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A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste.

September 29th, 2016

Indeed a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. All life is change. In other words there is no fixity in our circumstances. Life is a continous flow of cosmic energy manifested in our circumstances. Some circumstances are pleasant and welcome by us. Others are not.

In fact more often than not we look at the unpleasant circumstances as a challenge; a crisis of sorts. This is generally because we are not aware of the fact that we, in one way or the other opened the door for this to be made real in our lives.

Anyway, the point here is all things that happen to us do so for our ultimate good. The underlying energy of all life is good. It is meant to sustain, improve and elevate us into a higher realization and knowingness of who we truly ARE. This is why we should look unto every crises or unwelcomed change as an opportunity to be improved and self edified.

It does not matter what it is. Find a way to transform the energy contained within the event or circumstance into something positive and uplifting for one and all. Now you will have to try this to believe it. But it is as real as can be if we do the work.

And the work is to be alert to the energy streams that wash over you at all times. Being this alert you will retain control of the energetic outpours coming from you. Be alert to this as well and you will begin to understand the subtle energetic influences of your life and how they affect you. And in doing so you will have the opportunity of recalibrating these influence.

You do so simply by using the energy of the unwanted to fuel the wanted. Not doing so, the energy ingrained in the unwanted circumstances will be left unexploited. It will revert back to where it came from and thus leave us weakened.

Remember all events and circumstances, the good, the bad and the ugly are fundamentally powered by an energetic vortex which is the creative juice of all life. Do not let it go to waste. Mine this cosmic juice in all that happens in your life and use it to go higher and higher. For life; all of life is meant to sustain and prosper you.

Yours in total success,


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Imagine What Can Be

November 23rd, 2015

How to unlock the world of what is possible is the secret code to success in life. We are limited only by our ability to see ”what is” as reflected to us by our so called realities. And this is a big mistake; because “what is” is not the promise of what can be. Infact “what is” is nothing but a shadow of what can be in your life.

This is hard to grasp for one who is not schooled in the art and sciences of harnessing or tapping into the world of what can be. Overwhelmed by the dynamics of “what is” they have been cut off from the possibilities of what can be. This is why there is so much strife and disharmonies in the world today. We simply are not awake enough to know that there is ample supply for all seasons.

The greatest challenge facing us today is a  lack of the full use of the imagination. Few amongst us have mastered this sacred craft. The time has come when we are obligated to reinvent ourselves as a race and regenerate the race mind. And this can be done simply by harnessing the world of possibilities as captured in this little mantra: imagine what can be!

Leaders of men and change gurus the world over can and will only be successful in their various missions no matter what they are by reinventing “what is.” And imagining what can be is the surest means of doing so.

The world that we now experience was created of course out of the imaginings of those that came before us and the world that will be experienced by those that come after us will be the imaginings of us here present today.

Life is for the living. There is no reason to look for the living amongst the dead. All that is, is; all that can be, is not yet. This is where work needs to be done.

There is much that can be said here. This I have reserved for a later post. Life is not meaningless; there is a reason for us being here. There is a reason for going through the challenges of our daily routines.

Happy is he who indeed has a handle on what this reason is; he will be born again to a new world of possibility and endless adventure.

Yours in total success,


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The Need for Fearless Ideas

November 14th, 2015

The world is in a stalemate. There is a new challenge that needs to be addressed. And this is simply the confrontation of the new and the old.

It is increasingly important for the race mind to be stretched beyond what it has known; to embrace what can be. Intolerance at any level of life is tyranny. It is the tyranny of what is, as opposed to what can be. Life is progressive by definition. Everything evolves; life is a forward moving affair. You resist at your own peril.

The wave of common change that is washing over the world today speaks of the need for new ideas to confront the dilemmas of our time. Yesterday it was New York, today it is Paris and tomorrow, for sure, it will be somewhere else.

The world yearns for a new way. This new way is in the making. How soon it will come to be will depend on us. It will depend on our desire and willingness to embrace fresh, new and fearless ideas. Fresh, new and fearless ideas to confront the age old ignorance and prejudices of our times.

We will not and cannot move forward as a race without this uplift in consciousness; this shift in consciousness.

Let the leaders of men and the creators of the spirit vortices of life work towards this end and all shall be well. The challenge is to create new fearless ideas and introduce them into the thought streams of life.

This will introduce the quickening that is necessary to bring a shift of attitude and healing to a troubled world. Tinkering around centuries old problems with  a centuries old mindset will not solve a thing.

We are called upon in this age to move in boldness. We are being called to harness the fountain of fresh and fearless ideas through which we can reconfigure and recalibrate the future to meet the aspirations of the times. This is our work, our challenge.

