies are shedding jobs; unemployment is rising. There is a sense that there is more work to be done than we are ready to admit.

Do not loose face no matter how sour or bad the circumstances are. Check out these tips and build the faith necessary to manifest the life you desire.

1. Have a clear, concise and certain goal. A confused mind will not buy the plans you have made for your life. Be clear and focused.

2. Know that it is ok for your goal to be not visible. Do not panic that your goal is not now in your circumstances. It is invisible because you are now going to create it. This is the way it is. If it was visible it would not be a goal. Through your faith you will see the goal. That is all that is needed.

3. Know that it is ok for your goal not to be tangible in the material sense. It is ok for it not to be yet physical. Your faith is meant for that. Through your faith you will feel your goal.

4. Understand that your goal is possible. You may not have a clue on how to achieve your goal. Don’t worry, all is possible with faith. That is why faith exists. Through your faith you will accomplish the impossible.

You have to only set a clear, concise and focused goal. The faith in your goal will draw it out through you into reality. It sees the thing although it is invisible. It feels the thing although you feel it not. Through you and your actions it will achieve the thing although it had seemed impossible to you before now.

Be firm in your convictions and they will come to pass.

Yours in total success,


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