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The Power of The Will

September 30th, 2016

Life has gifted us with certain tools to confront the changing fortunes of our lives here on earth. This earth medium is one of change. There is no fixity in matter. All things change. Interestingly they change according to the whims of man.

Creation has done its part. It did its part when man was created as a sentient being. It is now up to you to finish the great work of creation. At least as it concerns you and the sphere of influence under your control. And this sphere may be your home and family or work and society as a whole. It really doesn’t matter where or what the field of action is.

The main point here is as Blake put it longtime ago: “nature without man is naught”. You are useful. You are useful to life. In fact in all honesty you are a subset of the divine will. It is designed to work through you to manifest its glory over all creation.

That is how important you are to life. And more so why you were endowed at birth with this power of the will. To do what? To bring to bear the volition of your desires to bare upon the changing scenery of matter. And thus establish supremacy overall.

So here is the task; stop complaining and go to work. Go to work within the inner faculties of your being. Will what you desire and want out of life into being. Yes, it may take while. We are only beginners. That is so . It is the plan. But begin nonetheless.

Quit playing the victim card and go into the inner reaches of who you are and begin to fashion out the world as you have conceived it to be. And with the scared touch of your father who art in heaven it will be as you have conceived with time. And at long last you too will come into the perfect understanding that you are a co creator of this reality called life.

It cannot be learned in any other way. There is help aplenty for one who dares to jump into the arena. In no time will you be raised from an apprentice of the art to a master. A master of the surging currents of creation streaming incessantly within you.

This my friend is the reason we are alive; to come to the full awareness of who we are co agents of the creation here, now and in all eternity. Take this to heart, dear reader. Make this day to count for something.

Yours in total success,


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Life is a Wholesome Gift

November 8th, 2015

Life is a festival of uncertainty. It ought to be an adventure. Yet it is not so. Somehow, we have been schooled to live predictable lives;as if we have no control over what happens.

Nothing is stagnant in life. All changes. It will be unwise to expect predictability from a universe that incarnates change in its very essence.

And so there is a lot of frustration and misgivings about what essentially could have been an adventure of sorts.

An adventure in the sense that we can face each new day with the certain knowledge that we have the creative ability to meet the future with  vigor, whatever it is or turns out to be.

Anyway, all is not lost. Here are a few pointers that may help you get centered again and so begin to wholesomely live the experience that is life:

1. Life is a risky affair.

Nothing is given, all must be earned. You earn your experiences by being open to them in whatever way you can. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. But in all cases you are guaranteed to learn; to come out greater than you were before the experience.

2. You are not alone.

You are never alone in this venture. Life, the sustaining power of all that is, is in your corner. It may not seem so obvious given the nature of the issues we face but it is there all the same; comforting and nudging us along this path of self knowing called life. Work with this in mind.

3. Make use of your creative faculties.

If life means anything to us, it surely is in its ability to wake us up from our slumber. The challenges we daily face are meant to stimulate our creative faculty. Thus stimulated, it becomes easier for us to jumpstart our lives as creative agents of the eternal power.

So, you see, all is not in vain. There is a plan to what gives. No one has created or made a victim out of you. It is all meant for you to come to a fuller realization of who you are in the grand scheme of things; so that at the very end you will be able to take your rightful place as a co creator of the universe in which you have your being.

Do not be fooled otherwise. The power is within you to configure and reconfigure the experiences you go through in this life to your liking.

You were born free. To understand and fully claim this freedom,you must become spiritually responsible.

For it is this awareness of self and purpose that will allow you to rightly claimed your Godhood.

Yours in total success,


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You Are a Blessing To Life

November 7th, 2015

You are a blessing to life. Just as you are, where you are. That is, if love divine dwells in you. You ought not do or say anything special. Just be!

Centered in the great vortex of God’s love and charity for yourself and all mankind,you serve a great purpose.

Be a light with the fire within;the fire of love for all life. Be in all your ways a vehicle for this your light to shine through.

Many seek the secret way-the way of total success in vain. Many are in darkness. They live within the shadows of the light.

You are a blessing to the world. Just as you are. Shine the light that is you. Just as you are!