All challenges, no matter where they come from, we must remember, are portals of growth .Walk into these with the certain knowledge that there is everything to gain and nothing to loose. And you shall win.

Peace is not of this earth realm but neither is war. The dilemma is in our choosing. Choosing out of fear, we create war and chaos; out of love, tolerance and forbearance, we create a more peaceful and humane society.

The power is in the choosing. If we choose fearless ideas we will build a brave new world;far different from what we have experienced today and what we have experienced in the past.

The choice is ours. Imagine what can be!

Yours in total success,


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The Secret Revolution

May 2nd, 2012

If you have been following the recent events of the world, you would have noticed that these are  times of great trials and challenges. It is as if the world is undergoing a profound revolution in itself. And yet we carry on as if nothing has changed.

The foundations of the house that was built in the past is beyond it’s prime. These times call for a new infusion of power from all that have life here.

It is easy to claim victimhood; after all there are a thousand reasons to define yourself as such.You must in this time indentify yourself as a solutions provider and not an effect of a system gone stale.

Those who envisioned and created this system did not know any better. They of course did their best and rationalised their decisions based on the dictates of their conscience. So, no offense here. The fact is, the truth of life will always have the last say in what gives here and beyond.

Today, we are in the last throes of a decadent system which needs a clean sweep in all its ways. Life knows it is hard for our minds to accept that we have erred. It knows that our minds are prone to resist if it is pronounced overtly that we have erred.

This is why it allows time to bring us face to face with the effects we have created so that we, in our judgement, will find no other defence than to shift course or perish.

More than half of the Euro Zone countries are under a persistent double digit unemployment rate. The Chinese economy, once the hope of a new economy has slowed down considerably and continues to do so.The US is in the midst of a very sluggish recovery that flatters none.

Life on earth it would seem is threatened. Our survival is at stake. In other times, such circumstances would have been the hot coals with which the cities would have been burnt down.

We live in a different time and we have certainly matured in our approach to change, but the challenge is ever present.

You must do your part in this new world that is beginning to form infront of your eyes. Future generations will look with awe at the challenges that we as a generation are confronting today.

It is easy to look upon your troubles and say you do not have the time for what is going on in the world. But the world is you and all that you do becomes part of the DNA of this our great blue planet.

So, how do you proceed from here? Here are a few pointers to get you going if need be:

1. Do things differently.

You cannot walk the same path that is leading to no where. Find a different path and walk it. You cannot afford to tinker with these challenges using the tools and the craftsmanship of a time gone by.

2. Adopt a daring spirit.

Suffering and pain is not a virtue. You must not accept the norms if they are not working for you. Challenge them first in your minds and then in their various manifestations.

3. Be grateful.

Know that you are stewards of a new order in the making. Take pride in having been birthed into a time like this. This is because all that we face in life has a flip side that is a pure gift to us. Be glad now that you face the the challenges, for as sure as the sun will shine, you will see at the dawn of your night a new sun of life and progress at your doorsteps.

4. Assume responsibility for your livelihood.

The power of man to fend for himself and family is indeed a noble task. It gives meaning to an otherwise empty life. In doing so you are doing the work of life in perpetuating creation. Life will see you through. It cannot do otherwise for it needs you just as you need it.

The answers are already here with us. The horses have already left the barn. In your own little corner of this globe do all in your power to contribute your mite to the great forces churning in the cosmic realm of the unseen.

Remember that life needs you just as much as you need it. It can only work through us and nothing else. The challenges we face though seemingly insurmountable are nothing but a child’s play in the eyes of the creator of all things.

Go into your daily routines enamored with the faith and knowledge that you have been covered by the forces of good; front, back and center. Do all to challenge what gives and do so with the understanding that you are a creative agent of this life and that all circumstances must respond to the sacred wishes you have implanted in your mind.

Do not doubt the process. Let life vindicate you. It will. It’ s passion is to exhort the prayers of those that believe and have absolute faith in it. It revels in the bold actions of the ones who act out of the faith and understanding of it’s power.

Go ye forth and multiply….abundance is the creator’s promise for one and all.

You are part of the sacred circle of this life. It depends on you as much as you depend on it. All must be balanced.

Yours in total success,


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Know Yourself and Succeed

April 11th, 2012

Ancient teachers, writers, savant and sages have all asked us or urged us to go for self knowledge if nothing else in this life. It is as if we are ignorant of who we are. They repeatedly strive for us to know ourselves. Know thyself it is often said.

