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The Power of Innoncence

November 22nd, 2015

Anchored in truth, love and sincerity, go about your business irrespective of what gives in life. The truth dwellers in all ages have been misunderstood and crucified for the light they carry or incarnate.

They worry not; for theirs is not of this realm. Do the work that must be done, knowing that the power of innocence is with thee. It must be.

Defend self if you must but know that the battle is not yours to fight. The power of love and innocence animating you is the undercurrent of all that goes forth from your life.

Go in peace knowing that it is sufficient to itself. Do not sweat it. You will never be understood. Do not seek to be understood. Trust instead in the power of innocence. Be still. And all will be well.

And above all avoid the pride of virtue and the arrogance of shame.

All will be well.

Yours in total success,


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The Need for Fearless Ideas

November 14th, 2015

The world is in a stalemate. There is a new challenge that needs to be addressed. And this is simply the confrontation of the new and the old.

It is increasingly important for the race mind to be stretched beyond what it has known; to embrace what can be. Intolerance at any level of life is tyranny. It is the tyranny of what is, as opposed to what can be. Life is progressive by definition. Everything evolves; life is a forward moving affair. You resist at your own peril.

The wave of common change that is washing over the world today speaks of the need for new ideas to confront the dilemmas of our time. Yesterday it was New York, today it is Paris and tomorrow, for sure, it will be somewhere else.

The world yearns for a new way. This new way is in the making. How soon it will come to be will depend on us. It will depend on our desire and willingness to embrace fresh, new and fearless ideas. Fresh, new and fearless ideas to confront the age old ignorance and prejudices of our times.

We will not and cannot move forward as a race without this uplift in consciousness; this shift in consciousness.

Let the leaders of men and the creators of the spirit vortices of life work towards this end and all shall be well. The challenge is to create new fearless ideas and introduce them into the thought streams of life.

This will introduce the quickening that is necessary to bring a shift of attitude and healing to a troubled world. Tinkering around centuries old problems with  a centuries old mindset will not solve a thing.

We are called upon in this age to move in boldness. We are being called to harness the fountain of fresh and fearless ideas through which we can reconfigure and recalibrate the future to meet the aspirations of the times. This is our work, our challenge.

All challenges, no matter where they come from, we must remember, are portals of growth .Walk into these with the certain knowledge that there is everything to gain and nothing to loose. And you shall win.

Peace is not of this earth realm but neither is war. The dilemma is in our choosing. Choosing out of fear, we create war and chaos; out of love, tolerance and forbearance, we create a more peaceful and humane society.

The power is in the choosing. If we choose fearless ideas we will build a brave new world;far different from what we have experienced today and what we have experienced in the past.

The choice is ours. Imagine what can be!

Yours in total success,


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The virtues of knowledge, wisdom and truth

September 15th, 2015

The reason we have life is to come to a full and complete understanding of who we are. Such is my understanding of it. And it surely doesn’t come easy. Life is a school. It shouldn’t be drab or dull either. We learn all the same. We are taught through all what we experience here: the good, the bad and the ugly. These are all lessons.

My sincere hope is, for me, and may be  for you also, to learn through them all and so become better. Better than we were yesterday. Better, in the knowledge of grace that surrounds us at all times. So that we may eat of the sacred fruit of knowledge, and drink from the cup of all grace.

Having gained this knowledge and intoxicated with the wine of this knowing, we can go on living with certainty and exactitude. We become wise, and as wise ones apply the holy precepts of this wisdom on the daily chores of our earthly sojourn; working in harmony with the knowledge and cooperation of life’s unchanging laws.

In so doing we behold the truth of all that gives; all that is and can ever be! It is in this ultimate state of awareness that one can behold the truth. The truth of all life.

Here, you see, are the stages of a fulfilled life journey. First is knowledge, then wisdom and finally truth.

This is all we are looking for. Only because when we finally come to the understanding of this triad, we shall burst into a new world of freedom-spiritual freedom.

