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The Cosmic Use of Time

November 17th, 2015

There is a rhythm to life dictated by time. Sunrise and sunset are natural calibrations of time. They provide us with a space and time reality upon which to experience life, at least in this realm.

Man is but a blob of energetic patterns maintained by vibrational pulls that he is open to. And so is he motored into action daily;creating the experiences which he lives through. There are no mysteries.

At sunrise there is the energy vortex of dawn.The invigorating rays of the morning sun is but a pale reflection of the life giving influxes of the lifepower that is coming our way. No wonder we feel invigorated and refreshed at this time; ready to tackle what lies before us.

At sunset the invigorating energies of dawn are replaced by the dissipation of the active rays of life. Thus the feeling of tiredness and the desire to gradually wind down to sleep or some sort of inactivity.

To use time in a well meaning manner, it is wise to use this natural calibration to the best of our advantage; to further our life’s goals and pursue the passions of our hearts.

So, here are three universal precepts that you can use to efficiently pull from the cosmic gift of time:

1. Rise early.

Rise up early and do so daily. Pray or meditate upon waking. Go within in whatever way you can or know how and receive. Life is a giving force. When we pray in the right way or meditate or go into the silence we actualize the gift that is coming to us. And thus strengthened, we are ready to meet our day. There is provision for all seasons.

2. Fully activate your day.

Do all you have agreed for that day and do them fully with the means at hand. Do not judge yourself or your efforts. Work earnestly for your upkeep and those that depend on you. Work is worship. It is the worship of the Divine, present in all life. If of able body and or mind do not hesitate to fend for yourself and earn your daily keep. Avoid sloth and idleness as if it is a plague.

3. Retire early.

Early to rise and early to bed is not just an age old saying. There is a profound truth in that statement which when mined will yield jewels of wisdom to you. As the life giving rays of the sun retreat, so too must you find a way to call off the day and retreat into your own sanctuary.
This is for your good. Weakened by the toils of the day, man is at his weakest at dusk. Having expended the invigorating energy influxes of dawn, he is now vulnerable and so to survive, he must go back to the source power; whatever it is for you. Use this time to re calibrate and recenter your self. Call in the horses and take a little time out to recenter as you go to sleep.

There is a whole lot more that can be said about this process. I have only scratched at the surface here. It is important to rethink our cosmic use of time as we continue to dive deep into this new age. Technology is a good thing but it can become a bad thing if we do not rein it in to harmonize with our natural cosmic disposition.

Practice these tenets for a while and see what happens in your life. The universe is structured and ordered to follow Law. Not the law of man but the law of life. It will do us good to be obedient and concordant with it’s sacred rhythm if we are to make any good of it.

Yours in total success,


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The Gift of Work

March 13th, 2014

You can count on your efforts to become sufficiently supplied in life. You have to choose to progress or regress in life. Nothing is stagnant in nature. Where you are does not matter. Work or effort is the means through which creation gives to its own. Nothing is impossible. All is possible.

Efforting is an art; an art of receiving that which is already here for you. All has been given. Creation is finished. Serve; work. Let your days be devoted to the chores of your own choosing. Do not pay attention to where the wind blows. Sow and sow. In time you will receive the just harvest of your efforts.

Life can be an exciting adventure for those who wish to uncover its hidden mysteries. My fervent wish is for you to become one of these. And you will surely ride into the sunset with a twinkle in your eyes; knowing that you are not alone in your honest efforts. And never will be.

For in the comfort of this realization you can afford to be free. Free indeed from the tyrannical grip of the circumstances in which you have life. Free indeed to remake the world, to create the experiences in which you choose to have life.

Yours in total success,


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Avoid Repeating the Mistakes of your Past: 4 Steps

November 9th, 2009

Fish in different waters for different resultsThe reason you fail to advance towards the achievement of your goals is because you are repeating the patterns of your past. You are prone to think that you are making progress because you are active.

This is the trick of the mind. It makes you feel that you are actively engaged in the affairs of your days. Of course you are active in the sense that you are alive; but you are marking the passage of time on the spot you were on yesterday.

Life s a progressive force. It is not stagnant and so your life is a reflection of your understanding and use of its power.

If the results you are having are not moving you forward it means that you are still working with the forces and habits of your past. It means that you have not harnessed the potential and promise of the future.

