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It Is All Good

March 13th, 2014

This here is another life giving excerpt from the Great William W. Atkinson, enjoy!

Never lose sight of the fact that the “good things” of life are but playthings–part of the game. And you must be perfectly willing to lay them aside when the time comes to “pass into the next class” and not cry and mourn, because you must leave your playthings behind you.

Do not allow yourself to become unduly attached to them. They are for your use and pleasure but are not a part of you–not essential to your happiness in the next stage.

Despise them not because of their lack of “reality.” They are great things relatively–and you may as well have all the fun out of them that you can. Don’t be a “spiritual prig”–standing aside and refusing to join in the game.

But do not tie yourself to them. They are good to use and play with–but not good enough to use you and to make you a plaything. Don’t let the toys turn the tables on you.

This is the difference between the Master of Circumstances and the Slave of Circumstances. The Slave thinks that these playthings are real and that he is not good enough to have them. He gets only a few toys, because he is afraid to ask for more–and he misses most of the fun.

And then–considering the toys to be real and not realizing that there are plenty more where these came from–he attaches himself to the little trinkets that have come his way and allows himself to be made a slave of them. He is afraid that they may be taken away from him, and he is afraid to toddle across the floor and help himself to the others.

The Master knows that all are his for the asking. He demands that which he needs from day-to-day and does not worry about over-loading himself–for he knows that there are “lots more” and that he cannot be cheated out of them.
He plays and plays well–and has a good time in the play.
And he learns his Kindergarten lessons in the playing.
But he does not become too much attached to his toys. He is willing to fling away the worn-out toys and reach out for a new one.

And when he is called into the next room for promotion, he drops on the floor the worn-out toys of the day… and with glistening eyes and confident attitude of mind… marches into the next room… into the Great Unknown… with a smile on his face.

He is not afraid, for he hears the voice of the Teacher and knows that s/he is there waiting for him–in that Great Next Room.

Fear none and fear nothing, not even that thing called death.

Life is waiting in all its forms whether here or in the hereafter for the adventurous amongst you. We are nothing but play things in the hands of the great cosmic creative power of life.

Do not hold back. Come out and play, knowing that the corrective hand of the law and its strong fragrance of infinite grace and compassion will ultimately tiumph in guiding us towards our great and unique destiny.

Yours in total success


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The Hidden Wisdom of Change in your Life

May 18th, 2012

Use the energy of your disappointments in life as the fuel to propel you towards the direction you want to travel to. Do not mind that you are now being held back by the experiences you have.

It is the goal that you desire in life that matters not where you are. Others want to fail. In fact they act like failures and complain that they have not found the success they are looking for. They claim to be victims and hold themselves in the very conditions they wish to avoid by proclaiming and affirming the power of the obstacles they face over their desire to progress in life.

Realize that life is balanced and just at all times. The world is configured in this way to give all a fair chance at finding for themselves what works here below. The creator has little or nothing to do which what goes on. He has done his job and waits patiently for the cycle of the life he has given you to complete itself.

All has been given to all and the brave and courageous amongst you will find this truth for themselves. Do not believe my words try this out for yourself.You have a native mystic power which when activated can overcome all that stops you from being what has been decreed in your heart of hearts.

Open up yourself to the raw energies of the pain you face if pain there is in your life. Be honest to yourself. Open yourself to the feelings that courses through you; look at the circumstances in which you live under. Now, if you feel that you deserve better begin the upward motions that is necessary to lift you up and out of the predicaments you do not want.

Reach for the conditions that you want to experience. It is as simple as that. This is why the cosmic law of life is based on the fact that you will reap as you have sown. Nothing more,nothing less.

The bar of life is held high by the creative power so that you do not sell yourself short. Like a good coach, life knows your potential. It knows what you can accomplish with what you have. It will never let up. So stop brooding over spilled milk and brace up for a new day.

Aim high in life, aim higher that the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is why we welcome all the challenges that come in our lives. They serve to wake you and me up from our slumber. They are the stepping stones to the heights of our true destiny.

So, here are 4 tips to get you started on this journey:

1. Release yourself unto your dream.

Burst yourself loose. Go all out and embrace the dream, the energy of the thing that you have set your sight on. Do not hold back. In doing so you hold back the birth of the thing that you carry in you.