A spiritual freedom which will allows us to love and live “la vie en rose”; engulfed by the cosmic balm of the sustaining substance of the universe. Living in the light of truth; freed from the unrelenting grip of darkness once and for all.

Thus freed we are able to pursue the desires of our heart. And as we come into their possession, we bow with humility and gratitude to the great power of all that gives.

This is the way; the simple way to a fulfilled life of bliss; knowing what is to be known and doing what is to be done, as our days turn into the night and our nights turn into days.

Fret not when times are hard. Challenges lead us unfailingly to the edification of our soul. It is this edification and soul centering which is the missing link in all things.

Thus centered you will gain instant access to the majesty of all that is and can ever be. And in the comfort of this realization find that your needs are met at all levels.

Seek ye first the kingdom…and all else will be added unto you.

In love and light; this is it.

Yours in total success,


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Why I Write This Blog

April 1st, 2014

I have been told that I should not be wasting away my insights by just publishing them as such in an open platform. And that others will make use of them and take advantage of my largess so to speak.

In such cases, I have sincerely welcome these suggestions. I think they are coming from a good place; meaning they are well intentioned.

I am thankful for the ideas and suggestions, but honestly what I say or write here does not belong to me. It belongs to life and is meant to be shared and enjoyed by the few who find them meaningful.

There is always more from where they come from. I sincerely cannot, even if I wanted, restrict the flow of what is destined to come out.

It is not like I have a choice in this matter. I am compelled, so to speak.

What I should say though, is that what I write are not just words. They serve as guide posts to the source power. They will do you no good if you, dear reader, do not in your own way try to apply them in your life.

Do not ever take my word for it. There are  no textbooks where these come from. No academic degrees to back up the expertise that are here in revealed.

But if you dare to apply them in your life with heart and passion ,you will find for yourself the truth contained in them. My humble assignment here is to show the way. And that is all.

As a messenger, my job is to convey the message as is, not as I think it is, or as I am.

What I will lay claim to ,of course is that, if you for once have a need for a real horizons busting experience on the things that I write, then invite me in.

The reason I say this is because there is a certain power that comes with this turf. A power that you can benefit from if need be.

This cannot be found in words. Here, you will need to experience it. To live it before you believe it.

And that is my promise to you. I can help to rekindle the fire within you. And with the warmth and light of this flame you can comfortably find your way back home; back to the true source of all that is here and in the hereafter.

So it is that I have been chosen so that you too will be chosen. And it is your choice. No rush.

Yours in total success,


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Dare and Succeed in Life: 4 Tips

October 1st, 2009

Dare!!!There is a power in this world that guides you. It’s only function is to help you to accomplish the things you have put your mind to.

What have you put your mind to? What have you determined for yourself today?

Let life be your partner in this venture. It will help you out. Surrender to its power and wisdom. Let it help you navigate the complexities and challenges you face daily.

It shall surely guide you to your destination. It will, it is in its’ nature to do so.

All is possible in your life. Do not think otherwise. You only have to try this out to convince yourself.

Develop the self conviction and assurance of the power of life in your affairs. This is the ultimate key to the profound reassuring peace in life that all seek.

Act and act now. You cannot just stay put and expect things to change. Action is needed on your part. Start the motions that  will lead you to where you want to be.

Now here are 4 steps to get you going right away:

1. Be grateful.

The two most powerful words that you can express in your life is: thank you. Be grateful for where you are now. Be grateful for the life that now runs in you. Gratitude is an affirming power. It allows you to impregnate the mind with the gifts of life. It will open up the door of abundant possibilities for you.

2. Be open.

Be open to all that gives around you. Listen more than you talk. Do not be quick to judge situations that you come across in life. Let things and ideas percolate in your mind. Give them time to calibrate. Be slow to judge and stay wide open to receive the bounties of this life you live.