Here are 4 quick steps to get you to avoid repeating the missteps of yesterday and embrace the dawn of a new day:

1. Live in the now.

Develop a rapid reaction system to deal with the memories of what yesterday has been. Be present in the now. Be thrilled by the understanding that now is the stuff from which your future is carved. Be here and now as you wish to be when tomorrow comes. Anchor yourself with the currents of the present and you will master the outcomes of your future.

2. Avoid being a stiff neck.

Develop a multi track mind. There are a million viewpoints from which to view this life. Be open. Do not be a stiff neck. Look around you. Be observant take in the diversity of life. Be open to the counsels of life. You will be guided when you least expect.

3. Live on the edge of life.

Stay away from the comforts of what has been. Embrace the wild wonders of the unknown. Live as close to uncertainty as you can. Become a risk taker. Life richly rewards the bold and adventurous. Your pioneering spirit is the key to your ultimate success.

4. Avoid regrets.

Avoid regrets, no matter what you have done in the past. Regrets will get stuck upon the tracks of your yesterday. Regret nothing, no matter what you have done. Think of your past foibles as the price you paid for the lessons you have now learnt.

Free yourself from the routines of your past. Wake up to the fortunes promised you by life. Let the imprisoned stay asleep. Stay away from the pack, strike anew upon the the uncharted waters of what can be.

Trust your instinct to survive. Let the past be the past. Sail confidently towards the desires of your heart. Avoid the comfort of your laurels. Forge on even when there is no where to go. Forge on into the nothingness that is to come.

Above all avoid the temptation to fall back on what or where you have been. Embrace the future with all your power and life. It will never fail you.

Adopt the repentant heart where mistakes have been made and move on. Nothing but the pure promises of the future awaits you. Do not come into the inheritance of your future marred with the burdens of the times past.

Yours in total success,


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Exploit the Power of your Group and Succeed

August 26th, 2009
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Group power

There are some things in this life that are better done in group if you are to find success in your endeavors. In such cases the group performs better. You can multiply the chances of your success by leveraging the power of your group.

All great achievers have never been able to go it alone. They are always seconded by the force of the group which they represent.

You can build a common pool of resources and goodwill from the group that will certainly help in the achievement of your aims and goals.

Here are a few ways to help you harness the power of your group and succeed in all you do:

1. Build trust.

Inspire the group to belief in the ideal of the group as the goal of the organisation. Emphasize the ethical dimensions of the group ideal. The ideal must be presented in terms that are to be beneficial to everyone.

2. Develop a care mentality.

A caring culture within the group reinforces trust in the group. Let members of the group develop the aptitude to go beyond self when dealing with each other. Bond with each other in difficult and good times to create a genuine sense of belonging.

3. Communicate.
Communicate the ideal of the group at all times. Encourage divergent and dissenting views in the group. Once these are out, strive to transform them into converging ideas. Create uniformity of thought and purpose without stifling the innovations and creativity of the group.

Do this consisitently within a cordial framework to achieve the desired results.

4. Act in Group.

Act as a group when performing individually. Look at yourself as a representative of the group at all times. Let your actions represent and compliment the actions of all other group members. Act in unison. Encourage expressions of dissent and creatively transform them into expressions of consent.

All is not only possible in the life of  a strong and power group; it is doable. All lasting transformations in society can only be achieved with the force and power dynamics of the dominant groups of the society.

All things are possible to the group which believes in itself and works accordingly to achieve its ideals.

Yours in total success,


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Unlock Your Dream Life - 3 Easy Steps

May 29th, 2009

Unlock your dream lifeYour life is a contact sport. Get up, get out and play. You will get hurt but that is the nature of the game.

Do not buy into the entitlement philosophy. No one owes anything to you. Not even life. You owe it to yourself to wake up and live no matter what .

These are tough times to say the least. But it is trying to the body and not your true power. You are designed to play a winning game.

Here are 3 simple ways to plow through tough times and wake up to your amazing life.

1. Fake it till you make it.

Do not wait for the circumstances you desire to come through for you. Create the circumstances you desire by assuming that you are it. Just assume the mental and physical posture of who you have desired to become. See yourself constantly in the mold you have cast for yourself.