Yours in total success,


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Beat Tough Times in Life

April 2nd, 2014

It is very easy to feel down when times are hard. Change can be a very painful thing. Do not despair even as you go through the pain and struggles of your life. It is not that you have been denied. Life denies none. Change happens and life must go on.

Here are two things that I have found to be pretty effective in helping you face tough challenges in life:

 1. Do not be attached to anything.

This is not to say that you should be cold and aloof towards life. No, it simply means to be able to enjoy and make use of what gives without becoming dependent on them. In other words let not your desires steal your joy.

2. Create your own heaven.

This is one sure fire way to create a happy and fulfilled life here on this earth. Find your own ways to become happy no matter what is happening. Life is life; no one has a monopoly on how it ought to be lived.

So long as you are willing and able, you can partner with life and co create as you have desired and designed.

It is easy to sit around and gripe or complain all day about how life sucks.

The funny thing is that life goes on despite our gripes and complaints. The wise thing to do then will simply be to be proactive. And creatively carve out for ourselves a space and time continuum that will reflect the designs of our inner most desires.

Doing so will give you a much needed sense of control in this world of change that we live in. And it is this sense of control that will be responsible for creating the peace of mind and fulfilment that we so crave.

Do not take my word for it. You’ve got to live it to believe it. A satisfied life is a very individual undertaking. Let not the dead energies of what you have experienced hold you back.

Go within and do the work and you shall know.

Yours in total success,


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The Cosmic Tug of Time.

March 13th, 2014

There is a constant battle that rages on in the life of all. And it is between the pull of our past and the pull our future. This war rages on constantly in our present. It shows in our choices and circumstances.

Your past is nothing but a record of where you have been. Yet it is powerful enough to determine where and how far you can go. If you do nothing it will create the foundation of all that will happen in your so call future. In fact it will replay and recreate the same scenes of yesteryears.

This is fine if you are happy with what gives. However, if you are not then we have a different issue.
And it is to free you from the energy imprints of the past. You can do this my recreating new energy imprints today. This here is the challenge and one that is difficult for most of us.

No problem. Here is a suggestion: just be you. How? Be authentic; simple but powerful. Doing so frees you from the power of convention. Doing things your way will allow you to become creative. Becoming creative is the gateway to Soul Artistry.

It is this artistry of the soul that can show you how you can again harness the power of the present to mold the outcomes of your tomorrow.

Life is sufficient to itself you included. Avoid the bustle of the masses and the pressures of convention. Listen to your heart. And with time its sacred song of redemption will burst forth like a morning spring.

And you will know.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Work

March 13th, 2014

You can count on your efforts to become sufficiently supplied in life. You have to choose to progress or regress in life. Nothing is stagnant in nature. Where you are does not matter. Work or effort is the means through which creation gives to its own. Nothing is impossible. All is possible.

Efforting is an art; an art of receiving that which is already here for you. All has been given. Creation is finished. Serve; work. Let your days be devoted to the chores of your own choosing. Do not pay attention to where the wind blows. Sow and sow. In time you will receive the just harvest of your efforts.

Life can be an exciting adventure for those who wish to uncover its hidden mysteries. My fervent wish is for you to become one of these. And you will surely ride into the sunset with a twinkle in your eyes; knowing that you are not alone in your honest efforts. And never will be.

For in the comfort of this realization you can afford to be free. Free indeed from the tyrannical grip of the circumstances in which you have life. Free indeed to remake the world, to create the experiences in which you choose to have life.

Yours in total success,


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Take Heart and Overcome the Fears in Your Life

May 16th, 2012

Open your heart for the power of life to come tumbling through. There is no reason to fear for you are in essence an immortal entity. Hold on tight, you are of like nature to the power that started this experience called life. It is easy to give in to the power of fear.  And this is how you loose your humanhood. You loose the flow of the power that is ever so present.

Hold your head up high no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Do not fear life, not even that thing called death. Respect all. In doing so you honor the power that is in them and in you too; not the power of titles and human prowess but the power behind the breath of the life that is in them.

The weak and unlearned will seek to frighten you by the indiscriminate display of what they deem as true power. They will flash their material possessions and such to intimidate and dominate you. And when dominated you become easy prey for their sadistic games.

This is an ancient trick that is used even by those of the other realms of life. The idea is to break your psychic shield and thus suck you into a vortex of energy and power which they control.