3. Be proactive.

Act differently if you expect different results. Change is created by your actions. That is how powerful you are. Take the initiative to trace a different path for the experiences you wish to encounter. Act now, let the game begin.

4. Trust.

Build trust in the guiding hand of life. It is invisible yet as powerful as anything that you can imagine. Build trust in this power. Act in its name at all times. Do not seek the alliance of man but surrender to the the strong invisible arm of all life. This is necessary to conquer the fear and hopelessness that is the common lot of humans.

Dare and you will succeed.  You were not created to suffer from lack. Success is so near and so real. Do not allow yourself to swim in the sea of quiet despair.

You were meant to be alive and prosper. Wake up and live.

Yours in total success,


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The Servant’s Mind - A Secret Way to a Life of Total Success

July 27th, 2009

Reach outYou have been given all in life. It is your inability to receive from life that is the issue. Do not accept the false premises of your difficulties.

They are not true. They are not true because you can change all. No matter what your past has been your present and future can be changed to fit the desires of your heart.

This is my undying song in this life. Do not despair.

The ultimate secret to a life of total abundant success is to adopt the servant’s mind. Don’t read to much in to this. The idea is simply to have come so that others shall have.

Here are three quick tips to adopting the servants minds:

1. Become a giver of the intangibles and tangibles of this life.

Your actions determine your destiny. Send waves of goodwill to all at all times in life. Judge none and you will not be judged. Practice the art of random charity. It is not the size of what you give that matters. It is the intention behind the action. Practice this with consistency. You will see results in no time.

2. Take the attention off yourself.

You are wired to work for your own survival that is a given. Don’t over do it. The trick is to serve yourself by serving others first. Fear is a constrictor of the abundant flow of supply in life. When you are exceedingly focused on yourself and your well being you invite the forces of fear in your affairs. Let go. Be about the business of making your life meaningful for others.

3. Focus on making the life of others better in all ways.

The hands that feed must be fed. This a is a law. To him who has shall more be given. You affirm that you have by being willing to part with what you have for the benefit of others. Life is a supply mechanism. It seeks the agency of man to deliver all to those who have asked. To become that agent affirm your abundance by serving the needs of others first.

The the only way to open the store house of universal supply is by adopting the servant’s mind. You see, ordinarily you are constricted by the concerns of your daily life.

Thus constricted your energies and attention are focused on your lack. It is this dynamic that you have created that is responsible for your  experiences of lack.

Now, turn your attention outward by giving. You will suddenly create a matrix of infinite supply in your mind. It is this matrix that is responsible for sufficiency in your life.

Life has ample provision for all in all seasons. Open yourself to receive by giving of yourself and all that you are to life. Life will give all of itself back to you.

The greatest leaders of the nations of earth  are and will always be givers. And you too can change the trajectory you are now on simply by turning the cup of life around. Give , give and give again.

The joy and abundance reserved for the giving one cannot be put in words. You owe it to yourself . Give it a try.

Do not take my word for it. In small ways start exercising your servant duties in life. Be creative and daring in this venture. In due time you will find the doors of the everlasting store house of the universe open to you.

Yours in total success,


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Affirm your Supremacy Over the Circumstances of Your Life

June 21st, 2009

Embrace the promise of a new dayYou are a success machine, you cannot fail. You can only become what you have created. You succeed all the time because you create all the time.

The problem is you are not aware that you are a creator. This  is why you panic when your circumstances are not just what you desired.

But again you created these circumstances so you are successful. The ideal therefore is to be able to create the circumstances which you desire. Not the circumstances that you do not desire.

Affirm  the power of life in you and create the results that you want.

Here are 3 simple ways to free yourself from the grip of your circumstances and affirm your supremacy over all you desire in life:

1. Strive for  non material things.

Strive to be non attached to the material circumstances of the life you live.You are of a non physical essence encapsulated so to speak in a physical embodiment. This is a temporal affair. Do not confuse the medium in which you have life with who you are. Be gracious to yourself. Put things in their proper perspective. Give to the material realm what is due to the material realm. Give to life what is life’s.