You see, it is ordinarily hard for you to know yourself if you do not have the desire or longing to do so. Life knows that and this is why in its all encompassing wisdom, it has allowed for man to come to experience life in ignorance.

In other words we are born into the darkness of ignorance so that we can grow into the light of self knowledge. No one can give you this knowledge. It has to be earned in which ever way you can. All any one such as myself can do is to show the way and that is all.. You will have to do the walking to the land of your own total self knowledge.

Now, who are you? Suffice to say that you are nothing but a physical conduit for the spirit of life to flow through.The physical element in this equation is your body and all that appends to it.

When you are born into physical life, your body is lifeless until animated by the breath of life. It is this current that powers all that is considered to be your life experiences. Everything from the smallest twitch and pain in your body to the most complex thoughts that your mind can conceive, all is controlled by the spirit impulse infused in your body through birth.

The greatest tragedy in life is the false understanding of man; that he is his physical body. This is not true. You are something other than the physical body.You are a spirit unit so to speak working though the medium of a physical unit known as the body.

The problem here is that the simple desire to maintain our physical instruments so to speak has been transformed to an all out indulgence in the physical aspect of things. We have completely forgotten that we are not of the body but of the spirit essence of all life.

This is why the sages cry out: ” know thyself.”

You are nothing but a transformer of the divine currents of life that surges through your unique spiritual center. That is all.

Now, what does that have to do with you and your desire to succeed in life? Everything! Life is simple and orderly. All you have to do is to follow the harmonic rhythm of life andyou will find total success in all you do.

Your physical condition or environment is nothing but the outwash of what your spirit self has actualized in the present times. All that comes to your life has received your spiritual stamp of approval so to speak.

This means that if you want the circumstances in which you have life to change you must harmonize yourself with the energies of a different set of circumstances and thus give them the conduit and possibility to be present in your life.

Having not known who we are, our tendency is to continue to scrape by off the limited dimensions of what we have already created instead of spreading our wings and scaling the the unlimited realms of all that is possible in life.

Considering yourself as a body entity you are bound to look at your world in finite terms. This is because the body is a finite thing and so anything that appends to it becomes finite in essence. And it is this false premise of being that is the cause for concern and man’s misery on earth

Know yourself and succeed. To know yourself is to succeed in this life. You cannot know yourself and  not succeed. Life is not meant to oppress but to serve you.

It is your not knowing what and who you are that is the problem. And this is why life will continue to seem like a jigsaw puzzle to the eyes of the untrained until they have come to the secret of all secrets.

And it is not a secret after all, for this truth is hidden in plain sight. Within you is a current which powers all that you can ever experience. Contact this power and ride back into the main spiritual stream of life where all is at your beck and call.

No one can do this for you. It takes work and effort; but where a desire to know yourself has been registered, life in its own miraculous ways will make sure that you come to your own full realization of what and who you indeed are.

It is this that has led the sages of old to again say: “When the student is ready the master will appear.” It is all on you my friend. Are you ready?

Yours in total success,


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Don’t Give Up…It is All a Game

April 2nd, 2012

Life and your experiences are nothing but a game, a movie of sorts so to speak. Now, when you watch a movie at home or in the theaters you are quite aware that it is just a movie. You know that it is a story that has been written and staged on the screen for your entertainment.

Going into the movie you know that it is all just a game. But when the pictures kick in, what happens?

As the storyline develops and the scenes are played out, your emotions get sucked in. The story suddenly becomes alive for you. It becomes real and you begin to experience the emotions that the scenes and acts are projecting. You feel the pain, the joy, and the suspense of the movie scenes.

This is indeed the entertainment you have paid for. The idea is for you to live through the sensations and emotional excitement of the the movie you are watching.

Infact, the best movies and actors are those who succeed in making us live through the intensity of emotions that are encapsulated or captured in the movie.

This is exactly the same thing that happens to you here on earth in your life.You can set up a story line of what you want to experience and consciously set yourself up for the experience if you know how. Infact in this life you get to be the producer and the spectator all in one.

Here, in your mind’s eye or in your imagination, pull out the details of the scene or scenes you want to experience. Fill in the blanks, fill in the details.

At first this may all seem as some idle fancy or reverie. Not so, my friend, not so. It is from these new pictures or scenes that you are creating from within you that a new you will be created in the world of your experiences in duetime. Attach strong feelings to them. Do not second guess yourself.

In other words begin to feel as if you are in the states you are viewing in the pictures of your imagination.

Scope out the atmosphere around the scenes you have developed. It usually will take a little time as you practise these techniques but do not be discourged. You will emerge triumphant afterall.