2. Maintain your poise.

Practise the calm silence and assurance of one who is in the know of the workings of life. Such self confidence and assurance has a way of helping you defeat the feeble energies of the things you do not want in your life.

3. Act only when needed.

Conserve your energy as much as possible. It is ipmortant to build a mental store of pure undefiled power from which to pull in times of troubles and challenges. Talk less if you can. Honor the silence in you and do not get involved into the  petty talk and slander that is so common today.

4. Give thanks upon waking everyday.

You set a positive tone for your day by creating a vortex of gratitude which is offered to the life. Even the birds know this, that is why their first mutterings in the day is always a song of gratitude sung to the power from which all things come.

We all have a native and unique mystic imprint which is there for our succour and solace in the face of our challenges and difficulties in this life. It is there, just as you have eyes to see and ears for hearing. Our difficulties gain the upper hand when we do not actualize this power.

Rest unperturbed, dear reader, in the assurance that all that you seek is already in existence. Maintain an unruffled countenance no matter the menacing threats of your troubles. Don’t mind how big or monstrous or frightening they seem to be.

Work needs to be done only in the inner sanctuary of your life and here you have the power to mould and shape the experiences you desire for yourself. Do so and unleash them unto this realm of time and matter and you will experience first hand the miraculous power that is hidden within us all.

Yours in total success,


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The Power of Being

March 25th, 2012

This universe is controlled by laws which cannot be bent by your supplications alone. Life has fitted you out with all that is required to succeed. The great design is infallible. All that can ever happen to you in your life was foreseen by your creator. It designed you with this in mind.

Now, left upon the play fields of life, the common man has been thought to seek his answers to his challenges from up in the skies. This is not only insane but malicious to say the least. The promoters of such a philosophy are not being honest or are down right ignorant of the great cosmic plan of life.

You are not without power. You are a mini god so to speak. You came to this world fully cloaked with the potential to attain the full glory of your destiny. This divine manifestation of who you are comes to full life at birth.

With the first gulp of oxygen that is breathed into your lungs your life begins its journey; self contained, the seed of all that you can be was planted long before your birth.

As an infant you cried for your mother’s milk at every turn but as an adult you are required to fend for yourself. And you will never be left alone in this venture. The universe is configured in such a way that help is ready when needed by those who deserve it. That is why it is said “Heaven helps those that help themselves.”

How do you help yourself is the question. You help yourself by exercising your right to be. It is a divine right. You have a right to be. Exercise your power of being.

In other words, create the world that you desire first in your mind and imagination and inhabit that world. Be in that world. A lot of people have relinquished this their unique right from the creator for the manufactured secondary creation of their circumstantial realities.

Instead of creating their world realities through their beingness, they have allowed their circumstances, be they what they are, to create their world realities.

If you ask such a one how he is doing, for example, he will rush to say: times are hard or something to that effect. In other words, he is validating the power of his circumstances over the power of his being.

And if you push him a little further, he will tell you that he is going to pray to make things better for him. I am not knocking down the goodness of prayer. But you see, such a one can pray all he wants and there will be no change in his affairs; because he has already accepted the supremacy of his circumstances over his being.

This is the problem of modern man. Despite the advances of science, we still have not yet understood that man is the primary engine of change in the universe. Yes you are!!!

Be, before all else. Define and realize what it is that you need to manifest in your life. Forget the dead energies of the circumstances in which you have life. They have no power except that which you lend to them.

You see, you have been told that what you see is the truth. This a lie. That is not true. What you see is the outcome of the inner activities of those concerned. In other words your inner activity is the truth not what you see.

And your inner activity is the activity of your being. You think, you imagine, you visualize and just like that, your system begins to associate and unify with the energetic impulses that comes from these your activities.

And as these begin to harmonize with your biochemical set up, your brain begins to pick up energetic signals that are transferred to it through your subconscience. It is this activity that triggers the dissatisfaction that is the precursor of change and the birth place of faith in your life.

And once a longing for a better tomorrow is thus injected into your heart, your whole being will move in accordance with strict laws of the universe to create this reality sooner or later.