2. Do not settle for cheap pleasures.

It is easy to become subdued by the cheap pleasures of the senses. Many live their lives in the pursuit of emotional highs and sensual stimuli. This you must avoid at all cost. Do not become a social submissive, beaten into submission by the fleeting promises of the cheap pleasures of life. Strive instead for the higher essence of life : Love, service, gratitude, patience, poise etc. You will find true power and lasting joy if you make these your desire.

3. Adopt the servant mind.

Adopt the attitude of one who has come so others can be enriched. Live with no expectations of entitlements. Assume the posture of a contributor and a giver. You have already been served by life that is why you serve life. Turn the tables. Give and give again. There is a special treat reserved by life for those who have discovered this.

Be all the man or woman you are called to be. This life is a gift. You really loose nothing in all your travails. You are the incarnation of the supreme power of life. You cannot loose because the power does not loose.

In the face of your challenges do not despair. Take heart; walk into your future with the courage and confidence of your inheritance. Be a hero to your life. Do not buy into the false teachings of doom and gloom.

Life is bigger than all that can happen here below. Before these things were, you were and after these things, you still are.  Be present in the cosmic firmament of time. Be ready to ever project and forge ahead with the secret designs of your inner chambers.

Do not yield to the suffocating stranglehold of what has happened in your life. Forge on instead; freed by the liberating influence of what can be.

You can change your life now and create the desires of your heart.

Yours in total success


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Lead in Crises: 4 Quick Tips to Instantly Overcome any Crises in your Life

May 18th, 2009

Lead in crisesThings can become challenging in life. Change is the norm. Do not panic and lose control when in crises. It is only a temporary turbulence so to speak.

Hold strong in such times and you will weather the storms in your life. To do otherwise is a sign of powerlessness. Avoid this at all cost.

Be a leader of your world and circumstances at all times and you will find success in all you do.

Here are three quick tips to help you navigate the storms of crises in your life and find total success:

1. Think of what you can do not what you cannot do.

In a crises situation your mind is directed to the failures of your efforts. Things will seem to be going against the grain of the wishes of your heart. In such moments think instead of what you can do to make things better not what you cannot do. You see the tendency is to think of what you cannot do. Refrain from this . You do not want to be overwhelmed by the energy of the things that you do not want in life.

2. Find aspects that you can control.

If the crises is of humongous proportions find little pieces that you can quickly bring under your control. This is important to reestablish your self confidence. It will create a sense of achievement and drive away the feelings of despair in your efforts.

3. Imagine the problem solved.

Your circumstances are the outcome of your perceptions in life. Your attitude is controlled by your perception. In a crises situation your perception is the most important factor. Imagine that the challenge you are facing is solved. The idea is to disrupt the energy of failure and to regain your mental poise and confidence.

4. Become active in finding solutions to the challenges.

Do something, anything to assert your dominance over the situations you face. Being passive in times of crises is an act of  indirect complicity with your challenges. Break ground, start a new edifice of the circumstances you want to create. Do not listen to the howling winds of misfortune. Stand your ground and build again in the manner of the  perfect craftsman.

All things can be made whole again with the right attitude of mind. You fail in crises only when you give up your power to the circumstances facing you. A crises is nothing more than the perception of powerlessness on your part.

Reclaim your poise and confidence no matter the nature of the beast facing you. You are made of a greater power in life. Exercise this power in times of great change and crises. Reaffirm your ability to lead in such moments by creating and adopting the perception of control.

And in due time you will find the answers and the insights necessary to overcome the challenges you face. All is absolutely at your beck and call. Remember this.

