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The Power of The Will

September 30th, 2016

Life has gifted us with certain tools to confront the changing fortunes of our lives here on earth. This earth medium is one of change. There is no fixity in matter. All things change. Interestingly they change according to the whims of man.

Creation has done its part. It did its part when man was created as a sentient being. It is now up to you to finish the great work of creation. At least as it concerns you and the sphere of influence under your control. And this sphere may be your home and family or work and society as a whole. It really doesn’t matter where or what the field of action is.

The main point here is as Blake put it longtime ago: “nature without man is naught”. You are useful. You are useful to life. In fact in all honesty you are a subset of the divine will. It is designed to work through you to manifest its glory over all creation.

That is how important you are to life. And more so why you were endowed at birth with this power of the will. To do what? To bring to bear the volition of your desires to bare upon the changing scenery of matter. And thus establish supremacy overall.

So here is the task; stop complaining and go to work. Go to work within the inner faculties of your being. Will what you desire and want out of life into being. Yes, it may take while. We are only beginners. That is so . It is the plan. But begin nonetheless.

Quit playing the victim card and go into the inner reaches of who you are and begin to fashion out the world as you have conceived it to be. And with the scared touch of your father who art in heaven it will be as you have conceived with time. And at long last you too will come into the perfect understanding that you are a co creator of this reality called life.

It cannot be learned in any other way. There is help aplenty for one who dares to jump into the arena. In no time will you be raised from an apprentice of the art to a master. A master of the surging currents of creation streaming incessantly within you.

This my friend is the reason we are alive; to come to the full awareness of who we are co agents of the creation here, now and in all eternity. Take this to heart, dear reader. Make this day to count for something.

Yours in total success,


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Life is a Wholesome Gift

November 8th, 2015

Life is a festival of uncertainty. It ought to be an adventure. Yet it is not so. Somehow, we have been schooled to live predictable lives;as if we have no control over what happens.

Nothing is stagnant in life. All changes. It will be unwise to expect predictability from a universe that incarnates change in its very essence.

And so there is a lot of frustration and misgivings about what essentially could have been an adventure of sorts.

An adventure in the sense that we can face each new day with the certain knowledge that we have the creative ability to meet the future with  vigor, whatever it is or turns out to be.

Anyway, all is not lost. Here are a few pointers that may help you get centered again and so begin to wholesomely live the experience that is life:

1. Life is a risky affair.

Nothing is given, all must be earned. You earn your experiences by being open to them in whatever way you can. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. But in all cases you are guaranteed to learn; to come out greater than you were before the experience.

2. You are not alone.

You are never alone in this venture. Life, the sustaining power of all that is, is in your corner. It may not seem so obvious given the nature of the issues we face but it is there all the same; comforting and nudging us along this path of self knowing called life. Work with this in mind.

3. Make use of your creative faculties.

If life means anything to us, it surely is in its ability to wake us up from our slumber. The challenges we daily face are meant to stimulate our creative faculty. Thus stimulated, it becomes easier for us to jumpstart our lives as creative agents of the eternal power.

So, you see, all is not in vain. There is a plan to what gives. No one has created or made a victim out of you. It is all meant for you to come to a fuller realization of who you are in the grand scheme of things; so that at the very end you will be able to take your rightful place as a co creator of the universe in which you have your being.

Do not be fooled otherwise. The power is within you to configure and reconfigure the experiences you go through in this life to your liking.

You were born free. To understand and fully claim this freedom,you must become spiritually responsible.

For it is this awareness of self and purpose that will allow you to rightly claimed your Godhood.

Yours in total success,


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The Cosmic Tug of Time.

March 13th, 2014

There is a constant battle that rages on in the life of all. And it is between the pull of our past and the pull our future. This war rages on constantly in our present. It shows in our choices and circumstances.

Your past is nothing but a record of where you have been. Yet it is powerful enough to determine where and how far you can go. If you do nothing it will create the foundation of all that will happen in your so call future. In fact it will replay and recreate the same scenes of yesteryears.

This is fine if you are happy with what gives. However, if you are not then we have a different issue.
And it is to free you from the energy imprints of the past. You can do this my recreating new energy imprints today. This here is the challenge and one that is difficult for most of us.