This is the way the world works. It is not prayer alone. There is an exact science to the thing and it this which led the ancient prophets to cry out in despair  ” My people perish for the lack of knowledge.”

This knowledge is in you. If anything pray that this secret knowledge be revealed to you; not given to you. No, pray that it be revealed unto you, for it is already in you.You are a heir to the divine heritage of all life.

Come and claim your place in your father’s mansion. There are many rooms in there and a place has already been prepared for you!  Be it, whatever it is for you!

Yours in total success,


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Micheal Joseph Jackson: A Modern Day Prophet

June 25th, 2009

The way of the the darkness of ignorance rely on the light from withinThe end has come. He now has passed on to the great beyond. The world will now pay attention to the message of this prophet of modern times.

He brought change through his life. And admitted several times that he could not do it by himself. Micheal Joseph Jackson we salute you.

It is harsh in this world of imperfection called earth. Do not despair all you who have come to share your light. Be bold and brave. It is not easy.

Just remember, the one who commissioned you with your task will see you through.

He changed the world through his music. His mission is accomplished and it was time to go back home.

Wipe away your tears weeping fans and foes. There is work to be done.

You can pay tribute and homage to the great life of Micheal Joseph Jackson by becoming an emissary of the love message in his music.

Seek to heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for the entire human race. There is great suffering in the world. If you care enough for the living seek to make a better place for you and for everyone.

Yes, there is a place in your heart. A place of love. In this place there is no need to cry. A place of power. There are ways to get there. Just care enough for the living and you shall get there.

This was Micheal Joseph Jackson and that was his message to the world.

Take some time out to listen to his songs again. You might find the secret key to unlock a life of joy, peace and total fulfillment. He was a prophet, now gone with the wind of time.

Yours in total success,



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Harness your Intuitive Power and Succeed in Life - 5 Simple Steps

May 28th, 2009

You are never alonelAll breakthrough ideas and inventions in life  come when you least expect them. At least consciously. This is because there is another power working for you. It works through you to help you in your daily challenges.

Life is a simple play out of an eternal equation: Problem–Problem solved–Happiness. All of your problems can be reduced to this simple formula.

Life knows this. In its innate wisdom it seeks to guide you in finding the solutions to the problems you face.

Do not despair when faced with unforeseen circumstances. Seek instead the alliance of the greater power of the life force in you. And you will find success in all you do.

Here are 5 simple steps to awaken you to the intuitive guidance of life:

1. Get more rest and sleep often.

A restless mind and body will cut you off from the intuitive flow of life. Get more sleep. Make it a habit to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep a day. Pay attention to your dreams especially when facing potentially life changing events in your life. You will be amazed at the insights that will come to you.

2. Exercise your body and mind.

Stretch the capacities of the your body. You don’t have to become a gym rat. Find ways to  continually work the body out of its routines. Same goes with your mind. Explore new ideas. Think new thoughts. Do anything that is intellectually challenging. The purpose in all this is to make you more receptive to the intuitive inflows of life.

3. State your problems clearly.

Life is a reflecting medium. To be served efficiently by life you need to state your claim as clearly as possible. If your ideas are foggy you will get foggy inflows. If you know exactly what you want, you will know exactly what the solution is when it shows up.

4. Trust the answers you receive.

Nothing succeeds like success. Trust builds on trust. Let your experiences guide you, but trust the answers you have received. This is necessary to keep the flow running at all times. But more so it allows you to have the courage to execute these silent whispers of life. And it is in its execution that the soundness of the intuitive wisdom of life is revealed in a very personal way to you.

5. Let it be a personal affair.

Your complicity with life is a personal affair. Seek to develop this intimacy to maturity in your daily life. Do not rush out to pronounce your new found source of wisdom and strength. Let your life and the works of your life do the talking. Be quiet and still. Keep your lips sealed as you develop a secret intimacy with this power.

Life seeks to continuously speak to you, to guide you in your vale of challenges. It knows your needs and waits patiently for you to ask and receive. You are never alone, never was meant to be alone.

Do not despair in these times of change and challenge. Your time has come. All that you desire you can have. Aided by the comforting presence of the intuitive hand of life all will be well in due time.

Wake up, get out and play. Your amazing life is waiting.

Yours in total success,


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