You must strive to be your own person and unconditionally negotiate your life on your own terms. You see, you are like a log of burning wood on a furnace fire. You do count and you are part of the great fire that warms up the house. Do not allow another to take away the light that burns through you.

I write this because this world is presently going through a rough patch on its journey and we have all been jolted away from our comfort zones. As we struggle to get comfortable again it is easy for the weak to fall prey to the unsettling schemes of those whose hearts are filled with the ploys of darkness. Be on the look out.

You belong to none other but the one who created you. That is why all great religions and schools of faith teach that we must honor the one and only one, whatever that is for you. And why the Christian’s bible advocate that their God is a jealous God.

Now, so what is the falsity that you must watch against:

It is simply not to worship matter of any sought but to honor the indomitable power of the spirit which is in you. Don’t buy into the false humility that is often paraded by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. True love and humility does not seek to sell itself. It is in itself sufficient for it is sustained not by the wimps of mere mortals but by the unstoppable divine breath of the creator itself.

Dust off the sediments of the past that has taken over your spiritual room and sweep with a broad broom. The past is not alive except you give it the power to have existence in your life. And the future does not exist except what you call into your experience through the infallible support of your spiritual power.

So, take heart dear one. Stand firm as the wind blows, be steadfast despite the troubles. This our earth was not a perfect creation for a reason. With time you will discover the sublime and subtle spread of love that is ever at your beck and call and you shall be whole again.

Love is divine because you are divine. It is why you will never find true peace and happiness in the things of this world. For the plan is for you come to your original state again; a state of supreme joy and peace in the knowledge that all is well with you.

All is well despite the fright of matter that is daily paraded in the public sphere. You, the chosen one must never give in to the rule of matter in whatever form it manifests. Know once and for all that you were born to become an overcomer of all things material and immaterial.

Your pain is your gift. Do not shy away from your tears. For they are the holy waters of the love of the creator that cleanses all. Hold on to the rod of your faith in these times and all shall be well again in no time.

Yours in total success,


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Why Seek Personal Power

April 24th, 2012

If you replace the words: seek ye first the kingdom and all things will be yours with these words: seek ye first the power and all things will be yours, you will discover the secret key to an abundant and fulfilled life.

I sincerely think and believe this is what was behind the message of this often quoted biblical verse. The reason I have often asked my readers to seek power is because it is the gateway to eternal peace and freedom in this life and beyond.

True power is freeing and progressive. It allows you to put things in their right order and therefore come to the ultimate realization of what this life is about.

Some think you can come to salvation through being resigned to your circumstances. Others think it is by being meek and humble and so on.

This is not true. True humility is a side effect of power. It is when you can and decide not to; just because you can, that you can truly call yourself humble. It is not when you cannot, because you can”t. This is the way of the weak.

Be not be deceived by the fads that have been thought to the common man all these years. You were not born to be a slacker. You were born to best out your life. Not to accommodate your short comings with the rather flimsy excuse that it is ok to be humble.

Ask the sperm that finally got to the egg in your mother’s womb, how it got there, and it will tell you that it had to best out the others. It was not by being meek and humble. No, it was done by the exercise of power and shear will over the ambition and common desire of the millions that began the journey with it.

No one is saying that you go out and lord it over all others. No. All I am saying is that you have to assume your role as a living conscious creator capable of creating effects in life. You are not under the mercy of some tyrannical power that moves you against your will and designs.
Seek power. There are two ways to go about it.

The one is to seek to know who you are and where you are in your journey in this life. This approach will allow you to clearly define what path to follow in your affairs. It will allow you to seek dominance over the circumstances of your life.

The second approach is to completely negate the influence of matter and materiality in your life and therefore become minimal in your needs and wants.

Either way you will come to the same finality, which is that you live your life according to your own terms and independent of the dictates of matter.

This here is the reason why you seek power; It is to experience the joy and freedom of experiencing life on your own terms.

Others of course have preached of the middle way. Here they speak of being in the world and not of it; in other words to have to be spiritually independent of matter although fully engaged in it physically.

Whatever works is fine. Neutrality is not a choice. All that is worth noting here is that you will need to seek power to permanently dwell in the path you have chosen.