No problem. Here is a suggestion: just be you. How? Be authentic; simple but powerful. Doing so frees you from the power of convention. Doing things your way will allow you to become creative. Becoming creative is the gateway to Soul Artistry.

It is this artistry of the soul that can show you how you can again harness the power of the present to mold the outcomes of your tomorrow.

Life is sufficient to itself you included. Avoid the bustle of the masses and the pressures of convention. Listen to your heart. And with time its sacred song of redemption will burst forth like a morning spring.

And you will know.

Yours in total success,


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A Bouquet of Roses and Smiles for You

March 13th, 2014

If you bring nothing with you to life and have only come to take, take and take, you will have nothing but a life of misery. For some here, it is all about taking and taking and more taking. Sad indeed, for despite the endless taking they still are never satisfied or fulfilled. They languish in want…wanting more.

Well, for some of us here, it is all about giving, giving and more giving and the well never runs dry. Always fulfilled and happy, their cup runs over. They are totally successful, happy and fulfilled.

For these here, they come to life with a bouquet of roses and lots of smiles as in love. This is all they have come to share with the world. And so find a smiling and loving world looking back at them. They are so happy, successful and fulfilled…they live in bliss.

What have you come to give? Or did you come to take, take and take? Eden is calling. Adam’s garden is still at your disposal. Go within to find it. Open the flood gates of the love that is within and you will find total success in this your life…guaranteed.

Yours in total success,

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The Importance of an Open Mind

October 22nd, 2012

All will be well in your life if you have an open mind. Your mind is a resource that can do all to serve you if you only you let it. In other words you must be able to allow it to do that which you have agreed upon. Most of the problems we encounter in life are rooted in the openness of our minds. None can ever go past the boundary of possibility set by their mind. It is a law- a non-negotiable law.

Yours in total success,


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Time and your Total Success in Life

May 21st, 2012

You have been trained by popular culture to dissociate yourself from the natural cycles of life. And this is the reason for the feelings of despair and unhappiness that hangs over the head of the race as would a dark cloud.

It is possible to be genuinely happy irrespective of circumstance. And it is only when you can be happy irrespective of your station that you can claim to be a total success in this life.

Many seek the gains of the material world thinking that this alone is the gateway to paradise only to find at the end of their journey that it was all a waste of time. It is doubly hard for those who have sacrificed heart and soul for the promise of gold and silver for the pain and disillusionment is even greater.

It is this that led the the Nazarene to ask: what use is it to gain the world and loose your soul. And that man shall not live by bread alone.

Let me go back to the illusion of time for a moment here. All of life has been programmed to work through life cycles established by cosmic intelligence.

There is the sunrise and sunset, there is the full moon and the new moon and there is the revolution of the earth around the sun. These are natural cycles that has been programmed by creation. All living bodies in this world are configured to respect and abide by this natural rhythm of life if they are to find peace and harmony in their lives.

In other words, creation manifested itself here as days, moons and seasons for a reason. Now, most of us do not dance to this rhythm of life. We do not sleep when it is sundown and do not wake up when it is sunrise. We have created the week out of the time slot between sunrise and sunset which has now been programmed into your mind as a work week with a weekend to boot.

Within this natural rhythm of life rests the recuperative and restorative agents necessary to renew and regenerate life at every turn.There is a give and take pattern embedded in the system that allows life to sustain itself no matter what has happened.

Now, you are also under the influence of these cycles of life no matter what you think. Your life energies are being perpetually reconfigured and rebalanced as is necessary by the cosmic forces of life to sustain and nurture you in your journey no matter what has happened.

The problem is; not being aware of the invisible hand of life we feel and think we are alone. It is this feeling of aloness that creates despair in our lives. And in the depths of our despair it is easy for us to give up the fight and natural desire to align with the life force coursing through us. It is easy in such times to embrace the-anything-goes mentality.

Remember that you are not an accident. Life does not create accidents. Everything including you is in the grasp of a greater factor or force in this life. And this force is the force of love; a love of life for life’s sake and nothing else.

I say all this to say that you should hold fast and maintain your spiritual poise in the midst of the challenges of your life. Life is life. It does not depend on your station here below.