Yours in total success,


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Build Instant Leadership Credibility in Times of Crises: 4 Quick Tips

April 27th, 2009

Leading in crisesThese are extraordinary times for any leader. Heads of governments, captains of industries, church and community leaders are all facing an immense challenge: It is how to build loyalty from your team or continue to uphold the necessary loyalty  to lead.

In times of crises stakeholders are concerned. They look to the helm  for guidance. Their desire is to trust that you can successfully navigate the crises they are facing. Perception is key here.

Here are 4 quick ways to instantly build the credibility needed to become effective at the helm:

1. Become a transformational leader.

Project yourself as a leader willing to embrace change. Cast your self as a transformational leader. This  will set up a reservoir of goodwill from your team and stakeholders. It  will create an expectation of change in the mindset of your underlings. This is important to build loyalty from your team.

2. Master your transitional phase.

Every leader goes through this phase when a crises hit. It is critical to master your “first 100 days or 90 days phase.” as the crises situation looms. This is because all eyes are on you at this time. Nothing that you do will receive the same scrutiny as in this period. Seek to demonstrate sterling leadership qualities in this phase.

3. Create situations to proof your mettle.

This is done not just to promote yourself but to build credibility in times of crises. There is always a pile of unknown challenges when facing the uncharted waters of a crises situation. Choose one of these as they present themselves early on. Highlight or amplify this challenge. Make sure you have  ready made ways to quickly and efficiently resolve the challenge.

4. Communicate with an aim to win hearts.

Now things are going to be turpsy turvy going in. This is normal, seek then to calm  the jittery nerves of your team and stakeholders. You do this by working at winning the hearts of your team and stakeholders. An efficient public relations effort on your part will do the trick in no time.

Things are not rosy these days for you as a leader. The size of the challenge you face doesn’t matter at this time. What matters is how to effectively project an image of competence. Your primary challenge will be to transform your nominal  authority to lead into a perception of trust and confidence from your group.

With this earned capital of  renewed trust and goodwill you will have an easy start in leading. It will be easier for you to do your job. You will be successful in negotiating the change that is needed for your organization to survive and thrive.

Yours in total success,


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How to Become a Transformational Leader

March 30th, 2009

Keys to leadership successWe face increasing challenges in the world today. Transformational leaders are sorely needed. This is true in politics, business and all levels of society. It is also particularly true of your personal life.

You can become a transformational leader of your life. This is when you take affairs into your hands and create the life you need or you intend to lead.

Here are six ways to become a transformational leader and execute the changes needed in order to achieve total success:

1. Establish yourself as a role model.

Follow and practice the vision of what you preach. Lead by example. A lot of what you can accomplish can be done by being the example. The old adage: Action speaks louder than words rings true here.

2. Clearly define your future goals.

Your job as a leader is to lead the way. Leading the way means showing your team or master group what they are working for. This must be communicated clearly and constantly in order to uphold and maintain the vision.

3. Develop plans of achieving the goals.

Success is a strategy not a random process. Provide a road map and how you are going to achieve your goals. This sets and frees up the energy to act. It creates a platform for initiatives to be developed and followed.

4. Continuously innovate and trouble shoot.

Plans to act according to the goals you have set are not guaranteed to work. To support this process it is important to continuously innovate and troubleshoot. This will guarantee success in all you do.

5. Mentor and empower members of your team or master group.

It is important to build trust and loyalty from those who work in your team. A team united under the banner of a common vision is a formidable force of success. It is your job to build this trust and loyalty.

6. Motivate followers to access and achieve their full value.

Optimize your resources. Your team is the backbone of your efforts. You cannot do all alone. Strive to delegate and then motivate your team to perform at peak.

We are today stepping into unknown territories in so many ways. To be successful you need to be transformational in vision and action. Be one who is able to pull out the vision of what they want to be and bring that into reality.

Create and market a bold and inspiring vision for yourself and all that depend on you. Project yourself as a visionary capable of lifting the fortunes of your life or the life of the organization you control; and you shall fine certain success.

Yours in total success,


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