Drive your destiny whichever way you choose. The gifts of life do not come because you are pious or religious or moralistic for that matter. This is another untruth that has to be debunked. The gifts of life will come to you only when you have mastered its laws and how to operate within the science that it offers to you incessantly.

It is only then that you can safely love and live the life that was dreamt by the creator when it first impulse you into being.

Seek true power and you will find true freedom.

Do not yield to the false credo of humility and meekness. Only the brave, daring and powerful will inherit this world. The power from which all things come is not built upon a platform of weakness.

You can take this to the bank.

Yours in total success


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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Truth or Consequences

March 30th, 2012

I found out very recently that Truth or Consequences is a name of a city in New Mexico in the United States of America. This struck me as very instructively funny. I liked the name instantly.

It dawned on me that this name was the shortest and the most apt description of life I have seen so far. What is captured in these three words is the essence of life. It has the potential of setting you free if you can catch the spiritual power behind it.

The truth can indeed set you free. And here it is. The breath of life that sustains you comes from the everlasting fountain of life. This power is infallible in operation and it has formed you into being for a purpose.

The truth is that you must restore yourself spiritually by becoming one with this life giving power of your life. Nothing can take the place of this power for you and it was with you from the beginning of time and it will always be with you to the end of times.

Now, this is the ultimate truth of life; Whether you accept this or not is a different matter altogether. And no one has the right to force you to accept this view point. That is not the way life works.

You are free to move at your own pace. But life has a way of making sure that you stay on track. It has its own way of nudging you forward spiritually so to speak. It does so by the consequences you reap in life.

In other words you will reap as you sow; that is, your freedom to do what you choose can only be limited by the consequences you reap in your life.

If you live out of a life of lies and deceit,you will reap the consequences of lies and deceit. If you live a life of thruth you will reap the fruits of thruth. It is as simple as that.

No power can placate this smooth operation of the laws of life. It works like clockwork to keep all in balance.

Give up your fears and insecurities into the waiting hands of life. Turn your face towards the eternal light of life and you will find true power, peace and love. You have already been provided for. Let go and see what will happen.

And nothing will happen for you will fall into the waiting hands of life, which has been with you through thick and thin since the beginning.

You are  now alive becuase  you are under its benedictions and benevolence.  And so will it be till the end of time.

Yours in total success,


Copyright 2012 All rights reserved worldwide.

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The Power That is YOU

December 22nd, 2009

There is a sun behind your evry cloudYou possess a power that can move mountains. You are a life force or the pure force of life.

You see, challenges or obstacles are nothing in the face of your true power.

They are there to be overcome or at the very least to instruct us in the ways of right livelihood.

You can call out that which you desire from the emptiness of life by willing it into being. By calling its name into existence in your affairs.

Successful musicians, artists or even athletes of all stripes know this. They know how to call out that note or that scene which does not yet exist into reality.

The  successful  sport striker knows how to call out the opportunity to go through a wall of defense. They know how to work through the challenges that confronts them.

And so can you. It does  not matter that what you now desire in nonexistent. It is only nonexistent in the material sense of the thing. But it is there all the same. All is possible.

Here are three simple steps to help you develop the capacity to will all you desire into existence:

1. Avoid fear.

Fear is a product of an untamed imagination.It is nothing but the projection of what you do not desire in your life. Avoid it by being unconditionally positive about what is to come.

2. Be all you can be.

Those who strive for excellence will always achieve their desires. Your desire to excel activates the full brunt of your life cylinders. It awakens in you all that is needed to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

3. Blaze new paths.

Go where none have gone before. Take risks and explore the unknown.  Expand your horizons. It is easy to fall into the routine of what has been. That is why your challenges may be overpowering. Challenges are uncommon occurrences on your paths. They desire uncommon solutions to overcome them.

Now, life can be a bed of roses or a path of thorns. The choice is yours. Many have cut short the full experience and joy of life by yielding to the false menace of their challenges. Not you, dear reader, there is nothing under the sun that cannot be overcome by the creative genius that is in you.

Remain emotionally balanced no matter what is thrown your way. Channel your power then into the mold of the desires. In due time the things you desire will firm up into existence.

This is not a secret. You have simply overlooked  the power you have because of its simplicity. You have the key to all you desire in your hands today.

Yours in total success - Happy Holidays


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