Times are hard and challenging, no one denies that. Do not despair for change is in the making. Life knows how to recharge and self rejuvenate despite all.

Seek instead to maintain the harmony of mind that is necessary to weather the storm sof your days. You will notice in due time that the challenges will begin to by themselves unravel.

It is not that you do nothing. It is simply that you act with the understanding that whatever challenges comes your way can be overcome not by frantically chasing the things away but by calmly reasserting your power over them.

Pull the curtain over the scenes of the life you do not want in your life. You may have failed but your are not a failure. Learn to differentiate your actions from you as the actor. Develop the poise and stamina necessary to weather the storm and you shall be alright after all.

Discern the illusion of time and its influence in your days. Know that there is a season for everything as was said in the old; And if your faith be strong as was foretold by the ancient prophets you can tell any mountain in your life to move and it shall be so.

And in the instance where it refuses to move you can indeed move away from it.

Anything that comes into your life will go out of your life if you do not want it there. You are not condemned to entertain situations and circumstances that are not in the realm of what you have dreamt of.

Do not be impatient, work within the cycles of your natural life. Take defeat or failure with the assurance that they too shall pass. Not because your are idly standing by; no, it is simply because you know that you have the power to create the change you desire and are willing to do so .

Here in lies your power. It is the reason you can sleep while the wind blows; for busy in the workshop of the upper rooms of your life all shall be well in due time.

Let time become your friend. There is enough to worry about as it is, there is no use complicating what is already complicated.

Yours in total success,


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The Importance of Goals.

February 6th, 2012

A popular teacher in ancient times stated and I quote : “seek ye first the kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you”

This was not empty talk. It really does not matter what the kingdom is for you. What matters is to first seek out the goal. Set your sights on the goal and all else will be added onto you.

This was an all-important insight into the working of the universe that was given to us by this ancient teacher from Galilee.

You may not agree with the ideals and ideas he preached about but you can certainly relate to the truth of the importance he placed on setting goals.

I say this because many of us get bogged down with the challenges of life. Things may not be going the way we wished and we may be caught up in a lot of difficulties.

The challenge here is not to run away from these curve balls or to consider yourself ill fortuned. The challenge is to reorganize your goals. Setting your goals invites the magic of the universe into your life.

Once you are clear and certain about what you want to achieve, your focus will change. And as your focus changes and is shifted to the things you have desired, the universe will respond in its own magical way to fulfill them.

This is because life exists for you. There is no better conduit of the power of life on this earth than man. Your attention so to speak is the headlamp of this power. It gives it direction. Shine this on whatever you have desired and you will live to see that come to be.

So, here are three things to remember on the importance of setting your goals and achieving them.

1. Find out what you desire and be certain about it.

A goal must be specific and you must be convinced that this is what you want. If you are unsure about your desires, the universe will reflect these uncertainties in the results you get.

2. Do not take any challenge as a rebuke from the universe.

All that has happened so far in your life is nothing but the effects of your past activity. It is not a divine rebuke or sentencing. Don’t compound the problem by thinking that you have not found favor with a being up in the sky or whatever. This is not so.

3. Begin to move in the direction of your goal today.

Start driving the results you desire by doing the things that you need to do to get the job done. It does not have to be a big step. A simple mental action such as associating a happy thought and disposition to your idea and ideal will suffice.

Start where you are. Doing the above things will generate an excitement in your spirit which when harnessed will fuel your actions. Under the watchful eyes of the power of all life your harvest will certainly be as you have desired, envisioned and acted.

It is this quickening of the mind that is required to get you going to the place of your desires and none other than you can set the ball rolling.

Yours in total success,


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Happy New Year: Make it Count this Time

January 9th, 2010

The unity of thought, vision and purpose is the ultimate power to transform the life you live. These three: thought, vision and purpose are the backbone of all that happens in your life.

Now, all is as you have earned. You can create or recreate the conditions in which you have life.

It is a new year and life has quickly returned to normal. Now, what do you want to experience in this new year? There is nothing magical in life. You can achieve all.

Find the time to meditate upon where you want to be or what you want to achieve. This is the most important step you will have to take  to find total success in your life.

You cannot become successful when you do not have a goal.You can only succeed when you have achieved your goal. Set one where none exist.