2. Under promise and over deliver in all you do.

Strive to create positive impressions of excellence in all you. Under promising and over delivering creates instant impressions of goodwill and excellence. This is a major boost to your self esteem. A healthy self esteem is the main undercurrent of all who have found success in their lives.

3. Depend on life and your ingenuity for your provision.

It is easy to lean on the largess of external powers such as government handouts and bail outs. In times of crises these come in handy. By all means seek not to be dependent on them though. There is a danger that you can become addicted and dependent on these. Do not loose your power of self determination. If nothing else look upon the power of life and let that be your rock in these trying times.

This life is nothing but a template of opportunity equally presented to all. Life knows and accepts all who comes to it in good faith. It shall return to you in equal measure just what you have inputted into it.

And just what you can put into it is up to you. Herein lies the key to the amazing life that can be ll yours.

In tough times things can very easily slip out of your control. Let it be; but by no means allow your desire to live a fabulous and amazing life be compromised.

All is possible in the these times of change and challenge. Own up to the power that courses within you and wake up to your amazing life.

It is waiting for you.

Yours in total success,


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Innovate and Succeed in Your Life

April 28th, 2009

Stand AloneYou have been gifted with life for a reason. Find that reason and live the life you have been given. Do not look at yourself as the oddball in life. Think differently if things are not working for you. Act differently.

Those who progress and succeed in life are those who think and live. They do not agree to live, they think to live. The conformist has never amounted to much in life. They are followers.

This is also true in the everyday work world. People who are paid to think make more than those who are paid to agree.

You now have the opportunity to change the fortunes of your career or your life if you choose to.

Here are three quick tips to help you become innovative and succeed:

1. Think creatively.

It is easy to follow patterns of thought established in your mind when confronted with a challenge. A challenge is what it is because it is a new thing. To solve it you have to think differently. To think differently you have to think creatively. Challenges comes from the same place that solutions are found. They are products of the mind.

2. Develop the art of listening.

Challenges can put you on the defensive. In such moments strive to listen as much as you can. To take in the full dimension of any challenge you have to really listen. Just be open as wide as you can. This will quiet your mind. In the tranquility and still waters of your attention the solutions that you seek will gently swim to the surface.

3. Expect to succeed.

Without hope there is no enthusiasm in what you do. Enthusiasm will keep you connected to the possibilities of the future.This is essential to keep your cool in crises. It is this calmness in the midst of the storms of your life that will allow you to act in accordance to your goals.

The secret of success in all you do is to be innovative. Challenges and problems are what they are because they are new to you. To solve them go beyond your routines. Think and succeed. Being innovative and creative in all you do will create massive success in your life.

Yours in total success,

Hugues Nkamwa

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Peak Performance: 3 Secret Keys to Get the Best Out of Your Day

April 20th, 2009

Clear the obstacles in your day.I have found that life is the art of problem solving. The challenges you face are normal. Nothing is out of place.

You will become successful no matter what happens if you develop superior problem solving skills.

Success is the art of problem solving. Life is a path strewn with all kinds of challenges. None is spared from the curve balls of living life.

Overcome the huddles on your path to a successful life. Become a peak performer.

Here are 3 tips to help you problem solve and become a peak performer:

1. Automate what you can.

You have a fresh stack of 24 hours to your credit everyday. Find the things you are compelled to do everyday and make them routine. Do them repeatedly at an appointed time and place. They will become second nature.You will in no time begin to do these with little or no thought or energy expended.

2. Become creative as you approach non routine tasks.

Non routine tasks are the curve balls life will inevitably throw at you. Automating your routine tasks frees you up for your curve balls. Be contemplative, imaginative and creative as you face the unforeseen circumstances in your life.

3. Be playful and adventurous.

It is difficult to tap into your creative genius when you are uptight and heavyhearted. Nothing is that important. Be lighthearted and playful as you tackle the tasks of your life. Be playful. Being playful generates happy feelings in you and your surroundings. There is nothing like a congenial atmosphere when it comes to getting things done. And done efficiently.

The secret to peak performance is to work smart.You can squeeze as much juice out of your 24 hour credits as you want. Organize your life along the lines of a simple happy routine. Be creative and lighthearted when life throws a curve ball. You will go a long way to make your day a fruitful and productive one. And your life and circumstances will show well. You will find success.

Yours in total success,


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