Now, as you begin to fully engage in this practise, two things are going to begin to happen to you:

1. You will be drawn out of the misery and drudgery of the circumstances you do not want.

2. And because your emotional juice has been drawn away from these unwanted things of your life they will fall off on their own They will die a natural death.

As you constantly indulge in this exercise by dwelling and attaching strong feelings to the goals you have created in your imagination your thought streams and emotional responses to life will change. And as these change your life is bound to change.

It is this shift in the focus of your perception that will begin to create an atmosphere of miracles in your life.

And all will be possible to you when you create this atmosphere of success and miracles in your life.

It is all a game, you will have to practise this for yourself to believe it. You will see results and when you see the results, then you will come to a full understanding of what gift has been given to you by the power of all creation.

Life is here and now. It is waiting for you to hitch your wagon to it and create the desires in your heart. It is waiting for you to open up and embrace its power for your own good and the good of all humanity.

So it is…It is all a game. Don’t give up.

Yours in total success,


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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The Secret Power of Visualization

November 27th, 2009

Explore the power of your inner sightMan lives by sight. You have been endowed by the power of sight so that you can trace the direction of your actions and achieve your goals.

Through your use of your inner sight you can develop an unshakable faith in the pursuit of your dreams in life.

I do not speak only of the outer sight as provided by the eyes. I speak of the inner eye of your imagination.

Seeing with this eye you can see things which are not yet present in your material world. Seeing with your imaginative eye you can place yourself firmly in the worlds and experiences of your choice.

Once the power of your inner sight becomes greater than the power of your outer sight you will notice a change in your circumstances. The momentum generated by the visualized world of your imagination can and will catapult you to a different set of circumstances if you stick with it.

Herein lies the secret of creating the life of your desires. Visualize! See with your inner eyes the reality you have dreamed for yourself. See yourself in the surroundings of your desires. It doesn’t matter that this would seem to be a foolish play of make believe. Just do it and do so consistently.

With time you will soon begin to act the part. And in acting the part you set the motions necessary to bring that which you have desired to your doorsteps.

This the secret of all life. Those who are successful in life know and practice it all the time.

You are wired to create out of the nothingness of the ether. Do not live by your outer sight alone. Seek also the unbounded realm of the unseen worlds. Here you can carve a world that is uniquely patterned to fit your needs.

It is tempting to always seek to live off the labors of others. This is normal but suicidal all the same. The truth is to take up your ploughs and march valiantly unto the fruited plains of the infinite realms.

Time is of the essence. Begin now to reclaim the unkempt fields of your  inner worlds. Visualize, see in your mind’s eye what it is that you desire.

Do not question the pictures you see. This is not the time for such. Just see and continue to see.

What monkey sees monkey does. What you see is what you are. The key to the secret power of visualization is now in your hands. You are free to see what you wish. Live responsibly.

Yours in total success,


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What is Your Story - 4 Things to Avoid when Rewriting your Story

October 13th, 2009

What are you running on?Your life is a story you are living out. A story that may or may not be created by you. Your feel for life determines the types of stories that you will live.

Feelings of dejection and despair will create a life story of despair and reaction. Feelings of love, courage and optimism will create stories of hope and triumph.

What is your story? Are you dejected and in despair over the circumstances of life? Or are you pushed by your instinct to positively survive and thrive despite the odds?

Given the same set of challenges you can create different stories. No matter how hard your life is or the difficulties you face you can create a different story out of it all.

You can create a story of success and triumph. Yes you can.

Here are four things to avoid as you recreate the stories of your life:

1. Avoid the trap of stereotypes.

You are a genuine specimen of creation. We all are. You are not called to be like everyone else in order to succeed. Be yourself. Unfold that which is within you with boldness and conviction. What has happened before you doesn’t matter. What has happened to others before you doesn’t matter. What matters is you and the expression of your unique individuality.

2. Avoid a life of negatives.

It is easy to see the negatives in all situations in life. Strike out for the positives in all your experiences. This is the only way you can have a firm control over the domineering influences of your vices.Be o the look out for the bright spots in all that comes your way.

3. Do not run your life on default.

It is easy to let life just role on its own. It is the lazy way. You default by allowing other forces to set the tone and direction of your life’s journey. Take ownership of what is to come by creating the conditions necessary to attract them. Clearly define your expectations and work diligently towards accomplishing them.

4. Avoid seeing your life as a single story.

You are not a single story. A single event does not make your history. If the story today is harsh strive for a better story tomorrow. It is the combination of these stories that make make up the story of your life. A story of defeat and failure today doesn’t define what the stories of tomorrow may be. You can define what the stories of tomorrow may be and of course influence the course of your destiny.