Now, with all the power in your world align your thoughts, your vision and purpose with this goal. It is as simple as that.

You see, there is a power in the universe that seeks to fulfill your every wish. It is its nature to fulfill your desires unconditionally. You can consciously work with this power. This is the highway to the majestic life of total success that awaits you.

And then at long last you will discover the profound peace of the life you have been honored with. There is more than meets the eyes.

Take time in this new year to rediscover this mighty gush of the power of life. It is working constantly to deliver to your doorsteps that which you have ordered for yourself.

Do not be timid in your taking for all is unconditionally served from the plenty of its unconditional supply.

Yours in total success,


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Control your Sphere of Influence and Succeed in life

November 22nd, 2009

Your life is a virgin field...cultivate itYou were born within a sphere of influence. This is an area in your life which is and can be absolutely controlled by you. The problem is that you  have not decided to take control of this sphere of influence. You have not decided to influence this sphere.

You see, you were born with a silver spoon. We are all born with this  silver spoon. Control your sphere of influence and you shall succeed. It is your base capital so to speak, a gift from life to get you started in the enterprise of living.

If you do not control this sphere of yours you will be exposed to the influence and subtle machinations of other circles. This is were the great danger lies in life. If you are controlled by spheres of influences other than yours it becomes easier for you to consider yourself a victim in life. And all those who consider themselves victims in life are absolute failures.

Now, to succeed in controlling your sphere of thinking here are four things you must do right away:

1. Never be concerned with what is said of and about you.

When you are concerned about what is said about you you open the doors of your world to uninvited forces and influences in your life. To build internal strength and fortitude resolve not to seek the approval of the masses. Resolve to follow the inner compass of your conscience and right livelihood. Life guides, you will be guided and cannot be led astray by its counsel.

2. Do what is right at all times.

Failures seek to curry favor from the masses. They fall into the temptation of desiring to be liked by as many as they can. They seek the favor of men. Be congenial but not at the expense of sacrificing your ideals. You see, by seeking to be liked you loose sight of the true propose of your mission, which is to rediscover and embrace who you really are.

3. Face your fears.

Many alliances made in life are based on fear. In doing so you are tempted to yield increasing portions of your personal field of influence to who you think protects you. Do not bargain who you are for a false sense of security. Security is an illusion. You cannot be secure in the changing medium of the earth. True security is only found in a solid understanding and application of the unchanging laws of life.

4. Learn and apply the laws of life.

You can only learn in  life; that is all. And if you are really wise you can apply what you have learnt. This disposition allows you to affirm your individuality without denying the common good and interest of your community.

In applying these principles you will find a new world of strength and  spiritual fortitude. It is this assuring presence of the protective mantle of life that is needed to nurture you into your unique greatness and success.

Remember that you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Let that be engraved in your mind. Control the sphere of influence that is yours  for the taking and you will begin to reap the harvest of your sowing.

Yours in total success,


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Make your Way to Total Success

October 2nd, 2009

Focus on the bounty of lifeYour greatest challenge to success is not scarcity. It is the lack of determination. Your ability to overcome your challenges and succeed in all you do is is the key. This key is the ability to make up your mind.

Practice the art of true focus, build resolve and you will succeed in all you put your mind to. Success may be delayed but it will not be denied you.  Life provides but it requires you to receive.

You develop your capacity to receive by developing focus.You see ordinarily you disperse your power to receive by getting distracted easily.

Distractions abound. The world is a distracting medium. Your task therefore is to build a single purposed mind. Put this mind to task through your resolve and you shall win. You cannot fail for the unyielding power of your attention and focus will bring all to you.

Now retrain your focus. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to receive from life? Bring the fire of your attention to burn on the things or states that you desire.

Do not get concerned about the past, not even the future. Your life is now in the making. And you are the maker.

What are you now creating through the power of your focus? Here now is the field of providence. It has been given to you. Go to work in this fruited plain.

Train your mind on the desires of your heart. And move with majestic resolve into the mental matrix of the world  you have created.

You can only succeed through the aggressive use of the power of your attention in the pursuit of your self interests. Do not be fooled to think otherwise..

All is at your beck and call.

Yours in total success,


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