Now. You were created to experience life. You primarily experience life by what you feel; for your feelings determine your moods. And it is your mood that determines how enthusiastic you are in life. Enthusiasm pushes you to action,and your actions are the drivers of your fortunes.

Engage yourself wholesomely in the story of your life. You are its main character. Your story, what you have told yourself about you can rebuild you, but it can also destroy you.

Do not immerse yourself in a single story of defeat. Your life is a network of multiple stories.You can yet write another story even in the face of the challenges you face.

Challenge yourself; push the boundaries of what is possible. Create a different story if you are not comfortable with where you are in the present stories of your life.

Yours in total success,


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Gather your forces and succeed

October 3rd, 2009

Eye the ballGather the scattered forces of your power. Bring these to burn upon the desires of you heart and you shall find success.

Life is a providential power. You have been given all. You were given all from birth. You came with nothing but the sacred touch of the power of providence.

It doesn’t matter that you have failed. It mattered that you dared. All is not lost. You can win again. You can rise from the ashes of your failures like the famed phoenix of ancient mythology.

It is the glue of your attention and focus that holds your worlds and circumstances together. Loose this glue and you loose control over the destiny and direction of your life. It s that simple.

All is possible and within your immediate reach. Abundance and beauty abound even in your defeats. Avoid the scourge of despair. Dust yourself off the ashes of failure.

Gather the forces of life that flows within you. Your challenge is a very personal affair. Let your response be a personal affair to proof your mettle. The mettle of the stuff you are made of.

Affirm your power. Change is a force of nature. You are not without power. You can overcome all. You can put your imprint upon the field of experiences in your life.

In times of hardships and defeats you are touched by the sacred hand of the power of life. In such times you are given the platform to create a create again. To create as you have wished.

Gather your self. There is no failure. There is but change. Harness the wind of change in this your life and sail your boat to the shores of your desires.

You are wet with grace.The waters of life’s mercies have rained on you.

Go to work in the secret chambers of your mind and configure the world you want to experience.

Gather your troops and chant a song of victory.You were not born to fail.

Yours in total success,


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Rekindle the Spark of Life in You and Succeed

August 28th, 2009


Never ever give up in the face of your struggles no matter what they are. What is, is; but what is to come can be controlled by you.

Your destiny depends entirely on you. Life waits on you; imprint it with the designs of your heart and live the life of your desires.
You see, life without your influence or touch is a shadow of death.

Life with your active participation is a song of glory to the power of all creation. Do not give up, never, never give up.

Within you is a tiny spark of the generative force of all that can happen in  life. This tiny force can never be extinguished, never; even in the midst of your greatest defeats and failures.

It waits only to be fanned by the power of your desires. It waits to power the secret songs of the life you intend to live.
This tiny flame is with you so long as you are alive. It will never live you.

Life is treacherous at best without your conscious participation. Know however that you can create all; you can become as  successful as you have desired.

You can become well if you now have a diseased body. You can find peace of mind if your heart is troubled; you can accomplish all your goals in life if you know how.

You see, it is not you per se that has the power; it is the power in you that does the work. At best you are nothing but a messenger, a conduit through which the power does it’ s work.

Now, do not be deceived into denying the potential that resides in you because of the tyranny of your past experiences. Fan the tiny spark of power within you into a blazing light of hope, courage, confidence and faith.

A faith that you are a life and not a pauper; that you are never without help. Yes and that you can overcome all and drink from the cup of infinite success in your life.

Your life as it is now is a bouquet of results you have achieved by your past actions and inactions. Toss this bouquet aside if you are not pleased with it.

Wake up. TAKE THE BULL OF LIFE BY THE HORN. Chant another song of war; this time make it a war against mediocrity, poverty and despair.

Yes you can be it, whatever it is to you. You can do it, for all has been given to you from the unlimited supply of the power of providence.

It only takes the harnessing of your creative genuis to pull through your difficulties and live the life of your designs.

As always let me live you with a few tips to harness the strength to overcome the challenges you are faced with:

1. Seek to add value in life

2. Build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual benefit.

3. Be innovative and creative.

4. Be bold, bold and bold

If your life has so far been ravaged by failure, disease or want you stand a real risk of opening yourself up to the forces of lethargy and despair. You loose the fire to life. You ask yourself: what is there to live for anyway? You see yourself surrounded by death and the emptyness.

Now, let me say this: The power of industry is greater than the power of sloth and despair any day and time. The past can never overcome the promise and power of the future.

Rekindle the spark of life in you and succceed. You were not created to fail; yes, you can win again and win real big.

Yours in total success,


Copyright 2009 All rights reserved worldwide


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